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MAY 2021

Syrian Democratic Forces Reach Deir Ezzor Industrial Zone

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Syrian Democratic Forces Reach Deir Ezzor Industrial Zone

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On Sunday, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMZ) announced that they reached the industrial zone in the northwestern countryside of Deir Ezzor city. However, the SDF didn’t announce that the industrial zone is under its full control.

With this advance, the SDF deployed in only 15Km away from Deir Ezzor city. Furthermore, The SDF released an official video of its forces near the industrial area. All fighters who appeared in the video were speaking Kurdish language.

Meanwhile, US Army Colonel Ryan Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the US-led collation, announced that SDF forces recaptured 250km2 in the Khabur river valley in the last two days only.

The ISIS-linked Amaq news agency announced that many SDF fighters were killed or injured after a VBIED targeted SDF units 20km away from Deir Ezzor city.

Amaq also claimed that ISIS fighters destroyed a Humvee vehicle and a heavy gun of the SDF with ATGMs in al-Kurafi village northwest of Deir Ezzor city.

In a related development, Kurdish sources claimed that ISIS executed 17 of its fighters who fled the battle in Deir Ezzor city. If true, this could mean that ISIS will face bigger internal problems and disorder as the SAA and the SDF continue to advance towards its heartland in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

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  1. Serious says:

    Pffff. Still not cross the Euphrate river.

    just like Al Bab. SAA waited 3 mooths before going to Al Bab. Of course, Al Bab was taken by turks.

    I think there is something that is wrong. There is a deal between Russia and USA to cut Syria.

    1. Moussa Saab says:

      It has been 3 days since SAA has made it to Deir Ezzor, littered with ISIS terrorists, and you want them to cross the river now into the IS heartland. Don’t be an idiot and criticize the SAA, you do not know a damn thing about military strategies and so do I. Now take a seat, and watch the war roll out if you do not take action yourself. Maybe relax those fingers of yours from typing shitty comments too.

      1. Serious says:

        The war began since 6 years and just 3 days, SAA made it to DZ ???

        1. George King says:

          The war against Syria as a sovereign nation maybe but the Entrance of Russia in completing the coalition in 2015 turned the tide with a complete rebuilding of the Syrian and armed forces infrastructure. The overwhelming vote/voice of deciding their future, the Nation’s and the Leader left no doubt.

          We have seen this resolve in other places as well, the Ukrainian (deplorables sic) refused a railroaded coup over their constitution and elected goverment that attacked their culture and one could reasonably say their right to life or breath.

  2. El Diablo says:

    Assad must say that he not will oppose a Turkey intervention in Rojava :D

    1. That Guy says:

      Turkey won’t do jack shit. They will become partners with Rojava, the same way they are with Iraqi Kurdistan.

      1. El Diablo says:

        They are two different entity :D PKK is the worst turkish enemy :D

        1. That Guy says:

          Aren’t PKK and Turkey allies of Israel. Friend of a friend is a friend, right?

          1. El Diablo says:

            Not Ever :D

          2. That Guy says:

            So, who is Israel with in the “Turkey vs PKK” thing ?

          3. El Diablo says:

            Sure PKK :D But only for now :D

    2. Moussa Saab says:

      Lol I like that, Turkey against Kurds.

  3. Serious says:

    Syria will end like Korea : North Korea and South Korea.

    1. El Diablo says:

      Not so simply: There are not 2 side: there are also Turks :D

      1. Serious says:

        Yes. Russia, USA and Turkey are cutting Syria.

        1. El Diablo says:

          Not so simply: PKK and Turkey are enemy more than others. Rojava is a direct threat to Turkey.

          1. Serious says:

            We absolutely don’t care about that. Rojava has never ever existed. I don’t why you are talking about that.

            The fact is that Syrians are loosing half of their territories.

          2. El Diablo says:

            This war is only in the half :D

  4. Kell says:

    Mmm looks like they have had a pretty easy run down that valley!

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      They redirected all the proxies to Deir Ezzor and Mayadin then negotiated with the others,just ask Brett McGurk and Col. Ryan Dillon what the US were doing in those choppers running around visiting the ISIS proxy forces, they weren’t only collecting the Mestarivem and their faithful allies..

  5. Serious says:

    You giveaway half of Syria and some people will call that a victory. XD.

  6. Daniel says:

    And of course they have only minor resistance. ISIS are of course also following their masters (Israeli) orders to ensure the SAA do not get the border with Iraq. This is the last role of ISIS in Syria. They have then fulfilled their purpose and can be anihalated. The next step of the plan is now ongoing.

    1. Martin says:

      In other words, you really believe that ISIS is following outside orders to let themselves be killed and captured? And, of all ME players, why Israel? What would be the way Israel could make and enforce such an order?

      1. Ronald says:

        Its called the chain of command .

        1. dutchnational says:

          Chain of unreason.

          1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            They call them Mestarivem they are from the Israeli Military intelligence wing in ISIS there name not mine and the department of defense in Israel. The orders came from Avi Leiberman himself several days ago to clear a path and attack Syria, and a withdrawal of the Israeli Officers.Now this shows you who is really running the Syrian “rebels”and ISIS, they even control the PKK/PYD and your beloved SDF. Just take a look at the number of Israeli flags that are waved by the Kurds, they want to rebuild the old Khazar empire.

          2. Lumen says:

            lol. this kahzar bullshit.its funny.

          3. Gary Sellars says:

            There is nothing funny about fake-semite Khazar sedition.

          4. dutchnational says:

            I give TCW one thing. At least he knows a bit about history. Or he knows how to google.

          5. dutchnational says:

            Kurds do not want to rebuild the old Khazar empire. Neither would Israel as they are not interested in the Pontic steppes.

            Israel is interested in Israel, just as in any country one is primarily focussed on one’s own country.

            Conspiracy theories are very nice and one can think and imagine all kinds of wonderfull tales on snippets of “news/theories”, but if one bases actual policies on them, one runs the risk of ending up in a Turkey like situation : a totally distorted foreign policy that is just based upon trying to thwarth a small political party in another country instead of a sound assessment of one’s needs, capabilities, those of others, possible reactions and scenarios.

          6. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            Thanks for proving you are the Conspiracy theorist as you have nothing to say but call it a conspiracy and use deflection in your opinion. This all nice how you fail to provide any proof that it isn’t so and fail to overlook the fact these are known truths not fantasy and conjecture provided by a true troll.

            Benjamin Efraim is a known member of the MOSSAD’S Mestarivem he is currently in Bengal , he operated the worst and most barbaric terrorist cell of ISIS under the name of Abu Haf which had tried to infiltrate the Egyptian Border.

      2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

        The Orders come from the MOSSAD (Mestarivem) which command these ISIS groups and many are being extracted so as not to get caught. These generally are the Israeli top military officers in Intelligence, after they have been there too long like any deep cover operatives, they lose touch with who they actually were and the 2 personalities have a tendency to blend.This is common in all types of undercover work and investigative cover work.

        Israel benefits from all the chaos in the Muslim world as they have their operatives create terrorism groups which bomb all non Jewish people, they only want the animals and dogs to be destroyed.Then they can control the pieces easier and make them their slaves because that’s all they are fit for even the Goy who think they are helping them.

        1. Lumen says:

          just becasue “israel benefits” (in your opinion) .its no evidence that israel is responsible of anything.
          if you look for a job, and other competitors start a physical fight and get therefore dismissed, you benefit, but you dont have anyhting to do with it.

        2. Ahmed K Hurmizyar says:

          by your logic turkey is also controlled by israil because you controlled jarablus in less than a day without any casualties on both side

        3. Tudor Miron says:

          Looking at remarks here it is obvious that many don’t know much about governing/managing. Everyone knows about so called structured governing, where we have a top manager (pharaon, king, president etc.) and chain of command. This kind of governing requires direct orders that people are mentioning here.
          Unfortunately very few are aware about so called non structured governing/management and ISIS/Al queda etc is the result of this way of control/manipulation. Non strucrured governing doesn’t require obvious chain of command and direct orders. It’s arranged in a way that people seem to do what’s required on their own. Simplest example – there’s information that there will be shortage of chicken eggs (arbitrary example) and this information is repeated in media. It doesn’t have to be true, all that is needed that this information is present to large mass of people. The result will be rising demand and risng prices for chicken eggs. No orders given to those who start to buy eggs and those who rise its prices – they seemingly do that on their own :)
          This is very simplistic example but it allows us to understand how that “global predictor” is governing for thousands of years. This kind of governing is somewhat slower than structured/direct orders through chain of command but its results are much more lasting.

      3. Vitex says:

        ISIS’ ground troops will be at least partially unaware of the politics behind what they’re doing (being young and gullible as soldiers generally are). Do you think 100 000 soldiers were aware that they were following “outside orders” when they died in those huge frontal assaults at Ypres, Mons and Verdun in WWI? No different here. Israel has the most to gain from winning in Syria, and the most to lose from losing. It’s a “follow the money” scenario – tie up the Syrian army here, and they spend less time thinking about taking back the Golan heights.

        1. gustavo says:

          You do not need to give the order to 100,000 soldier, or be aware you gave the top order. They just follow their commander order.

        2. dutchnational says:

          Verdun got some 800.000 killed.

          There was unrest in the french army at the time. Hundreds were executed for not wanting to attack and at some point, it was close to revolt.

      4. gustavo says:

        So naive…..

        1. abel_kotze says:

          An independent Kurdistan had been a Zionist project for more than 20 years as it will destabilize Iran, Iraq, Syria and (ex-Nato) Turkey! Most of the death squad commanders of the Bolshevik revolution were Jews who killed 20m Christians in the real holocaust!
          Daesh is Mossad, the SDF is the USA and the other groups are proxies of the Gulf stooges and Turkey!

          1. dutchnational says:

            In fact, the first kurdish republic was already declared in 1946 before there even was an Israel.

            The fact that independence will upset some countries is not a real factor imo. Others will be upset if they do not have independence, which remains unlikely in the present settings afa a unified Kurdestan goes.

    2. Vitex says:

      This is brutally unfair. As soon as the SDF turns towards Deir Ezzor all resistance suddenly evaporates. I am convinced that the only reason that ISIS has been so hard to defeat in Syria is because they have a substantial core of Mista’arvim or Sayarets or perhaps Saudi special forces. But given that the Saudis have demonstrated themselves to be a complete pushover in Yemen, I doubt they’re the ones “stiffening” ISIS’ resistance in DeZ

    3. Lumen says:

      They have relatively minor resistance. The SAA has also minor resistance, but it is enough to keep them on their toes. Great Progress SDF! Way to go! BTW, its plan of ISIS that SAA and SDF fight each other, as ISIS has basically no other options left.

      1. Daniel says:

        ISIS do not have any real plans themselves, they are just a tool. The SAA do not have minor resistance compared to any other group fighting in Syria. They get all the resistance ISIS have got. Of course SDF also get resistance in Raqqah city by the brainwashed zombies who were ordered to stay behind.

  7. Attrition47 says:

    The Euphrates is a Rublican indeed, they Syrians shouldn’t cross unless the Russians will guarantee air superiority come what may.

  8. Xanatos says:

    Again, we see a pattern. SDF can race down khaybur river capturing 250 sq km without resistance whereas Isis makes the SAA fight for every square inch of territory.

    1. Rodger says:

      It’s only logical that 2 teams backed by the same guys don’t fight each other.

    2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      The Mossad’s Mestarivem work hard at disrupting the Muslims and Christians along with everyone else.

    3. gustavo says:

      Exactly !

    4. Lumen says:

      well,i would rather fight SAA then SDF. SDF is nemesis to ISIS

      1. Daniel says:

        SDF is not an ISIS nemesis at all, they are simply the US Israeli synthesis. Syria is the thesis which need to be changed (according to the Zionists), FSA(HTS and all the rest) and ISIS are the antithesis to make this change happen. SDF is the outcome, the synthesis, praised holy by the western media.

  9. That Guy says:

    How the fuck?!

    1. dutchnational says:

      A pro SDF tweet, not always correct and sometimes too quick, reported 4 hrs ago SDF took Industrial Zone. If correct, they can enter the Euphrates Valley and are only a few kms from the river.

    2. gustavo says:

      Yes, and that is the only possible explanation.

  10. swirlydragon says:

    Syria has officially lost the war.
    It’s crystal clear that the terrorists won’t attack SDF, they are only gonna attack SAA
    I don’t have the patience or motivation to keep reading Syrian war now.
    I wanted to visit Syria after the war was over due to Syria’s rich culture, monuments, history and infrastructure (even tho majority of them are destroyed by war tho they could be rebuild later)
    Looks like visiting Syria will forever remain a dream after all.
    No one can defeat US/Israel!
    No one!
    Russia tried to help Syria, but Russia’s stance on SDF and other Kurdish forces was lenient.
    Assad tried his best, but he was very naive.
    He trusted the Western countries during Syria’s most crucial moment (which he now regrets as shown in the interview) and of course the Western countries backstabbed him.
    Assad did try his VERY best to protect Syria after he made this mistake, but unfortunately Syria lacked military power to battle American, Australian, British, French, Israel, etc forces.
    And let’s not forget about Gulf countries and Turkey’s involvement.
    In retrospect, Assad’s only fault was thinking that Western countries actually have some decent values.
    This was a fatal mistake since this mistake transformed the minor Syrian protests (which were fabricated by Western countries) into a bloodbath that killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians.
    More countries will get destroyed if they do not bow down to US.
    I guess it’s time for the world to surrender to US.
    As for Russia, while their stance on terrorism was very harsh, they failed to protect Syria from Turks, Kurds and Israelis since Russia also enjoys good relationship with all three of them. All three of them attacked Syria many times and even send their armies, but Russian forces did not approach them.
    As for Iranians, they acted the same way.
    Tho the only difference between Iran and Russia was that Iran participated in the Syrian war before the Russian involvement.
    Also, Iran is a weak country in comparison to US, Turkey and Israel so they couldn’t do much about these three countries.

    1. Serious says:

      Syria lost when Russia let USA enter illegally Syria.

      1. swirlydragon says:

        I don’t think Russians can stop Americans from entering Syria.
        Anyway, it’s really unfortunate that the side I supporterd lost.
        I mean let’s be real:-
        1. US has the best air force in the world so SDF has a higher chance of crossing Euphrates river first due to their air superiority.
        2. Terrorists will only focus on attacking SAA and they will show only a minor resistance against SDF since US is backing SDF
        3. Most of the world (including Gulf countries, Americans, Europeans, Israelis, etc) support the Kurds since they think that Kurds are more democratic, secular, pro-woman rights, pro-LGBT rights, etc than Syrians (who are Arabs). Media also highlights how Saddam gassed the Kurds. Therefore, people also support Kurds due to emotional reasons.
        4. Kurds can play the victim card if SAA attacks them since SAA are Arabs (so Kurds can claim that SAA are acting like Saddam).
        Therefore, people will definitely support the Kurds.
        And media will also support the Kurds.
        In fact, most of the world will support the Kurds which will give US a reason to directly attack the SAA by calling them terrorists.
        5. Most of the regional players in middle east like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc support the Kurds.

        1. You can call me Al says:

          Its troll night.

          I gave up on “US has the best air force in the world” – pity they all crash, like your mighty ships.

          You are also blocked Muppet boy and may God and the World eliminate you faster than you are doing it yourself.

          1. swirlydragon says:

            What are you talking about?
            I don’t support the US and I am also not a Westerner.
            I am an Indian.
            As for my government’s stance on Syria, Assad recently invited India to rebuild Syria and India has opened many of their oil projects in Syria after peace returned back to the country.
            My government also invested billions of dollars in Syria recently

          2. BL says:

            Yeah he seems like a CIA/Mossad troll pretending to be pro-Syria

          3. You can call me Al says:

            Dam, you caught me.

          4. You can call me Al says:

            They have bombarded the site – all at once.

            I wonder; who has the capabilities to do that ?.

        2. Serious says:

          Why Russia didn’t give S-300 and S-400 ti Bachar Al Assad 10 or 20 years ago. Comme on. Syria was a weak country with a weak people and a weak army. They were defendless.

          Russia never strengthen syria army and let the situation degradated before intervening. Sorry, seems like Russia is working with USA since the first day.

          1. swirlydragon says:

            Russia isn’t a very rich country like USA and Russia also needs to look at it’s own interest.
            Just because US gifts Israel fighter jets (free of cost) daily doesn’t mean Russia should also do the same to Syria.
            America loves Israel while Russia is a partner/ally to Syria.
            Nothing more and nothing less.
            There’s a huge difference between America’s support for Israel (which is more like a relation between a mother and a son) and Russia’s support for Syria (which is more like a relation between two business partners)
            I mean if I go by your logic then Russia should have also gifted Syria with nukes to protect itself like how US gifted Israel with nukes

          2. Serious says:

            Syria gives military bases to russia and access to the mediterranean sea. So, Russia should have overarmed Syria.

          3. swirlydragon says:

            And what exactly would Russia gain by giving advanced weapons to Syria which are worth billions of dollars free of cost?

          4. Serious says:

            Protecting their only ally in the region. If you think it doesn’t worth it then leave Syria.

          5. swirlydragon says:

            I already stated that Russia is Syria’s partner NOT their saviour.
            Do you think that just because US provides Israel with advanced weapons (free of cost), other countries should do the same?
            I mean US even provides 3 billion dollars to Israel per year.
            Therefore, should Russia also provide 3 billion dollars to Syria per year?
            I mean Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Qatar, Turkey, etc gives military bases to America and access to their waters, but did US ever give any advanced weapons (free of cost) to these countries?
            There’s a difference between LOVING a country and acting as their ALLY.
            Majority of Christians feel obligated to help Israel because:-

            1. Due to some bible philosophy about how Jesus was a Jew and how Jews are the chosen people

            2. Due to feeling guilty since Hitler (who was a Christian) killed millions of Jews.

            3. Due to believing that Israel has a harsh stance against terrorism and protects Christians in middle east since Israel attacks Palestinians and calls them terrorists (and after 9/11, the number of Americans supporting Israel increased exponentially)

            4. Due to believing that Israel is the only democracy in middle east since Israel is pro-lgbt, pro-woman rights, etc unlike many Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, etc

          6. Serious says:

            Of course? USA provides israel with weapons, saudi arabia with weapons, protect israel and saudi arabia in the UN, ….. But Russia wants the military bases but not to prtotect Syria ? XD.

            You cant’ have military bases without heavily supporting the country. That’s how it works.

          7. swirlydragon says:

            If Syria is willing to pay for S-400 then I think Russia will provide them S-400.
            I mean even Saudi Arabia provides money to US when they buy US weapons.
            Israel is the only one that gets special treatment.
            As for the UN, Russia also supported Syria in the UN many times.
            But yeah, Russia also needs to act diplomatically in front of the UN so that UN doesn’t call Russia a rogue nation.
            They sometimes need to listen to UN.
            Just like how Russia didn’t sell Iran with highly advanced jets due to UN’s sanctions.

        3. Valery Grigoryev says:

          You are pessimistic too much. Don’t be hysterical: the game is much more sophisticated than your script.

        4. Moussa Saab says:

          Syria has us.

          1. That Guy says:

            her back*

          2. swirlydragon says:

            Syria has us?
            We can’t do anything about this.
            We can only comment.
            The main keyplayers in middle east AKA Israel, Turkey, US, Kurds, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc are Anti-Syria

          3. That Guy says:

            He is Lebanese, and his statement might imply that he is from hezbollah or something, but I don’t expect that a member of hezbollah would show his identity just like that.

          4. swirlydragon says:

            He is American.
            I have seen many of his comments and he himself stated that he is American

          5. That Guy says:

            hmmm, though his grammar doesn’t look American at all.

        5. dutchnational says:

          I do not totally agree, though mostly you are right imo.

      2. You can call me Al says:

        are you for real ?. The Yanks were in years before Russia.

        Muppet troll.

        1. Ronald says:

          The Yanks were in Iraq for years , in Syria only a year and three months .
          June /2016 , 200 special forces .

      3. George King says:

        NATO was already in Syria before Russia came in 2015 as a coalition partner. NATO had already been active in support of attacking a sovereign nation via air power and other covert support of AQ and other various shifting names but all has come out now as theater of the absurd.

        The rest of the world is moving on in a more positive future call co-operation, multilateral and leaving the uni-power Empire wailing at the wall of death throes as a drowning man who will take everyone to the grave with them if it could.

        It is a dangerous but interesting time for mankind I hoping for the battle of sinners and saints (metaphor) to come to the resurrection of the Phoenix from the fire.

    2. That Guy says:

      Syria should go for a direct confrontation with the US and Israel. Shit should hit the fan as a last-ditch attempt.

    3. Moussa Saab says:

      At the end of this war there will be only 2 players, possibly 3. Syria, SDF, and possibly Turkey. Now if SAA truly got desperate to attack SDF for all of Syria to return to Syria. I think SAA will win. But I do not think Assad is willing to do this.

      1. Behold a Pale Horse says:

        Assad wont be making the decision,. It will be Iran and Russia. They will get Turkey onside.

    4. BL says:

      Syria didn’t lose moron, all the land will be taken back, it will just take a little more time, first ISIS will be dealt with then the traitor Kurds. Turkey will be on Syria’s side regarding the Kurds.

      Regarding the stupid statement you made US never losing, this is all I have to say:


      1. swirlydragon says:

        I hope what you’re saying is true.
        Btw what about that picture?
        I didn’t understand it?
        Also, I am not a CIA/Mossad troll.
        It’s just that I was very happy when I heard that Assad’s forces lifted the ISIS seige from Deir Ezzor, but then I heard about how SDF wants to take over Deir Ezzor and how US will bomb SAA forces trying to reach North of Euphrates river.
        Btw I always supported Assad (even during 2014).

        1. Jimmy Braun says:

          It`s the roof of the US embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, the US was defeated and escaping. Maybe you should do some reading and research before you make claims.

        2. RichardD says:

          Do you think that the Syrian government coalition is just going to sit in DE and do nothing while another branch of the Jew world order captures all of east Syria outside of government control and sets up a regime change government? I don’t.

          Look how quickly the government is consolidating control over DE. The airport is open to helos and will soon be open to planes. And the highway is open to heavy trucks. Supplies are pouring into DE around the clock. I’d be very surprised if they’re not across the river soon and blocking the Kurdish advance with a continued advance of their own to the Iraq border.

          1. swirlydragon says:

            Well I hope what you’re saying is true Richard.
            We’ll just have to wait and watch.

          2. RichardD says:

            The Syrians haven’t come this far to turn over much of their country to the Jew world order Kurds. If they can’t negotiate with them they’l fight them. Turkey, Iraq and Iran all have issues with the Kurds. And are supporting Syria to various extents in other areas. And will support Syria with dealing with the Kurds. I really don’t think that any of the regional governments with Kurdish populations want to see an expansion of another autonomous Kurdish state in Syria like what exists in Iraq. And Syria has areas under control in the Kurdish region that it can expand as needed.

            The war is far from over or lost. It’s just entering a new phase.

          3. swirlydragon says:

            And how are you so sure that Turkey won’t backstab Syria?
            Do you really think that Erdogan can be trusted?
            Erdogan previously planned to destroy Syria.
            Don’t forget about it!

          4. RichardD says:

            I agree completely. So far the Kurds have sealed almost all of the Turkish border from terrorist incursion from Turkey. Who can be trusted and who can’t be trusted will play out in the coming weeks and months. The Kurds themselves are Jew world order collaborators. But they’re not attacking the Syrian government coalition on any type of large scale.

            There have been skirmishes, and that may increase. The Jews are trying to get leverage with the Kurdish advance. At this time it’s unknown whether the Kurds have permission from the Syrian government to move south. If they don’t and are deliberately getting in the way of the Syrian push east. Then there could be further hostilities.

          5. Ronald says:

            They’ll just go around them , as in Al Tanaf .

        1. Vidura says:

          We took out hundreds of those animals that day.

      2. Behold a Pale Horse says:

        This was the last time they fought a proxy war against the Russians (and Chinese) too.

    5. Daniel says:

      I think you are starting to understand a lot of the level of truth you are on. If you will be able to understand the next level, you will better get what is going on, however every level is more depressing and horrifying than the previous. Most people for example don’t see why the battle already was lost when Russia entered.

    6. Samuel Boas says:

      Syria did not lose you fuck up loser. Go troll somewhere else you wannabe expert.

      1. swirlydragon says:

        Well since you are also a Assad supporter, I’ll just ignore your abusive talks (since we both are on the same side)
        I guess, I was being a little too pessimistic about this.
        I hope what Richard says comes to fruition

    7. marsn2 says:

      Syria lost the war? There are no ISISraelis in Damascus, therefore Syria did not lost the war. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective (*glass half full/half empty and that sh1t). Anglozionists are the dominant global power for the last 200-300 years, nothing new there (including UK of course). But they failed to achieve their most important objectives in Syria (removing Assad and installing puppet government) so it is NOT their victory.

  11. SVEN ?? says:

    Enjoy it while you can. The Syrian army won’t stop until every single inch of Syrian soil is under its rightful owner. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ee7939581ff559358c5353688c36c453c1c070cd90a4fb78091cd9b705d5962.jpg

    1. Störtebembel says:

      I hope you have it nice and warm in Assad´s toches.
      And once again i asked myself why this side is not renamed in SJCM (Stupid Jewish Conspiracy Morons) or EIRBBA+P (Every Is Really Bad But Assad + Putin)?

      1. Gary Sellars says:

        Fuck off idiot…

        1. dutchnational says:

          Irony is only allowed by ranting Assadophyles?

  12. Behold a Pale Horse says:

    A nice straight through drive for the SDF.

  13. RichardD says:

    I’m sure that the Syrian government coalition anticipated further Kurdish expansionism east of the river.
    And has plans and preparations to deal with it. Including expanding it’s military:

    “Syrian Army graduates large force in Damascus: video”
    https://www.almasdarnews.com › Syria

    They’re clearly consolidating control over DE quickly and at the rate that they’re going will be across the river soon to deal with efforts to block their reaching and securing the Iraq border.

  14. dutchnational says:

    SDF reached the industrial zone late saturday afternoon,early evening.

    Soon they will reach the bank of the Euphrates.

    The other axis through the Khabur River valley will be more difficult as they either have to take Marqadeh or isolate it as that town is heavily fortified.

    Depending on the progress in Raqqah, SDF might be able to deploy some of its reserves from there to DeZ.

    1. RichardD says:

      And what do you think that the response of the Syrian government coalition will be?

      1. dutchnational says:

        I think any response of Assad depends on two factors :
        First is whether rumors of a Ru /S agreement are correct. If so, he will say very little.
        Second, it will depend on the actual position of SAA at the time SDF reaches the river. If they are unable to react, nothing will happen.

        My guess is they will not be in a position to react rapidly and decisively.

        Both will continue to advance on their side. Both will declare victory. In the end , after much blustering and postering, there wil be an agreement.

        1. RichardD says:

          Do you think that the Syrian government coalition will cross the river and proceed to the Iraq border blocking further southern advance by the Kurds?

          1. dutchnational says:

            It would depend on who is first on which part of the river. Given the presence of SDF just north of DeZ bridging there is useless for SAA as the SDF then can block them. So the eastern bank will be SDF from Raqqah to beyond DeZ. Bridging more to the east could be possible, aĺso depending and impossible for me to predict.

          2. RichardD says:

            For the SDF to block a Syrian crossing at DE, they would have to fight the Syrian government coalition to prevent it. Do you think that they will?

    2. Graeme Rymill says:

      Marqadeh? I can’t find it on any map. Whereabouts is it?

      1. dutchnational says:

        Along the Khabur river, just under the present southern line of SDF / IS.

  15. Serious says:

    Who bet that ISIS will not attack SDF ?? XD.

  16. RichardD says:

    The Kurds are no match for the Syrian government coalition. They’ve been allowed to secure almost all of the Turkish border from more virulent forms of the the Jew world order terrorist incursion. But they will quickly wear out any good will towards them if they impede Syrian government progress to the Iraq border. And clearing the rest of eastern Syria.

    DE airport will become a logistical hub for Syrian government coalition air operations. With air defense resources capable of dealing with any threat to Syrian government coalition ground forces.

    Once the Syrian government coalition secures the center of the country and the Iraq border, it will push north and south to secure the Turkish, Jordanian and Israeli borders. The Jordanian border is being substantially cleared at this time. The Kurds have secured almost all of the Turkish border, but are now proving untrustworthy if this advance south is against Syrian government wishes. As far as I know, that has yet to be determined.

    1. Skagos says:

      This is a joke right? Kurds? What Kurds? Turkey has around 350.000 Kurds as refugees from Northern Syria. What you have in the North are a mix of Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian PKK members coalition and some well-paid Arabs. They are here to steal Syrian territory and claim it as theirs.

      I still can not believe people think these are Syrian Kurds rofl.

      1. RichardD says:

        Can you provide some verification for your assertions?

        1. Skagos says:

          Just google “Kurdish refugees in Turkey” or “PYD – demographic change”. You will find many articles.

          1. RichardD says:

            I don’t want to do your homework for you. What percentage of Kurds have left, and what percentage remain?

          2. Skagos says:

            Prove? I have articles from newspapers but you would just call them propaganda seeing your behaviour. You would also find them if you googled “Kurdish refugees in Turkey” instead of “urkey has around 350,000 Kurds as refugees from Northern Syria” which is a sentence i made hence why it won’t show results on google rofl.

          3. RichardD says:

            You’re unwilling or unable to prove your points. I’m assuming that you’re a disinfo peddler who can’t because you refuse to and I see nothing to substantiate your claims.

            What percentage of Kurds have left, and what percentage remain? Is a very simple question. If you can’t or won’t answer it, then you’re creating a credibility deficit for yourself.

          4. dutchnational says:

            Skagos WAS correct as of early 2015 as those were the kurds of Kobane. Most of those kurds returned and Kobane now is a thriving, rebuilding, town and the farmers and families returned to their farms, replanted them and had a very good crop in 2017.

            I do not know how many remain in Turkey but given the many that returned, not very many.

            Some kurds are in Turkey out of Aleppo. Most of them went to Afrin, but some went on to Turkey and the West. And there will be a few opposition kurds that preferred Barzani.

          5. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            The numbers are hard to get a real estimate on since Kurds are known to over inflate the numbers in regards. Just how many are in Turkey is the issue because many entered illegally there ,while many Turkish Kurds have entered Syria illegally trying to establish themselves in parts of Northern Syria since they were told it is going to be Kurdish territory.

          6. RichardD says:

            “This is a joke right? Kurds? What Kurds? … What you have in the North are a mix of Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian PKK members coalition and some well-paid Arabs.”

            Everything credible that I’ve seen, and I’m not an expert on Kurds, is that the Kurdish controlled areas are just that, Kurdish controlled. And that some border migration has little practical effect on that.

          7. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            The FSA members are mostly former ISIS members this is a well known fact , they are vetted by third party vetting system formed of Israel, Turkey and the GCC. If you think any of these groups of terrorists and rebels are locals you would be surprised at how many are not.

            The Kurdish controlled areas would have been very few as they were not even present in some areas before the War of the Foreign proxies. Their governance requires you to have 1/3 of your government Kurd even though they represent less than 10 % of these areas or none at all.

            The problem with migration it wasn’t just a few people but tens of thousands this was an issue long before and still an issue as they like stay longer than would be legitimate.

            If you can’t find the research you should switch to another search engine I use several in order to get a better perspective. The headman Barzani even said there are millions of Kurds from Iraq and Syria in Turkey they are the worlds child refugees at 25-40 yrs old who else would run.

          8. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            Don’t like wikipedia really never trusted that site after researching other sources which disputed their info and they won’t change anything even if you can prove it. They are some very disturbed people that run that site.

          9. Lumen says:

            sure you didnt trust, since they dont believe in Khazar BS. You “Flatearthler”.

          10. RichardD says:

            I don’t trust Wikipedia either. But I think that a lot of the material is correct, even if incomplete or in some instances incorrect. Like the 911 material for instance is way off. It’s clearly a status quo source not veering far from the official government line. Which as we all know contains a lot of false propaganda. But it’s also a very thorough online encyclopedia and the most comprehensive by far that’s available that I’m aware of.

            Though there are others:

            List of online encyclopedias – Wikipedia

          11. RichardD says:

            FSA and SDF are two different issues. It looks to me like the Kurds have always been along the Turkish border and everything that I’ve read indicates that without the Kurds the SDF wouldn’t exist as a blocking force on the Turkish border serving Syrian government objectives. They’ve dropped down to the river in places to push Isis out. But I don’t see them hanging on to a secessionist autonomous area like the Iraqi Kurds did once the fighting in the rest of the country is over.

    2. Martin says:

      I believe Assad is quite content with the Kurds providing an almost complete buffer zone between him and Turkey. Even if you don’t remeber, Assad certainly does recall that Erdogan tried to depose him by way of the Turkish-supplied proxies. The Kurds never tried this. While you are bringing up some wild “Jewish world-order” speculations (forgot that it was the Mossad that delivered Öcalan to Turkey?), the continuous coordination of YPG and SAA has been obvious for years.

      1. RichardD says:

        Many people, myself included would not agree with your assertion that the Jew world order is some wild conspiracy theory.

        “The Kurds never tried this.”

        Really? The Jew world order goal is partition and regime change in Syria. Kurdish succession is part of that. The Kurdish area is contained, just like other areas not currently under full government control. And the Kurds are obviously trying to expand the area outside of government control under Kurdish control. That’s certainly a concern for the Syrian government and an unacceptable outcome to the war’s completion.

        Providing a temporary buffer zone and succession are two different issues. I don’t see the Syrian government accepting partial succession or Kurdish independence. Once the Syrian government secures the Iraq border and the remainder of the interior of the country. They will begin clearing the border areas of secessionists, including the Kurds, on an as needed case by case basis. Just like they did on the Lebanese border and are currently doing on the Jordanian border. That’s how I see the conflict progressing from here.

        1. gustavo says:

          Remeber that USA air force is behind kurds, it is not possible to neglect this. Only if russia is in front of SAA, it will be possible to recover Syria land taken by kurds.

          1. RichardD says:

            Yes, I agree. And with the air defense capability going into DE. The US faces peer capabilities that it didn’t have to deal with in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. The Russians can, and if they think that it’s necessary will take down US aircraft. Hopefully it won’t get to that. Because they’re both armed with advanced tactical nukes and the destruction could escalate quickly into a peer exchange involving strategic nukes that wouldn’t be worth the Jew cult machinations going on in Syria.

            The same holds true for North Korea with both Russia and China, China in particular. Left alone the North Koreans aren’t going to bother anyone, just like the Vietnamese weren’t the threat that they were made out to be. In all likelihood the North Koreans would reach some type on non violent agreement with the South Koreans on closer relations. These conflicts are mostly just Jew cult fabrication.

    3. gustavo says:

      Remember that behinf SDF is USA and its airforce. That is why they are so confidence to advance where USA-Israel tell them to advance.

  17. Ahmed K Hurmizyar says:

    now lets see those saa fuckers cross to the north

    1. RichardD says:

      They already have commando and intel units on the other side of the river preparing the way for the main force. Which will also be crossing the river to push the front to the Iraq border. Over the top of the SDF if necessary.

      1. Ahmed K Hurmizyar says:

        we will see

  18. Skagos says:

    I am gonna enjoy this even more when PKK declares independence from Syria.

    1. RichardD says:

      Have you looked at a map? Most of the Kurdish area is a thin strip along the Turkish border easily divided. And there is a large Syrian government section right in the middle of the eastern section where the Kurdish area is larger. The Syrians obviously anticipated what is happening today years ago and took steps to deal with it.

      1. Skagos says:

        It was the completely same scenario for Iraq too. There were small pockets of goverment controled areas in the north of Iraq after/during the US invasion. I can’t see these pockets now. And I am sure I won’t see these red pockets in the next months as well.

        1. RichardD says:

          The Baghdad government was under Jew world order control. The Syrian government is not and is actively and successfully fighting the Jew world order on the battlefield. What makes you think that they’re going to give up a large part of their country to Jew world order control without a fight, and a successful one at that?

          1. Skagos says:

            Because they have no other choice. Are they going to attack PKK? The moment they exchanged fires US bombed them and Russians watched. End of story.

          2. RichardD says:

            And they attacked them at the Jordanian border, which had little effect on the Syrian government coalition advance there. Have you looked at what’s going into DE from the Syrian government coalition?

          3. Skagos says:

            What do you mean? At Tanf is still there with US SOFs…

          4. RichardD says:

            That’s one pocket that’s contained. It’s had little effect on securing the Jordainian border and will be dealt with later. Do you think that the US air elements are going to provide top cover for the SDF to advance anywhere that they want? Because that’s what they’d have to do if the SDF goes toe to toe with the Syrian government coalition. The SDF is no match for the Syrian government coalition on a stand alone conflict without US air support and would be overrun and destroyed just like Isis.

            The Syrian government coalition air defense going into DE to secure DE and the region is capable of closing the surrounding airspace on an as needed basis. Do you think that the US is going to mess with that and risk a peer confrontation, which the Jews would love to see? I don’t.

          5. Skagos says:

            Sigh… Whatever mate. You will see Syria being partitioned, as simple as that. I like your optimism. We were optimistic too around 10 years ago.

            US’s aim is to partition Syria and its working out perfectly so far. It’s not gonna happen in 2 years or 3 years. It did not happen in 2 years in Iraq. It takes time. Jews and US is okay with waiting. They have great patience.

          6. RichardD says:

            Syria is partitioned now. That’s what the war is all about. Reasserting Syrian government control over all of Syria, including the Golan once the rest of Syria is secure. The Jew world order’s Syrian partition plan is being rolled back and defeated on the ground and in the air every day. If you think that the Syrian Government is going to acquiesce to partial Jew world order control of it’s territory. Then I think that you don’t know the Syrian Government very well. The war will be over when the government asserts full control over Syrian territory. With the exception of the Golan, which will be worked on after that.

          7. dutchnational says:

            Syria is already divided, by the French.

            In 1938 they gave Hatay to Turkey and later Lebanon was separated from Syria and became independent.

            In 1967 Israel took a part.

            It seems they lose some part of the country every generation or so.

            I have never seen any real move, or an effective one, to get those lands back.

          8. RichardD says:

            If you don’t see a military superior Syrian government coalition as a real move to implement UN resolutions on the Golan, then that’s your problem. Hatay was part of the formation process of modern Syria and was separated using a referendum of questionable integrity. The entire middle east with a few exceptions are recent creations. Your comments could apply to most states in the region, including Israel.

          9. Mountains says:

            hahhaha.. Vote up

  19. Carol Binkley says:

    Just as long as the Kurds, and the U.S., know that their situation will be addressed when Syria is fully stable once more. And just as long as the Kurds and the U.S. work under the direction of V. Putin (and myself), as only Putin will have access to information that no other person on this planet can have or will have. Do you read me?

  20. RichardD says:

    Air and ground elements of the Syrian government coalition have been operating on the east side of the river for a long time. And are making preparations for the main ground force to follow. When, not if, that happens. It will be well planned out and prepared for in advance. And the SDF and other forces present in the theater of operations will be dealt with on an as needed case by case basis.

  21. Pete says:

    I have feared that SDF is a little bit late, but if it’s true, it was a very good timing. North of Eufrates is under SDF, south under SAA, i think that’s the compromise, what everybody would accept either in federal state or an independent one. Afrin will cause the only headache.

    1. dutchnational says:

      And Sjeikh Maqsud in Aleppo and the small enclaves of Assad in Hassakah and Qamishli.

      Maybe they can agree to respect the enclaves. Cooperation will gain them much. Confrontation will cost them much, whoever might win.

      1. Pete says:

        I think Aleppo and Hassakah will be mutualy agreed and replaced, I don’t think that anybody will have a word on that, if the big decisions regarding to Kurds will be made and agreed. I don’t think there would be any confrontation as Kurds asked for help against turks and sharing the frontline with SAA. Even when they moved to Al-Tabqah nothing happened, just closed the border and that’s it. I don’t think that SAA would go to north of Eufrates, it seems to me that was a bigger plan. (it’s not a question, that Kurds waited for SAA to reach Deir-Ezzor first, so there wouldn’t be any confrontation, if Kurds would have been already there)

        1. dutchnational says:

          Likely, yes.

  22. dutchnational says:

    Good jobs from both SAA and SDF. Several twitters accounts now confirm that SDF has indeed taken DeZ Industrial Zone. Maybe they can soon shake hands at the destroyed bridge over the river.

    Good news all around.

    1. RichardD says:

      What do you think the prospect of that is, is the SDF going to prevent the government front lines from moving north and east to the Iraq border from DE, or are they going to stand aside and allow the government to move north and east from DE? What the SDF has on the ground is no match for government forces.

      1. dutchnational says:

        Just my opinion is that SDF does not have any problem with SAA taking DeZ city even though some part of the local SDF might object.

        If, really if, SDF takes the north bank, they will not hinder SAA from taking the southern and western part, all the way to the Iraqi border.

        USA might like the SDF to cross the river again near the Iraqi border, but I highly doubt the SDF is interested.

        Things might change if the SAA is unable to advance on its side of the river in a timely way. Were that the case and SAA was still not near the border late 2017, early 2018, SDF might be tempted.

        To stimulate cooperation between SDF and Assad, I can see SDF granting Assad, when all has quieted down there, a free passage between DeZ city and the garrison of SAA in Hassakah. It could be they would want the same for Afrin and Manbij.

        Small steps to start rebuilding the country.

        1. RichardD says:

          You’re evading my question. Do you understand what the directions north and east mean? If you think that the Syrian Government is going to concede DE on the other side of the river to the SDF, then I think that you’re mistaken. How the SDF is treated will depend on how cooperative it is with Syrian government objectives.

          1. dutchnational says:

            I am answering. Implied is : SDF will not let SAA through their lines as a fighting force. Nobody would. Cooperate, yes, to some extent.

            I really think that at present the SAA does not have much of a choice as the SAA is extended too and cannot even recruit internally any more as they now almost totally rely on foreign manpower.

            Syria is not all quiet and will not be for a long time, as long is Idlib is under HTS, Turkey has a colony in Azaz (how will Assad ever get them out?), the south largely under Southern Front and SDF at the moment fully autonomous with a large and growing militia/army.

          2. RichardD says:

            Most people would consider your original answer an evasion. Your views of the conflict all focus on Syria losing the war. The short answer at this time depends on US and Russian air cover for their respective allies. The legitimate government of Syria, supported by Russia, compliant with international law acting within it’s rights. And the outlaw Kurdish secessionists backed by the US violating international law.

            What happens after DE will answer the question of who is providing air cover to who. If the Syrian government coalition crosses the river and pushes north and east, then Russia prevailed. If they don’t, then the US prevailed. I don’t have the answer to that question and am watching like everyone else.

            I’d like to see Syrian government coalition air defense strengthened in DE to the point where a river crossing and push north and east will occur. If that happens, Syria will proceed with winning the war. If it doesn’t, then the evil Jew world order will partition Syria with a Kurdish secessionist state to proceed with taking down Iran, Russia and China.

            The future of our planet depends on Russia’s ability to continue to prosecute the war to a successful conclusion by allowing the Syrian government coalition to secure the Iraq border. And then clear the north and south borders after that.

  23. Shahna says:

    FO Yankee patsies.

  24. hvaiallverden says:

    Its an bitter sweet day, the latest Victor’s was spectacular and it warms my hart to see commanders, right in the front line, hell, when they do it, they get everybody else to do it.
    Rear this days.

    Yeah, we are approaching the moment of truth, how deep does this “commitment” sticks, into what Russians is and allegedly have stated they will do, and how far, will the Yanikes go, when their openly states the NO Syrians over the Euphrates, is the equivalence of shutting out large parts of Syria, and given the an pack of criminals, and all the oil, of course, is suddenly not even Syrians, but solely belongs to the Kurds, yeah, demonCrazy or something like that, ask an Yankike, He wouldn’t even know either.
    The ugly truth is simple, Israel controls Russia, and Israel does what it wants, and Russia just sits there and do nothing while Syrians are been slaughtered by the scums of this earth, or they will whine, huh, and the nothingness of the Russians makes their claims taste like shit.
    Russia is an shame.
    Like the way they denied Iran defensive equipments, just when Israel whines an second, Russia jumped and flew, snatched back the weapons, huh, and this days everything is, what, better, are you tripping.
    Pathetically coward, and kneels before the chosen ones, the one that ravaged your land and again they are in total control, pity.
    Syria won, but lost a lot of their land, that i an fact, just watch the “deals”, back room deals, and somehow I know Syria will loose, and eventually every neighboring land, but Russia and the uISISa have to make up their mind, because either way, a lot of what have gone so far, will be determined by the coming weeks, since I regard ISIS as gone, their last act for their masters was to let the Kurds, SDF and lord knows what thru, easy pacey, and now they control the opposite side on Euphrates.
    And the latest “drill” huh, in Israel, is what, the next stage, IDF attacks Syria and Russia runs home and the uISISa comes from the east.
    And can walk straight in because Russia denies Syria weapons, capable to deal with this, but the worst is the treason, witch leaves the Syrians bare, they will loose, but Russia got its Crimea.
    I can only hope I am dead wrong.

    From Russia and uISISa.

    Yeah, like an bloody soap opera, back stabbings, lies, , propaganda, smoke and mirrors, etc, etc and everybody sleeps with everyone, yeah, the only stable variable is death and destruction.

    Iraqis, well, somehow, I dont trust them, PMU maybe, but the statements goes to every direction and makes credibility to an strained issue, where in reality, you cant trust anyone.

    I have an bad feeling.
    We should rejoice, but I cant, I simply cant, I know it will be worse.
    May the lord have mercy upon you all.


  25. RichardD says:

    “A representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told Sputnik Turkiye on condition of anonymity that the US has supplied them with yet another batch of weapons and armed vehicles in accordance with the list of demands they drew up. Their demands have increased, the source said, as Daesh have strengthened their resistance near Raqqa.
    “The US has supplied weapons and armored vehicles in 140 trucks. Our demands for armored vehicles have increased during our military operation near Raqqa. Thus, on demand, we draw up a list of armaments, ammunition and equipment we need and send it to the US,” the SDF representative told Sputnik Tukiye.”


    1. dutchnational says:

      This is exactly in line with what Trump stated in may. “We will supply what is necessary, replace what is unnecessary and that could change depending on circumstances.”.

      This wording could even mean manpads, artillery if YPG is attacked by SAA (unlikely) or Turkey.

      1. RichardD says:

        This is what the Jew world order has done from the beginning of the war. The Syrian government coalition will do the same thing to the Kurds that they’ve done to everybody else if it becomes necessary. US air power hasn’t stopped it so far. With Isis gone, the SDF is next if they get in the way and don’t reach an agreement that is acceptable to the Syrian Government.

        Do you think that the American people are going to support another Jew war in the middle east to partition Syria? I don’t. Especially when there are peer forces armed with nuclear weapons involved.

        1. RamboDave says:

          You are correct. This advance of the SDF-YPG-PKK (Kurds) is going to be short lived. I think the “Coalition”, which includes Jordan and Gulf States, have led the Kurds on a suicide mission which is very overextended.

          I don’t think Trump wants to get involved, and probably wasn’t even consulted about this SDF-YPG-PKK move. In April, he made the decision to stay out. Since then, General H.R. McMaster has removed all of the “Israel first” crowd from Trump’s NSC. They will certainly vote now to stay out of the conflict.

          All Russia has to do is airlift some of their troops from Deir Ez-Zor airport over a few miles to block their way, and then call up President Trump and ask him how badly he, not the Coalition, wants to escalate.

  26. bob balluga says:

    SO kurds will try and take all land north of the Euphrates river I guess while SAA will take everything south of it

  27. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    USA evacuated most of ISIS terrorist there..surely paying money and will deploy them in other parts!

  28. RichardD says:

    It’s all empty desert that the SDF has captured from Isis. There was probably little if any Isis presence in this area. And most of what was there probably has dropped down to DE. All that the SDF did was fill a vacuum. The government is no doubt preparing to advance on Al Suwar and Al Hejjnah from DE. And on to Markadah from there. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b84d03637432a5c43e484c0a94eac8853eae55e2862a139bb4b60792aadc713b.png

    1. RamboDave says:

      I agree, the SDF-YPG-PKK (kurds) are now totally overextended, and probably cannot go much further, especially with those lightweight weapons in that video. However, they have now managed to cross over the Hwy 7 road that goes to al Suwar from Dier Ez-Zor. Thus, the SAA will need to cross over open terrain.

      Al-Suwar is extremely important. It is on the right of your map. It is in a separate river valley that flows into the Euphrates just at the bottom of your map. That al Suwar region has a lot of major oil wells. The SAA needs to get there fast.

      1. RichardD says:

        “they have now managed to cross over the Hwy 7 road that goes to al Suwar from Dier Ez-Zor.”

        Why do you say this? It’s not on the map above.

        I can’t see the Syrian government turning over a resource like the Khabur River and reservoir to Jew world order secessionists under any circumstances. They will fight the SDF just like everyone else if the Kurds don’t cooperate.

        I’m sure that the air defense capability is going into DE at this time to deal with any non Syrian government coalition air activity on an as needed basis. The SDF would have no air cover to advance and hold ground even if they did have the man power and weapons that they don’t currently have.

        1. RamboDave says:

          While South Front does a good job, they cannot update constantly. Here
          is the latest map. The SFD-YPG-PKK has indeed crossed over Hwy 7.



          1. RichardD says:

            OK, they may be where the other map shows them to be. I don’t see them stopping a Syrian government coalition drive up Hwy 7, let alone a river crossing. The SDF force that’s dropped down through the empty desert is almost certainly much much lighter than what’s going into DE at this time from the government. What the discussions are between the Russians and the Americans at this time in terms of air cover I don’t know.

            The only thing that would stop a Syrian government coalition river crossing and eastern advance would be US air strikes. I think that we both agree that that’s probably not going to happen. If it does it will escalate the conflict considerably. Because the Syrian government coalition has the resources to decimate the SDF force within at least a 10 to 20 mile radius of DE right now without even crossing the river. And that’s just with ground weapons.

          2. RamboDave says:

            Grad rockets, with a 20 mile range, will work just fine on them, exposed out there on Hwy 7.
            I would go with a pontoon river crossing to the South of Hwy. 7, to postpone the inevitable confrontation. The SDF-YPg-PKK-Kurds are overextended. Let them take a few more suicide truck bomb attacks, or let them get cut off by ISIS from their furthest advance on Hwy 7.

          3. dutchnational says:

            First SAA has to get to the river banks. IS holds the quarters along the river.

        2. Graeme Rymill says:

          “I can’t see the Syrian government turning over a resource like the
          Khabur River and reservoir to Jew world order secessionists under any

          There is a precedent: Tabqa Dam and its associated extensive irrigation works.

          1. RichardD says:

            Not really. It just changed hands from one secessionist force to the other. Isis to Kurds. Not from the Syrian Government to the Kurds. The Kurds being the less aggressive of the two to the Syrian government. But still a regime change element as the conflict with the Syrian government coalition showed. Which changed the Kurds from friend to foe. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the Kurds attacked the government, not the other way around.

            The government didn’t concede anything to the Kurds, they just put them on the resolve latter list with all of the other miscreants.

            U.S.-backed Syria militias say Tabqa, dam captured from Islamic State

            “The US shot down a Syrian anti-terrorist jet near Raqqa yesterday, which prompted the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to send in a rescue mission to retrieve the downed pilot. Unfortunately, Al Masdar News (AMN) reported that they encountered intense resistance from the majority-Kurdish “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), which if true, would mark the most serious escalation between these two sides. There’s no reason to doubt AMN’s coverage of this event because they’ve proven time and again to have reliable information acquired from on-the-ground and government sources, so it should be taken as a fact that the SAA and SDF did indeed clash last night.

            The events leading up to that battle are unclear, however.

            The SAA claims that they were on an anti-terrorist bombing mission near Daesh’s “capital”, while the US says that Damascus was in fact attacking its SDF proxies near Tabqa. These narratives aren’t mutually exclusive, and it’s very possible that the SAA rightly conflates the SDF with Daesh due to the Kurds’ documented connection with this terrorist organization. Moreover, the Kurds are ethnically cleansing Arabs from Raqqa en mass in order to pave the way for the city’s annexation to their unilaterally declared “federation” after its forthcoming capture, so it makes sense why Damascus could implicitly recognize them as terrorists without publicly declaring them as such for reasons of sensitive political optics”


        3. dutchnational says:

          SDF crossed hwy 7 late yesterday.

          They are now fighting in Salhyia, the last village before the riverbank and will spread out from there.

          I agree with you that the Khabur Valley is also important. The SDF advance there is much harder as Markadeh is heavily fortified there.

          If they cannot take it rapidly, they will isolate it and continue south. Soon there will be an advance on two axis :

          Along the riverbank of the Euprates to the south east (starting at DeZ north) and to the south along the Khabur river.

          SAA will do the same at its side.

          Once all is quiet again, Northern Syria and Assad should start serious talks with having Russia and US as mediators. Northern Syria does not want to leave Syria, Assad does not want Northern Syria to leave, they need eachother economically and with a little bit less blustering and some outside pressure on both sides, they will work it out.

      2. RichardD says:

        Hwy 7 is south of the yellow area on the article map. Even if the SDF is south of there. It’s almost certainly a very light force that won’t be able to stop a government offensive. And when the Syrian government coalition advnces. It will be with air cover that the US is unlikely to mess with. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be206dd1a466b84fc9b3c9f20fbd280d6485767d05dc392466eb4a7c2da1770a.png

    2. PZIVJ says:

      RichardD: “The government is no doubt preparing to advance on Al Suwar”
      This may a bit to optimistic. SAA does not have a working bridge over the river yet and the SDF are still on the move. :(

      1. RamboDave says:

        Another report said Russia now has pontoons in Deir Ez-Zor for that purpose.

        1. RichardD says:

          I’ve posted pictures of them on this thread. Along with a similar crossing in Iraq. The Syrian government coalition is already on the other side of the river with commando and intel units.

      2. RichardD says:

        If you’re not going to debate the Jew issue and are going to harass me about it and off planet matters with your insanity and stupidity. Then I have no interest in further debate with you on the Syrian war or any other matter. It looks like your support for Syria is fake and that you’re a trouble maker here to obfuscate matters with you two faced behavior.

  29. Baudouin Jérusalem says:

    ISIS is collapsing but SAA must cross the Euphrates as soon as possible in order to stop US SDF !

    1. Pete says:

      Either way, ISIS is collapsing in Syria, i think it’s not that far away. DeirEzzor was a very fast collapse, and ISIS seems to me just withdrawing from north. There is no major cities at north, but there are some at south. I don’t think that SAA really want to cross the river, maybe later at this point there is no sense, as ISIS can push them from both side, which needs to be avoided, look at what happened at first push towards Deir Ezzor, they lost the west for a while. I have to say, that SAA has more problems on his backyard. (green area and so on) That desert corner probably don’t harm any interest, as big decisions will be made later on.

  30. Gary Sellars says:

    Filthy SDF maggots…. they are nothing but US proxies, aiding and abetting the seppos in their plans to balkanise North East Syria. The US wants to occupy the lands East of the Euphrates, while justifying it as “peacekeeping” or “protecting” the Kurds from ‘regime repression”. Its a naked land grab aimed at weakening Damascus and preventing Assad from reunifying the nation under its rightful gov.

    This WILL NOT be allowed to stand.

  31. Graeme Rymill says:

    Is it critical that Syria controls these oilfields directly? If so they an drop troops by helicopter on these sites. The SDF would then have have a choice: back off or openly engage in conflict with the SAA.

    If the oilfields aren’t critical but just desirable the Syrian Government may prefer to negotiate a revenue sharing agreement with whatever administration the SDF set up. This would avoid any escalation leading to hostilities. Many of the armchair warriors on this site are thirsting for Kurdish blood. The Syrian Government may feel differently. It has been a long hard war. Much of the country’s infrastructure lies in ruins. It may be that Syria sees that its own best interests lie in accommodation rather than confrontation.

    Time will tell….

    1. dutchnational says:

      You are correct. There is already an agreement like that for some oil wells in Hassakah. 65% of revenue and all expensess for Assad, 35% for SDF and allies for ownership/control and security.

      This could be stretched to more areas.

  32. gustavo says:

    I CALL THIS A STUPIDITY SYRIA-RUSSIA TACTICAL SLEEPING. EVERYBODY, EVEN I, WERE BE ABLE TO SEE THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN. Sorry, but htis represents a big shadow on Syria-Iran-Hezbolah-Russia forces which is not justified since Russia can see and hear everything in Syria. Russia was able to anticipate very well this SDF movement and can even stop it.

  33. dutchnational says:

    For those interested in (reported) facts, SDF is now reported as fighting within Salhyia, the last village north (east) of the Euprates river, along Hwy 7. Once cleared, they are at the river banks. They will soon start spreading out along the riverside.

    SAA doing its job on one side of the river. SDF on the other side. Together, IS will be defeated along the river before the end of 2017?

  34. gustavo says:


  35. Jens Holm says:

    Syrians and other in those countries must be worth nothing if some few jews can handle them as descriebed here.

    I cant see You even try to improve things by beimng able to copy from the best parts of the world outside Yours.

    The only progrees can be found in the 10.001 arabic nights for bad excuses. In Syria many people would like to go back to Assads homogeneize the country by killing all opposition as from 1970 and today. And the choise people has to choose or many did and do was and are jihadisme of the worst kind.

    Only kurds has an answer to a future. The rest go back and seemes to prefare killing eact other until one or none is left. Well, exept for the 8-10 non participaters.

    Are they the bad ones not grapping weapons and killing neighbors as they are asked to by 37 silly flag dicttators with or without sharia. Or are they the clever ones and the normal ones, which should take over.

    I do understand those 8-10 mio refugees, where Assads are proud to have most of them feeding them with United Nation packets as they came from himself. In the other hand can those passive people claim Syria is their country.

    If jews really do that, they are doing a fine job for their seize. Some might visit the area and see if even their dwarfs are bigger them Yours.

  36. Jens Holm says:

    Jew in arabic = Excuse for everything even the weather.

  37. dutchnational says:

    For those appreciating up to date info, SDF has been reported as capturing the Dez (north) trainstation.

    As undoubtetly SAA has also advanced in DeZ, both forces work in tandem to defeat IS.

    Keep up the good work.

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