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Syrian Democratic Forces Spokesman Officially Confirmed Deal With ISIS In Raqqa

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Syrian Democratic Forces Spokesman Officially Confirmed Deal With ISIS In Raqqa

On October 14, a spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed to Reuters that the SDF has reached a deal with ISIS that allows ISIS fighters to withdraw from the city.

Meanwhile, SDF spokesperson Talal Silo told Reuters that foreign fighters would be left behind “to surrender or die”.

However, Omar Alloush, a member of Raqqa’s Civil Council, said that the evacuation will include foreign fighters, and it will take place overnight into October 15.

The Kurdish Hawar News Agency also confirmed the deal between the SDF and ISIS. According to Hawar, the SDF agreed to the deal upon a request from local Arabian tribes of Raqqa.

Hawar added that the tribes released an official statement demanding the SDF to accept the deal in order to save the civilians who are trapped in the ISIS-held areas inside the city.

Earlier, the US-led coalition released a statement saying that the SDF agreed with an unknown side to evacuate some “people” from Raqqah. From the very begining, it was clear that these “people” are ISIS members.

Local sources confirmed earlier that dozens of buses gathered near the city to evacuate ISIS fighters and their families to ISIS-held areas in Deir Ezzor governorate according to the deal with the SDF.

If the deal includes the evacuating the foreign ISIS fighters from Raqqa city, the battle of Raqqa will likely end within the next 48 hours. If not, ISIS foreign fighters might be able to resist SDF for few days before they are fully eliminated.

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  1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

    Throwing garbage into the neighbor’s yard.
    Direct pass to Deir Ezzor from the Kurds for their ISIS colleagues, all sponsored by the good-natured uncle Sam.
    But in the end, whatever the enemies of Syria do, victory will be on the side of the Syrian government with its effort and that of all of its allies, being prospered by the Same and Ever God of Justice and Lord of all. Amen.

    1. Serious Dude says:

      Didn’t SAA do the same in the Western Qalamoun?

        1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

          So it is is my friend,
          when it suits them, Americans change their opinion faster than a newborn baby changes diapers.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            And both are full of shit :)

          2. Kira Binkley says:


        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Brett McGurk has since ‘de-certified’ those Tweets :)

        3. Serious Dude says:

          Brett McGurk is a hypocrite. What can I do about him?

      1. Shahna says:

        No. Hezbollah.
        They wanted the bodies of their fallen Lebanese compatriots back.
        (Didn’t expect the prisoners still alive – and they weren’t.)

        And they didn’t allow them to take “human shields.”

        1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

          Exactly, my friend.

        2. Serious Dude says:

          Who knows if they took human shields?

    2. Marinos Ricudis says:


  2. Garry Compton says:

    Typical sleaze bag move by the US/Israeli scum.

  3. Shahna says:

    Terrorists making deals with terrorists – AND allowing them to take civilians as human shields with them!
    What kind of people support these cünts? …….. Oh yeah – Americans & Friends.

    1. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

      Terrorist make deals with terrorist very correct that Is the strategy of USA.Allowing terrorist to still use kidnap and rape women as shield and declare them families while their are wishing for liberation.

  4. Red Admiral says:

    The SDF were totally unable to dislodge ISIS from city centre pockets and were taking serious casualties in trying to effect it. The estimates of between 350 and less than 200 probably account for the difference between home and foreign terrorists. Should foreign terrorist stay it will be a “fight to the death”, which will mean 150+ wanting to make their sacrifice exceptional. However, find it difficult to believe Omar the Chechen will want to shed his mortal coil just yet. Neither, would he be foolish enough to expect safe passage to Dayr es Sur, considering what happened less than a week ago with RAF sending 200 ISIS terrorists to Allah in a flash, as they tried redeploying there. Will Yanks chance another helicopter airlift? We have read the “withdrawal ‘neath the cover of darkness” scenario, who makes up this shit.

    1. Kira Binkley says:

      Do you have a link or a source, Red?
      Anyway, I believe the “foreign ISIS fighters” will be treated as prisoners of war, hopefully. Under the aegis of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War. If that is done, order can be brought out of the chaos that has been Syria, for the last six years.

    2. Kira Binkley says:

      Just checked the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War of 1949, and it states: “There is no need for a formal declaration of war, or
      for the recognition of the existence of a state of war, as preliminaries to the application of the Convention. The occurrence of de facto hostilities is sufficient.”

    3. Kira Binkley says:

      In addition, and this is very important, Article 4 states: “It makes it absolutely clear that the object of the clause is a
      purely humanitarian one, that it is in no way concerned with the
      internal affairs of States, and that it merely ensures respect for the few
      essential rules of humanity which all civilized nations consider as valid everywhere and in all circumstances.”.

  5. John says:

    What are the chances that this will not bite them in the butt, at some point? About zero …..

    1. Samuel Boas says:

      The SDF will transfer them so far away that they only can attack the SAA. They did it before and now again.

  6. Kennethllindsy says:

    Good. Not worth risking lives of 4,000 plus hostages to kill only a couple of hundred jihadis.

    1. Bob says:

      Bit late now – US Marines have long since heavily shelled Raqqa – the ISIS controlled sectors with trapped civilians – with white phosphorous. All terrorists in Syria hide among local civilians whenever they can – and keep their weapons depots and bomb factories next to, or actually inside, captured public infrastructure buildings such as schools and hospitals.

  7. goingbrokes says:

    Is that guy really a Kurd?

  8. Kira Binkley says:

    How many “foreign ISIS fighters” in Raqqa?

    Seems a little uneven.

    1. Justin says:

      Kira, u offer comments as if u know what u are talking about but u do not! U know nothing about Bagdadi and his beginnings and relations with the CIA!
      U do not know how to put obvious incidents, meetings and land grabs together like an investigator!
      U keep saying the words “Bagdadi doesn’t work for Trump” as if Trump himself is controlling him!
      He is controlled outside of Trump! DERRR!

      Why do u think they have the CIA, NSA, CFR, Mossad etc etc! There are so many more levels to intelligence and counter intelligence agencies that are PRIVATE!
      Snowden worked for PRIVATE intel agencies that were contracted to the NSA and was where THE BEST of the NSA and CIA worked!

      Trump doesn’t control Bagdadi anymore than he controls the trajectory of a missile!
      This is all done UNDER THE TABLE!

      There is so much proof that u literally sound like a fool when u make these comments! No offence but I think u came to this forum with 2 cents worth of knowledge!

      A lot of people here have studied geopolitics and history for many years! And u come here and say things that sounds like a teenager would say!

      Im gonna sound like a prick here but u need to listen!

      When u come into a forum such as this with small amounts of knowledge, its better to listen and learn than to make statements u can’t back up! Just the fact that u said “Bagdadi doesn’t work for Trump” so many times makes me roll my eyes and Sigh! I really don’t want to sit here and explain a huge amount of info to someone I don’t know! Don’t be offended if we think u know fuck all! Swallow ur pride and just for one second assume that u actually don’t!

      And don’t say you do because ur comments clearly suggest u don’t!

      So back up, be quiet, read and watch!

      Don’t get involved in conversations of which u have 1ml of info on! Because its very annoying to those who know whats going on!

  9. Deo Cass says:

    This is not a deal but an imposition with the threat of force against the tribal leaders and indigenous inhabitants of Raqqa who want to remain in their homes and beloved city and to be reunited to the Syrian state not the US/Zio/Nazi invaders abd occupiers. The so called deal is no more than forced eviction of the remaining Raqqa people rom their homes for ethnic cleansing purposes. No ISIS involved.

    1. Kira Binkley says:

      You believe anything an American says?

      1. Justin says:

        Hell no, thats why i posted this!
        I hope u realise this post was to prove that the US are working hand in hand with ISIS :)

        1. Kira Binkley says:

          It might seem that way, but they’re not. The U.S. at this point, is unable to see two hours into the future. Interferes with their executive planning ability, of course.

          1. Justin says:

            They are working with ISIS!
            They don’t have full control over them, but they are certainly working with them!

          2. Kira Binkley says:

            Actually, they’re not. America’s government, i.e. Trump, is not intelligent enough to do so.
            But let me tell you, Trump has tried to use me to entrap “The Ghost”. You know who “The Ghost” is, don’t you? If Trump can find him, then America will look good again. But they will never find him.

          3. Justin says:

            u mean Bagdadi?
            do u even know his background?
            I disagree with u VERY MUCH!
            They work with isis!
            End of story!

          4. Kira Binkley says:

            Nobody knows his background, entirely.
            Even if you think Trump thinks he is working with al-Baghdadi and ISIS, the reverse is not true. Al-Baghdadi does not work with Trump. Well, let me extrapolate: there may be some deception…

          5. Justin says:

            Of course he isnt workijg with trump because he was around before trump!
            Bagdadi is working for the cia and was recruited in iraq and supported and funded!
            Bagadainwas apart of saddam sunni rep guard who were humilated by the US forces!
            He openly spoke out against those humiliating photos which were done on purpose to fuel a revenge within the surrendered forces.
            Bagdadi was finded and backed because he was promised greatness and leadership (caliph status) money, whatever he wanted! This is how they fuele the hatred amd recruited men via saudi wahhabi supporters who had their own geopolitical goals.
            Isis was always going to fall and be used as a tool! Bagdadi knew the plan all along! He was a nobody before all of this shit!
            Bin laden was cia and so too was bagdadi!
            Maybe he escapes or
            Maybe not but it does not chamge the obvious fact that the US created, supported, funded and controls the leadership of isis.
            They’ve been doing this since the 1980’s!

          6. Kira Binkley says:

            You might be more informed if you realized that al-Baghdadi isn’t working with the CIA: he is using them.

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