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Syrian Democratic Forces Took Full Control Over Tabqa Town And Tabqa Dam

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Syrian Democratic Forces Took Full Control Over Tabqa Town And Tabqa Dam

© AP Photo/ Jake Simkin, File

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured the last ISIS positions in northern Tabqa and got a full control over over the town. Then, the SDF seized the electricity transfer station south of the Tabqa dam and the Tabqa dam itself.

Thus, the US-backed group established control over the three main strategic sites – the town of Tabqa, the Tabqa dam and the Tabqa Military Airbas – west of the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa.

Meanwhile, the SDF has published the statistics of the fourth phase of the Ghadab al-Furat Operation. According to the released numbers, the SDF killed 311 ISIS militants and captured 8 others, took full control of 16 villages and now is working to capture 8 others. 30 SDF members were killed and 37 wounded during this advance.

Following the capturing of Tabqa, it is expected that SDF will concentrate on capturing more areas in the northern Raqqa countryside. The aim is to further isolate ISIS in the city of Raqqa.

The SDF has already announced that its forces have resumed their advance against ISIS in the northern Raqqah countryside. So far, SDF troops have advanced for 7 km and captured the villages of al-Jalai and Mayselum.

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Free man

Great news. Soon ISIS will be declared an “extinct species” (-;

Jonathan Cohen

And Raqqa will have abortion rights, thanks to YPJ!

Jens Holm

And you will finally come out. remeber sunglasses.


It’s transfers to Europe??

Free man

At this point they are surrounded from all sides, so it will be difficult for them to escape.
In addition, their losses will hurt their recruiting capacity, in Europe and in general. In the past, they attracted many young Sunnis because of their “invincible” aura.

Free man

It is written about a hand full of Jews who converted to Islam. It is Fikntriih.
I wrote about the fact that ISIS will be less attractive to its natural candidates in Europe , very religious Sunni youth .


Tabla gave the SDF one very useful lesson. Once they advance within Raqqah, they will need special forces to guard their back against infiltration through tunnels.

Jonathan Cohen

How’s high tech tunnel detection going?

Jens Holm

Its very difficult. There will be found more well hidden even with ISIS people in sleeping or drinking coffee as the last ones. They will come up, when SDF are not aware and awake. I hope there are none.


What happened? Ambushes?

Jens Holm

No, counterattacs and sometimes also ambushes. Hard to explain. You might find something where You can read about it.

But buzz words are highly mobile well organized guerrilla infantery. Above that all the well known extras such as car- and person bombers, human shields, changing clothe – an a contract, where You, when needed, are 100% spendable – but for something.

Thats my version and a very short one.


I don’t know, didn’t take long considering the size of Tabqa. SDF is formidable if you ask me. FSA would have taken a year to take it LOL.

”highly mobile well organized guerrilla infantery” —> depends which ISIS units, some of the ones in Iraq are terrible. There was a video showing the high disorganization in their ranks which went viral.

Jens Holm

No, it did not give SDF a usefull lesson. But so many commenters still havnt learned, that ISIS are masters in fortifications according to their strenght an that include hiding, camouflage, counterattacs a.s.o.

Its their way having deep defence. Here the name is extra correct – deep as well as hidden strongpoints from house to house. So no surprice.


ISUS was caught by surprise by this SDF anphib/hello attack across the lake.
JOB WELL DONE with good planning. Now that SDF has a road link across the Tabqa dam, they can take the lower Bath dam from the southern shore.
Daesh lines of communication have been shattered.
Their gorilla tactics only work well in the cities (their forte of mobility is trash).

Jens Holm

ok, we will see.

I normally dont correct spelling here, but guerilla attack comes from guerre, which in french just means war. So grrrr


Adidas on cap of sniper? Is this sniper a sports fan? Is sniping his sport? Usually professional soldiers do not use sport logos on their killing uniform.


This guy doesn’t look like professional soldier to me.
Soviet soldiers used to wear Adidas sneakers in Afganistan, so it’s combat proven brand. :)

Jacek Wolski

Squating Slavs in Tracksuits ?

Shantanu Gogoi

Does anybody remember, how every so called news agencies spread rumours on 3rd May, 2017 about a deal between YPG and Daesh? What do those agencies (including pro Barzani, pro Turkey, pro Assad, pro Russia) have to say now? One would wonder, what brings them together against the Kurds?

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