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Syrian Democratic Forces Strom New Village In Euphrates Valley

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Syrian Democratic Forces Strom New Village In Euphrates Valley

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On October 7, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stormed the town of al-Marashidah in southeastern Deir Ezzor and captured several positions inside of the town amid heavy clashes with ISIS terrorist.

“Military engineer units dismantled dozens of mines, which had been planted by the terrorists, in al-Marashidah and the work is still ongoing to secure the roads and positions that were liberated,” the SDF media center said in an official press release.

Few hours earlier, the SDF media center reported that SDF fighters killed 29 ISIS members during clashes around al-Marashidah and the town of Hajin, north of it. Furthermore, US-backed forces destroyed an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launcher and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) of the terrorist group.

US-led coalition warplanes backed the SDF attack on al-Marashidah and conducted more than 14 airstrikes on ISIS positions around and inside the town.

The reaming ISIS fighters will likely withdraw from al-Marashidah in the upcoming hours. Once the town is secured, the SDF will be able to attack the nearby town of al-Susah from the southern and southwestern directions for the first time.

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You can call me Al

Good stuff, a few more vermin killed.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

This whole thing is nothing but a PR stunt. Like other US/Kurd “offensives” against IS.


The US is trying to take the link between Iraq and Syria.
al Bukamal is strategic. Fars was reporting that Russia had sent troops to Bukamal, I guess to try and stop the US advance.
To sell the Syrian oil, you need to get it out of Syria, and Iraq would be a good way out.

Jens Holm

Dont You have a map. Eufrat is between those. How can You ever write that. Its imposible and imbicile.

Jens Holm

Sendig oil into Iraq is the same kind og mad no knowledge.

Both Iraq and Iran has big tranportation problems and would like to send oil FROM them and by Syria to fx Latakia.

Assads has blocked for that apart from the Saddam oil for food period. Why did Britts and French share those mainly dry areas apart from the rivers. 100 years ago it was about Kirkuk oil as well.

Bill Wilson

Oil wasn’t discovered in Syria until the 1950’s in the NE corner.
Nobody wanted the desert region south of Palmyra to northern Saudi Arabia, including the Saudis, so Britain extended the borders of Iraq and Jordan thru that region so they could run oil pipelines thru there to the coast.

Bill Wilson

The Russians went there to train the local SAA and PMU militias on how to find ISIS sleeper cells and weapon caches along with demining skills. ISIS has lost nearly all of it’s territory in Syria yet still has around 14,000 fighters in hiding thru out much of the country inside the compounds of their supporters. The Institute for the Study of War blogspot recently posted an article about the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria with a map showing where they have supporters. In Syria their supporters are along the Euphrates and main highways all the way up to the Turkish border in Idlib. al Bukamal would be a good place to start winking them out then move north.

Jens Holm

True, enemies of SDF and The Coalisition certainly make a media stunt and do it all the time.

Now when Damaskus get and pay oilm there is not a single word from them about. SDFs didnt block for oil west of Tabqa and the troops of SAA being far away frim there. SDFs never blocked for the 2 mainoilfields cross the side of Eufrat.

LIES LIES and LIES, but very representative for the communication level by Damaskus and Turks.

Now we again has USA helicopters transported ISIS high heels. Last time it was – it was even prooved by pics from an american videogame. And here it also was told SAA has taken Abu Kamal.

Raqqa = same thing. It never could be taken by SDF. Then they only took deserts and hamlets. Fine joke. Next they let the ISIS defnder move troops out of Raqqa by purpose. so it was given to SDFs, but off course suddenly cared for cuívilians – in Raqqa.

The cumination came, when they told the whole world that 4000 hard armed ISIS soldiers were allowed to leave Raqqa. ISIS never has left Raqqa, if they still had 4000 heavy armed soldiers.

Normal not braindamaged by misinformation during their whole life can understand.

Very much like anything told You is to a wide spread Reginal Ground Zero.

Jens Holm

Very good. SDFs took part of this Island a few days ago, and ISIS counterattacked well and partly retook it.

Now SDFs has about 1/3 for real and a real village there. ISIS must have lack of troops and are tired. That Eufrat crossing should have been relative easy to defend covered my muddy waters and flat terrain.

I hope not many died.

Bill Wilson

The Coalition claimed to have wiped out several meetings of ISIS commanders in that region before any real fighting started. Hopefully that left the ISIS fighters without a competent regional leaders and are now trying to manage themselves as best as possible. It may be a classic case of too many Indians and not enough Chiefs to tell them what to do.

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