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Syrian Democratic Forces’ Short-Term Thinking Problem

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The political and military leadership of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has appeared to be in a shaky situation since the withdrawal of US troops from Syria’s north and the start of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring. Since the start of the US invasion of Syria, Kurdish armed groups, primarily the People’s Protection Units (YPG), relied on foreign power to fend off the ISIS offensive and expand their control across northern and eastern Syria. The US military, political and financial support made Kurdish leaders believe that Kurdish armed groups were a kind of “integral” part of Washington’s strategy and that they had a voice to decide their future under a US protectorate. This illusion predetermined the YPG-SDF stance towards cooperation with the Damascus government and its allies.

In January-March 2018, YPG forces in Afrin were defeated by the Turkish Army and pro-Turkish armed groups and were forced to flee towards Syrian Army positions near Aleppo city. Prior to Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch, YPG leaders once again rejected Syrian-Russian proposals to settle their status and re-integrate into the Syrian state. Instead, they repeatedly asked the US and the so-called ‘international community’ for help – help which was not forthcoming.

The very same approach led to the start of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring in northeastern Syria in 2019. On January 19, the so-called Autonomous Administration of Eastern Syria, a political body created by the SDF/YPG to manage the seized areas, issued a de-facto ultimatum to the Damascus government. Besides formal claims about the need to keep the unity of Syrian land and ensure rights to minorities, the 10-point long list included such demands as:

  • to accept the Autonomous Administration as a legal part of the Syrian political system;
  • to guarantee the Autonomous Administration representation in the Syrian Parliament;
  • to use the Autonomous Administration flag alongside the Syrian flag;
  • to allow the Autonomous Administration to conduct its own independent foreign policy;
  • to allow SDF units to keep control of the Syrian border;
  • to keep the SDF security force Asayish as the main security force within northeastern Syria;
  • to distribute “Syrian wealth to the Syrian regions in a fair manner.”

Summing up these claims, the SDF demanded Damascus should legally recognize a de-facto independent US-backed pseudo-state and its military force within Syria and fund this state from the Syrian state budget. This behavior undermined Damascus attempts to launch a real political dialogue to settle differences and the SDF became even more dependent on the US amid open preparations of Turkey for a military action in northeastern Syria. So, when US troops withdrew and the Turkish Army crossed the border, there was nobody to protect the Kurds. President Donald Trump turned up the heat even more by advising the Kurds, if they want US protection, to resettle into oil areas, control of which its administration sees as one of its main priorities.

Therefore, the SDF leaders rushed to reach a protection agreement with Damascus and Russia. Syrian Army troops and Russian Military Police were deployed along the border and the M4 highway limiting the Turks to the area that they had already captured. Moscow negotiated with Ankara a safe zone agreement. The Turkish Army limited its actions to the aforementioned chunk of the border. Rescued SDF units started withdrawal from a 30km zone away from the Turkish border.

Despite this, the SDF and its political representatives continue insisting that the agreement with Damascus is solely a security agreement and political terms and conditions are yet to be negotiated. The group also expressed hopes that it will be able to ‘restore’ dialogue with the US to the level that they had before the troop withdrawal. The SDF even criticized statements by the Syrian Defense and Interior Ministries suggesting SDF members should settle their legal status within the Syrian state and join the army if they want. The SDF claimed that it will not accept any deal that would not “recognize and preserve” the group’s “privacy and structure.” These actions demonstrate that at least a part of the Kurdish leadership has learned little from the Afrin and northeastern Syria cases and still believes that it is in a position to use the language of ultimatums. The involvement of Kurdish leaders in the US-run oil smuggling operations also play a role. It is likely that they do not want to lose revenues from their illegal cooperation with the foreign power that is looting Syrian natural resources.

These factors add additional instability to the situation in northeastern Syria and complicate its further de-escalation. Developments south of Ras al-Ayn where clashes between Kurdish and Turkish-backed fighters have recently erupted, are a result of the lack of coordination in the implementation of the safe zone agreement additionally to the aggressive behavior of both sides.

Nonetheless, the SDF will have to find a kind of political understanding with Damascus because the main and most likely alternative is the resumption of the Turkish offensive.

The Kurdish armed groups known as the SDF have recent experience of betraying the Syrian nation. In the most precarious situation, they abandoned Syria and made a pact with the US, the foreign power that seeks to undermine the country’s territorial integrity and, at that stage of the conflict,  was supporting the actions of al-Qaeda in Syria. There were – as there ought to be – consequences and the SDF suffered them. Washington abandoned its proxies, when it was deemed of higher value to the US to enable Turkey to carry out its offensive, than it was to protect them.

The US is not leaving Syria and the SDF is once again demonstrating that it may be prepared to sell its loyalty for American coin if a proposal were to come their way. However, if such a proposal is made and the SDF sabotages the reconciliation with Damascus, what guarantee is there that the US won’t abandon them once again?

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Well here’s hoping they are cured of this problem soon and realize being enemies with their neighbors (SAA) and friends with countries thousands of miles away is just stupid


Reason and thinking is obviousel not their strength.

Jens Holm

Oh yes it is, is very bad and eveil thinking being the rulers and even for those which of course never should rule a single thing.

mighty atom

What’s more stupid is an unelected dictator and mass murderer in Damascus thinking he has any right to dictate how people live in Kurdistan. What’s even more stupid than that is someone like you supporting him.

Jens Holm

Thats right and it goes for the rest of Syria as well.


Well, the mass murderers sit in the US. Doing drone killings without legal procedure, setting the right to defend in a case out of order and therefore stepping back of the magna carta, which was the basis of legal proceding for the last 600 years. Is it worth killing millions for the small number of offcially 3800 dead people of 9/11, which was also a self made false flag?

Jens Holm

Its seemes You and many others has destroyed the meaning of legal, honeur, respect, terrorist as well as traitors.

My comment about 9/11 is same thing. The glass was full and then they went amok to hit anyhybody.

Joao Alfaiate



Your comment is a classic example of ‘ whataboutery’

The problems in Syria are due to decades of economic mismanagement,first following the idiot example of the Soviets, which incidentally wasn’t even a socialist economic system,authoritarian state capitalist yes absolutely, but definitely not socialist, that was the first big mistake Syria made

then Syria attempted to open its economy by following a privatisation agenda, basically putting all the state assets into the hands, and corrupt pockets of the Assad inner circle, sounds just like Russia doesn’t it?that’s because it is just like Russia

you cant bolt a liberal economic system onto decades of bent Soviet style state authoritarian rule, fortunately Russia has a clapped out old population unlike the much younger demographic of Syria, so i doubt Russia will see any meaningful unrest like Syria

All of this is a recipe for social,political and economic disaster which all came to a head in 2011

So all the problems in Syria are home grown,Assad must go, unfortunately the bent criminals in Russia will keep him in power, so there’ll be no future for Syria,sad,very very sad!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

you know whats the stupidest of all? you who thinks there is a “kurdistan”, fucking moron, you and your kind are by far the stupidest people on the planet, up there with the poles

Wolfgang Wolf

corrupt clan leaders selling their ass for the ones who pay most… was always like that.. unless you dont eliminate those gangsters from power, nothing will change

Rafik Chauhan

never trust kurds they are thief and traitor and always remain slave of israel and US. that’s the reason they will never have thier indepentend policy. in any country.

mighty atom

Oh sure, they stole their own land and betrayed themselves. lol. Go home, Turk, and take your ISIS with you …


Oh? Their own land?? How come the arabs are now returning to their homes where the fsa have taken hold and how christians and others have been expelled and not allowed to return? And those oil fields are in arab areas and not only that but in no area currently held by the kurds are they a majority even after all this ethnic cleansing..

mighty atom

How come … (insert Turkish propaganda here) … Waaah, waaah, waaah!!!???

Jens Holm

Notmany arabs are returning to their home and You noteven mention 30 % of the Syrians are not arabs at all.

And the oilfield parts is so funny. Assads left it in low priority as well as the millions living in the old SDF.

Those people has taken it back for Syrians, where ISIS by the way almost all are more or less arabs and many supporters actually has lived along Eufrat and Khabour as being arabs too.

You are so mixted up in Your heads being manipulated hard for decades. .


see kurdi steal see fat kurdi.. run kurdi run…

Valerianus Maximus

Anemic Neutron conveniently ignores that the Kurdish presence in Syria only dates from 1925, after Ataturk kicked their asses out of Turkey for rebellion. The French, however, thought that setting up a Kurdish enclave as a colonial puppet in Syria would be a great idea to get back at Ataturk for kicking the Allies out of Turkey in 1921.

Also, there is the matter of the virtue of the dear Kurds themselves, who were the principal perpetrators of the Armenian genocide. They are a murderous, treacherous and wholly without virtue. In their embracing of great power delusions of grandeur they make the Poles look like geniuses by comparison. By their fruits we know them, and by their fruits will they subsist, until someone finally does away with them once and for all.

Tudor Miron

Own land? That’s Syrian land. State that gave them home and shelter and which they sold to US for 30 sheckels. ISIS is not Turkish, it’s irregular armed forces of UK/US (together with Queda). Yes, Turkey participated on that side but after US instigated coup Erdogan decided that he better stick to other side. Kurds proved to be stupid and greedy. They’re reaping what they sow. The more they insist in stupidity/greediness the less they will get in the end. They also proved that they’re extremely slow to learn – stepping again on the same rake and wondering what hit them. Used condom – that’s what Kurds should use for a flag now.

mighty atom

They were there a thousand years before Syria even existed, that’s their land, it doesn’t “belong” to the Assad family. “Home and shelter” ? You mean torture, imprisonment, denial of human rights etc.

“Kurds proved to…” Igor, you’re not even fit to lick the soles of their shoes. On your bike, little Ruskie bot.

Tudor Miron

Harder, trolly. Try harder. Being in a role of used condom is an inevitable result of Kurdish betrayal.


why do kurds have so many goats? and why do the goats all run away?

Ishyrion Av

Boy, Syria existed at least 4000 years before now. Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the entire human civilization. Kurds… on the other hand, like turks, are just some mongol descendants who invaded Middle East 600 years ago.

mighty atom

Syria’s borders were drawn in 1916, although it didn’t actually exist as an independent country until 1946.

Ishyrion Av

You are just scratching the history’s crust. Probably american you are. When your ancestors – criminals and thieves from Europe – invaded North American continent (aka “colonizing” it), the rest of the world had already thousands of years of history and civilization.

mighty atom

Oh your poor baby, mummy kiss it better.


At least please get your ethnology right… The predecessors of today’s Turks indeed came from central Asia only one millennium ago, whereas the Kurds are part of the Iranian, i.e. of the Indo-European family of nations, and have been living in the region probably since the neolithicum.


you read the talmud i see.. says porky king of pigs promised kurds the land as the 11th commandment..

mighty atom

Wow, I never would have guessed you hate Jews too … How very surprising.


What’s your opinion on Palestine oh wise one?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurds committed the Armenian genocide and stole the land from Christians. Millions of Christians were murdered to steal their lands for a group of communist-Arabs who call themselves ‘Kurd’s’

Jens Holm

You probatly support Poll Pot and Idi Amin as well – did.


If I did then I would also have supported the Kurds in their ethnic cleansing of christians and arabs… But guess I dont..


This is a weird report, ignoring the past that shaped the present.

Ignored is the well documented persecution of kurds in an self declared arab state, the taking away of nationality of, at the moment, hundreds of thousands of kurds, condemming them to poverty, the taking away of lands in the so called arab green belt, the taking away of their language, the economic neglect of their region, the abandonment of their people to the tender care of IS, the dictatorship refusing any democracy and murdering tens of thousands of opposition, real or perceived. The refusal of Assad to have meaningfull talks.

As the past shapes the present, one can, unless being a heartless troll or partisan, understand where these people are coming from. For a state to be supported by a people, that state must include that people. The self declared arab Syria has never included the Syrian kurds and therefore has no moral claim on their obeisance.


100 years ago you could not even count the number of kurds in syria.. They came to syria when they were at the forefront of the ethnic cleansing and extermination of the christian population there and took over their lands and homes. Even now kurds are not a majority in any of those areas and if the inhabitants were allowed to return, they will be much smaller minority since 3/4th are arabs..

mighty atom

“They came to syria” ??? That region is Kurdistan, occupied by Syria. They’ve lived there for a couple of thousand years, way before countries like Syria and Turkey even existed.


Ignorance is a bliss fight. The region has never been arab as is was Syriac/Assyrian already some three thousand years ago. The first arabs came to the region when they conquered it 7th century AD. Even then it remained majority Assyrian for centuries afterwards. Largely depopulated after the mongol invasion, it was only resettled after the 18th century by kurds from the north and arabs in the deserts in the south. The arab dialect of northern Aleppo is heavily influenced by kurdish


you just answered your own rhetoric.. What ever happened to those people then? And how did 4 mil Syrians end up in Turkey? Surely the Kurds has no reason to flee as they saw all that land just available for occupation again..

mighty atom

“Summing up these claims, the SDF demanded Damascus should legally recognize a de-facto independent US-backed pseudo-state”

Your Baathist propaganda is hopeless. The SDC is not interested in creating a state, and advocates for federal democracy in Syria.

“The Kurdish armed groups known as the SDF” – the SDF is mostly Arab.


wrong.. Every single commander in the SDF is pretty much a kurd except in like the oil areas where the local arab thugs are necessary to keep other arabs in line. Also the US only gives weapons and money to kurds.

In fact every single ypg leader is a wanted PKK terrorist and on interpol red list.

mighty atom

“Every single commander in the SDF is pretty much a kurd” – the vast majority of SDF commanders I’ve ever met are Arabs.

“where the local arab thugs are necessary to keep other arabs in line” ?

“every single ypg leader is a wanted PKK terrorist and on interpol red list” – ahh, how very Daily Sabah … lol. Your caliph would be proud.

Jens Holm

Very muslim ME version. Family anytime goes before qualifications. Its true the well educated brain trust are Kurds as well as several of them are from the Syria former PKK.

I also allow me to compare with the Assad system of today. Is it better. No, its much worse.

Your infame trick is not even to allow to compare with Your own and others.


largely correct–although I consider the Kurds less evil, more myopic


” The US military, political and financial support made Kurdish leaders believe that Kurdish armed groups were a kind of “integral” part of Washington’s strategy and that they had a voice to decide their future under a US protectorate.”

another murikan ally bites the dust. when will they ever learn.


If you noticed the 10 points, its all about not paying taxes but stealing the wealth of Syria as well as doing what they want while Syrian soldiers die to protect them, they refuse to do their own service to the state. Basically its a fiefdom where the owners pay the invaders to stay and protect them.. aint happening..

Jens Holm

There is no wealt in Syria. Most people are made poor by systematic mismangements for many decades and even motivate them to produce less.

The SDF tax system is about what You GET BACK by higher tax such as schools, medical care, hospitals, education, pension and a long line. GET BACK and not as the small part You see now drowned in corruption and ineffectivity by nepotistic famalily systems.

Of course a smaller part remain as usual.

And aagain. The high tax system give You back things and services, which are hard needed and You can use them for free or only pay a little.

2 levels.

The state is not them. GET IT. They dont see that at all. Were they protected NO. Assads not even protected th oil from ISIS. Now You blame SDFs and USA for it :(

Much as talking to a radio with so many in ME semilar to You. You are learned to deny to understand even simple things, which are normal for good wellfare and GDP in many, many countries . evenYours is as low as it san be an You have so many lazy hands and even those slow ones do nothing.

My tax´here in Denmark is about 40% and above that I pay fees for about 20%, but we and I also get free school, free education to the doctir and enginee level. We gets helped when we have no jobs and so the children never suffer. We can go to the doctor as many times we wish for free. Medicine there is almost free, We go to éven the most advanced and expensive treatments for free. All by routine gets the same minimum pension so they never has to worry aboyt having choldren as helpersin money and doing things. If the old ones cant live at home anymore, we have homes for them with others and hired to feet, wash and change the TV bottom. You een can be burried for free.

So try to inderstand, that SDFs as well as Assads has been in war economy for several years and therefore only are able to run the most important things which are free.

The oil and gas is theirs too, so of course its their right to have an income for that. USA is blocking Assads by protecting them from Assads. besides that they also has to pay their soldiers at least some. Asads pays his zero??

The thieves for decades are Assads and SDFs not even were the uprisers and still are not. They just want to devellop the poorest parts, where most of them lives with arabs and others being same kind of farmers in the dry land and too many on each little farm,becaue modern jobsby education is not made,

The Johadist uprisers are partly same things. So many are the poor unimployed part of the urbans. Those dont like Assads because they had no jobs and no hope for it. So they join anyone against Assads being paid in money, food, clothe and often even can send money home as well.

Both Johadists and SDFs should have been an investment by the oil abnd gas money – but OH NO, then there is no money for corruption, nepotisme and ineffectivity, which You seemes to prefare.

How many dead do You prefare, How many having lost an arm or some brain do You prefare. How many houses and public facilities incl. building, roads and bridges do You prefare, before the Victory of Yours is a devastating barking succes ?


Not bothering to read since what ever good intentions you have dont make up for the bad and the evil you are doing now. Starving Syrians who gave you refuge and letting them freeze and still asking them for even more handout.

kurds are evil incarnate. maybe no worse than the zionists but surely not much better.

Jens Holm

A well written article bit so much is completly forgotten or has been taken away by purpose.

Again there is not a single word about SDFs did not attack Assads as well as Assads after figthings left and SDFs from nothing ,well helped by PKK and USA, took Jihadisme land back, which most likely never or at least in decades would be a no go for any Kurds, many othere as well as Assads.

When SDF started there already was about 2,5 mio refugees from there . Should the rest be in Turkey or Europe forever too.

SDFs and YPG in Afrin and more to it after many fightings certainly has had made those areas to the safest safezone in the whole Syria. and by that has seen that most of the one actually being there – and not the 3,5 MILLION refugees in Turkey could trust and unite more then ever under Assad and even in centuries before that.

A pinn in the´eye for Assads as well as for Erdogan seemes to be, that the SDFs are not collspsed in chaos as hoped and expected for even they has been besiged hard by Turks and Assads.

A grotesce part is Assads actually left the many oil- and gasfields. In the propaganda here Kurds and SDFs always are less important then oil taken back from ISIS. How do people feel, when they hardly are seen as vital gasoline for a car???

Its also tempting to mention, that those many SDFs were not a part of the Assad forces and recruited themselve to make SDFs (and Nusra ir FSA) go away = NO Jihadisme.

Another main problem for both Assads and Yurks are, that other more advanced systems actually works in ME and those 2 rulers has no patent in being able to. Thats DANGEROUS for them.

So Governess is not for people actually living there but dominance using peoples mouths and behinds until they swallow makig the Assad and Erdigan carrots big and nice looking.

In Doctors language Its seen as psycopats and victims, where the victims of course are the spendable ones.

And what SDFs wants are based on normal well funtioning western and even russian ideas today doing well and mainly in west.

So ther real danger is, that reforms like that should have been done for decades in Syria as well as Turkey. Tempting as a minimum to add why so many demonstrate in Iraq and Lebanon too and in Iraq are met by violance- And the violence is exact the same no matter which are the rulers telling : We decide, go home and sjut up. We dont care if You not even hae a drop of water in Basra and whatever.

People like that and them should only be allowed to run their own toilet visit.

Things seen from above is very simple Systems like SDFs having local parlaments with elections and those taking in 40% of the raised taxes is where Western motivate people to unite as well as wirk harder and raise their own living standard.

The end of the article is same thing. None helped Kurds and SDFs against the many Jihadists. An old pop song says: If You ant love the one You loves, love the ones You wish.

Thats what has happend. Those in SDFs had no other options and YPG in Afrin and partly Manbij not even that. I see no reasons for Assads should waste many expensive and bad troops in the SDFs when most kinds of security in deoite of a very low ´war economy works well and can change needed things even those are hard ones for ancient days of people living there.

One big reason for “anyone against Assads” was and are non devellopment even 50% of men and most vomen did not work and the majority of the Syrians are poor and kept poor by primitive systems amade for Emirates and Dicatorships. Even the corrupt ones could get more gold, oiland propersty by other systems.

So the best solution for Syria is not working with the reflexiens in the article,

but to implement a modern systeme all over Syria, where all decide more but also are responsible.

Peace is notwinning an internal or international war. Thats the easy part, whih only makes miæitary cpontrol by the self made dominate infame ones. Here Syria and partly others nearbye very good examples. You make people as low as possible and then even tell, that Damaskus by Assads are the LEGAL ONES.

SDFs only take their own oil or less. USA block the rest as the blocade agains Assads has been doing for years. So nothing is stolen. NOTHING even morons shout it, so we hardly an see they have a head behindf their big dirty mouths.


Oh SDF?? But what about kurds?? We saw kurds siding with FSA in taking many areas of aleppo.. They did the same thing in Raqqa.. This should have shows Assad they cant not be trusted but because of a few good kurds in the Syrian army and government, Assad considers Syran kurds in the same light as Syrian citizens.. Others would not look so favourably.. Maybe thats the problem.. The problem is Assad.. Once he leaves office the Kurds will get a real hard lesson.


To all those who defend what Kurds are doing right now, listen, people don’t hate the Kurds, Kurds are a great tribe, Saladin is a great leader, respected by his friends and opponents and he is a Kurd. But what is being done by the Kurds in the north east of Syria today is wrong! Learn the true history. The Kurds are a minority, they live on the land of Syria, they are legal and sovereign citizens of Syria, a country recognized by the United Nations! They were refugees from Turkey and Syrian Arabs welcomed them with open arms. But look what Kurds are doing now? bite the hand that once fed them! Maybe the Syrian government was not perfect and the Kurds felt dissatisfied but all could be forgiven and repaired, rejoin your fellow Syrians, and fight under one flag, the Syrian flag! That way people will love you again, but if not then don’t complain and don’t shout for help when the law has to be enforced by force!


saladin came to power like all kurds who ever came into power.. on the back of duplicity.. You can never trust them. Which is why those who live around them always keep smashing them down as they know what will eventually happen.

mighty atom

You can’t blame your lack of social evolution and your propensity to violence on others. The problem is yours, not theirs, and reflects your lack of completeness as a human.


Oh I dont go around driving away people from their homes and stealing their resources to complete myself as a human..


Turkey’s biggest enemy is Kurds because she considers them terrorists. Prior to the Arab Spring of 2011, the Kurds had no recognition from Syria as a separate nation who are citizens of Syrian territory. Russia protects Syria’s territorial integrity and is an ally with Turkey in the fight against al-Qaeda terrorists. Kurds for Turkey are equal to al-Qaeda. Kurds are fighting al-Qaeda but Turkey feeds them up. It was established in the idlip area security zone with Russian and Turkish observatory posts but not at the borders with Turkey which are free and the terrorists freely enter and exit. Who is trustable in Syrian territory? I conclude that the Syrian government has a difficult tusk front of her. I trust only the Syrians and the Kurdish people and I wish they unite all against the aggressor TYRKEY.

Jens Holm

No wonder many of them would like to be more themselves.

None in 1923 by Lausanne could se Kurds runing anything, but as representative for the ones, which should be able to, You have failed ever since.

Unfortunatky that goes for Erdo-AKP the last 13 years for all in Turkey as well as neighbors.

You can call me Al

Again – whatever this is is not as important as this. Essential to see including videos – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/three-deep-state-confessions-syria


You can’t have reconciliation with Assad he wants total obedience or he kills you and your family including children, he’ll run you out of Syria, very cynical as this puts pressure on other countries who are having to deal with the failure of the Assad family dictatorship which has failed the people hence the original uprisings in 2011, all Assads fault because of the cronyism and corruption, this whole situation is a disaster, blame the Assad dictatorship and regime, not America or anybody else

Assad should go, he’s now nothing more than a puppet dictator, a plaything of more powerful actor’s, such as Turkey who recently invaded Syria, or Russia, who are desperate to maintain their military bases,or Iran who are a total liability for the Syrian regime as long as they stay in Syria,as they will continuously be the targets for air strikes from Israel, which have been very successful

This situation is a beneficial crises for all including America who’ve taken custody of some of Syrian oil and gas, better they do this than let the Assad regime steal it

Syria is a broken, destroyed,divided and essentially partitioned country, its people have no future, as no one will be investing in such a dreadful place, but apparently this is what victory looks like!


Very sad, but true.


Kurdish leadership is doing themselves real and very long term damage to their people. How is it going in Afrin SDF/YPG/PKK? How ya doing in NE Iraq after the IRGC leveled your command center and slaughtered you leadership, when you thought you could mess with Tehran at the behest of others? What are you going to do if the gloves come off and you are subject to precision and frequent airstrikes on your tin pot forces? It is a wonder to watch how the Kurd leadership disgraces and uses it’s own people. They take bombs, bullets, gas in all orifices and never seem to get it. Oh, that’s right, they seemed to have been involved in their share of ethic cleansing whenever it has suited them in the past. Not so squeaky clean it seems.

So, okay stupids, here it is straight up, no varnish ………. listen up. I have seen firsthand what we, the US, have done to formal Allies, much more dear and infinitely more important than you pieces of nothing. You better watch it. The window of opportunity to escape being dragged through epic betrayal, the likes you have no idea are already in the bank for you, unless you pull your heads out of the concrete that is drying around your necks and heads, is closing faster than imagined. I don’t care if the Kurd supporters like it or not, what I have posted here; tough luck fellas. In time you will know I was one of the people who actually stood up and told you how it really rolls.

Stop being jackasses. The article could not have been clearer about that.


it’s a movement which will come to its conclusion whatever the kurds wish for or strive for – it’s a basic fact that turkey never will allow the kurds to set up a semi-sovereign state in northeast syria and neither will syria and the two will join forces to settle the kurdish issue however much israel and the unhinged states of A are prepared to invest in sdf or ypg. to turkey it’s a paramount interest that the kurds are denied any kind of autonommie and that goes for iraq and iran and syria as well. so the can rant and rave and huff and puff but it’s not going to change their situation very much even with israeli and US support. moreover, they will find no succour with russia either since they screw up the well laid plans of (mice and men) to get things back to go.

Rodney Loder

Turn Brother Erdogan loose on em, he’ll give the Kurds some curry.


kurds attacking russian Turkish patrols with large rocks and dug the road up to prevent passage. Shows just how dump they really are.


Paul Purcell

The Kurds are not the majority of the population in the region they refer to as “Kurdistan” or this area they are attempting to make a nation state “Rojava”.. From what I have heard the this SDF is responsible for numerous criminal campaigns to ethnically cleanse the area.. I recognized from the beginning that they were playing a dangerous game of playing both sides.. Trying to make deals with Damascus while flirting with the U.S. invaders..

mighty atom

Grow up.

Hide Behind

The rewriting of history , The closest that Kurds everbcame to having own Status as a State was clear back in Ottoman Empire days, and even then they were but a tribal groupingallowed to “participate “” as no more than vassels to Turkish authority. Back then some of Kurdish Elites rose to positions of Prominence within Ottoman Empire and helped Turks rule overnKurds and non Kurd alike. Syria as a political entity existed long before Israels Hebrew ancestors, entered Palestine, in fact they were themselves of Syrian origin. Indeed the borders of todays Syria stems from destroyed Ottoman Empires powers by Allied European Military ; but where the hell did the name of Syria stem from originally. Kurds have never assimilated into any of nations they lived within ; never, they just kissed whoevers assbjust enough to retain cultural roots,and in ways are no different than Israeli and European Jews throughout todays world. It took those same European Nations that set ME borders to remake those borders to form a Jewish Nation. The Kurds were very minor participants on both sides in War that Desroyed the Ottoman and never had a cohesive governing body or ideology so that there are divisive factions of the past who have killed each other since ancient times, internicene warfare. Their real power stems from their ability to never lose Identity by assimilation into other nations. In ways who can blame Kurds for taking personal advantage of situation in ME, survival sometimes means taking drastic actions. Unlike millions of Syrians who ran lime hell abandoning their lands and National Identity rather tha.n stay and fight for it, the Kurds dug in, grabbed everything and anything to protect home and hearth and cultural Identity, and joined with those who promised aid. A better more dignified identity than Syrians who became beggars to Eeuropean welfare states, who still to this day refuse to fully integrate into those nations and still call themselves Syrians, cheap and safest route. Syrian States military proper ran like hell from rag tag terrorist group, many joining in calls to overthrow Assad, running and abandoning millions of Syrians and not all were in heavily Kurdish populated towns and villages. Assad followers would not be in Syrian lands today as like beggars they asked Russia and Iran to save them. Survival sometimes means taking drastic actions.

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