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JUNE 2021

Syrian Democratic Forces Reach Last ISIS Stronghold In Euphrates Valley

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Syrian Democratic Forces Reach Last ISIS Stronghold In Euphrates Valley

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On December 28, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that its fighters have reached the outskirts of the last ISIS stronghold on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, the town of Hajin. The SDF also reported that its fighters have killed 15 ISIS members and destroyed a vehicle and a motorcycle of the terrorist group around Hajin.

The SDF likely attacked Hajin town from its positions in the Omar oil fields, from the eastern direction, as its forces are still over 15km away from the northern direction.

Meanwhile, local sources reported that the SDF entered Hajin after minor clashes with some ISIS fighters and captured the areas of al-Munif, al-Khairin, al-Rayan school, al-Aiwuni, al-Shurgi, al-Shakhtiah and Hamid al-Raja inside and around it. The sources added that ISIS had withdrawn from most of the town before the start of the SDF attack.

According to these reports, ISIS may be abandoning Hajin. Local sources do not report any new airstrikes by the US-led coalition in the town. The upcoming hours will for sure reveal more about the current situation in the area.

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Zainab Ali

next on the annihilation list will be illegal occupiers (sdf, ameritards)

Eskandar Black

Its seems the last of ISIS are about to be ‘killed,’ or evacuated to the next theater of operations.


SDF making slow but steady progress, an indication too of the redeployment of many of its fighters to other parts of Northern Syria and a reduced effort of the USAF.

Much effort is poured into the reconstruction of Raqqah where already upwards to maybe 100k civillians have returned.

Much effort is also poured into building up, let us say, rapid response forces near the “borders” of the region. Reports tell of much more visibility of SDF forces in the border areas.

US is supporting this redeployment by reserving much defensive hardware (like many ATGM’s and missiles) for the year 2018 and for enlarging the existing forces with some 20k fighters.

leon mc pilibin

This is total BS,everybody know ISIS is fighting for the jewSA zionists,but they keep putting out these fairy tales about non existent fighting .Next thing Hellwood will be making movies about the brave american advisers leading on the sdf in glorious battles against the odds with isis.What is Russia,Syria,Iran,Hezbollah and their other allies going to do about this ,is another matter.The sdf better make way for the Syrian army.


With a large number of new uniforms for the jihadis probably.


SDF’s (USA puppets) are just driving as going to a party.

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