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Syrian Democratic Forces Resume Military Operation In Euphrates Valley

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Syrian Democratic Forces Resume Military Operation In Euphrates Valley

by: sdf-press.com

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on November 11 that it had resumed its military operation against ISIS in the middle Euphrates Valley River, which was suspended last month.

“After the communication between the SDF general command and the International [US-led] Coalition Commanders, with intensive diplomatic efforts aimed to defuse the crisis on the border, and the positive calls from our allies to de-escalate and focus the efforts on defeating ISIS, as it would contribute to the stabilization of the area and the benefit of all parties. SDF general command saw the need to continue its operations and fulfill the final defeat of ISIS,” the SDF explained in an official statement.

The SDF also stated that the ground operations were suspended, but US-led coalition continued its aerial operations against the terrorist group in the Euphrates Valley. The SDF also mentioned that its forces participated in an “airborne operation” to capture a “prominent ISIS leader” in the governorate of Raqqa.

On October 31, the SDF halted it military operations in the Euphrates Valley. Back then, the US-backed group claimed that a series of Turkish attacks on its positions in northern Syria had forced it to take this decision.

However, some local observers believe that the operation was halted as a result of the effective resistance from the remaining ISIS fighters, who managed to recapture most of their former position in the Euphrates Valley from the SDF in the second half of October.

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R Trojson

No wonder Russia-Syria-Iran is moving al Safa ISIS to fight Kurds and US.


SDF might retake some lost ground and move in some new supplies.
Looks like clandestine resupply of ISIS, don’t you think ? :)

R Trojson

Yes, Russia-Syria-Iran are in bed with ISIS. ISIS are paid mercenaries who do whatever they are paid to do. Just 2 weeks ago Russia gave al Safa ISIS at least 4 truckloads of food, money, drugs, ammunition and arms. Now Russia claims to be fighting al Safa ISIS. Are we to believe the great Putin’s Russian military is so impotent they cannot take a little spit of land in al Safa. Clearly Russia’s air force is no match for ISIS’s air force. Clearly Russia’s heavy armor is no match of ISIS heavy armor. Clearly Russia’s brightest and best fighters are no match for ISIS fighters.

Or, ISIS is taking orders from Russia. They are being relocated east of the Euphrates to fight Kurds and the US. When the relocation is complete Russia will declare victory in al Safa with stories of a great battle and killing thousands of ISIS fighters. But there will not be thousands of ISIS bodies to back up those stories.


Looks like the Turkish ‘threat’ was not really serious, and CENCOM does need to protect Syria’s oil and gas fields, for a commission of course.

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