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JUNE 2021

Syrian Democratic Forces Repel Several ISIS Attacks In Raqqa

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have repelled several ISIS attacks in the eastern and western parts of Raqqa city.

According to ISIS sources, 2 VBIEDs and a suicide attacker with an explosive belt targeted the SDF positions yesterday in Al-Jazra village west of the city. ISIS claimed to kill 12 SDF fighters during the attack adding that 9 SDF fighters were injured after being targeted by IEDs in the Bab Baghdad area in the center of Raqqa city.

During its advance in the eastern part of Raqqa City, the SDF found 3 ISIS tunnels, 4 VBIEDs along with weapons and ammunition left behind by ISIS fighters.

According to opposition sources, US-led coalition warplanes carried out more than 18 airstrikes on Raqqa city in the last 24 hours. The US airstrikes destroyed a part of the Abbasi Historic Wall in Old Raqqa area, according to the source.

Syrian Democratic Forces Repel Several ISIS Attacks In Raqqa

Over the last few days, the SDF captured large areas of Old Raqqa area and Al-Bareed district in the northwestern part of Raqqa city. However, the SDF is still unable to advance in the western and the southwestern parts, especially in the Diriyah area where SDF is focusing on the evacuation of trapped civilians.

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