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Syrian Democratic Forces: Raqqa Will Be Part Of “Federal Syria”

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Syrian Democratic Forces: Raqqa Will Be Part Of "Federal Syria"

On Friday, spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Talal Silo read an official statement in Raqqa city declaring that the SDF will hand over the administration of the city to the SDF-linked Raqqa Civilian Council.

“As the SDF Command, we state that we will be handing over the administration of Raqqa to the Raqqa Civilian Council. We will be handing over security to Raqqa Domestic Security Forces to ensure the safety of civilians in the city. We promise to defend the state and all its borders against all threats,” the statement said.

The SDF also said that the people of Raqqa city would decide their own future “within the framework of a decentralized, federal democratic Syria”. Previously the SDF said that the people of Raqqa will be free to make a decision to join the SDF federal system or to not. However, it was not reported that a referendum on the matter had been held.

In its official statement, the SDF also called on all countries and international human rights organizations to participate in the efforts “to rebuild the [Raqqa] city and its countryside, and help to remove war remnants from it”.

Previously, the Raqqa Civilian Council was criticized by Syrian opposition activists for including many Kurdish members from the Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) that got no support what so ever among Arabs in Raqqa governorate. Especially that Kurds are a small minority in the governorate.

Moreover, opposition activists said that the majority of the Raqqa Domestic Security Forces’ commanders are in fact members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). The YPG is a military wing of the PYD.

Thus, in reality Raqqa city will stay under the direct control of the SDF and PYD wich may lead to problems inside the city in the future.

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jerry hamilton

Are they trying to say that Raqqa will be controlled by America?


The only way they’ll be able to keep it; however, they’ll be landlocked and hungry.

Pave Way IV

The US wants Tabqa Air Base – it doesn’t give a crap about the ex-terrorist capital of Raqqa. The US only expects the PYD and YPG/YPJ to keep the population pacified and obedient. That’s obviously not going to work out too well.

Brad Isherwood

Tabqa Dam is also key….it is a major control on the Euphrates? If SDF do not hand that back to Syria…..this means US might control the Euphrates from there? Maybe hide that control under some UN World water rights BS…

I wanted Russia and SAA to airlift in special forces and take the Dam back weeks ago. Maybe Russia/Damascus have back channel deal with SDF to hand the Tabqa Dam back, Hope so….fingers crossed.

John Brown

Is Texas an Israeli Occupied Territory Of the racist supremacist Jewish confederate slave empire? October 20, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon You decide! In order to receive Hurricane Harvey assistance in the city of Dickinson, Texas one has to agree not to boycott Israel… So bow down to the racist, genetically superior, master, supremacist, Jewish, race or die. http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2017/10/20/is-texas-an-israeli-occupied-territory You Won’t Believe Why They Could Withhold Relief Funds from Harvey Victims https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPZS0R8neuM If it were any other country would the racist supremacist Jewish media stay silent?

Brad Isherwood


Because USA is a debt /consumer economy, …the Sheeple will not notice or care When the 1913 Illegal Jeckyl Island Federal is shown them,…nor the Political change in 1913 where Congressman of each State could not be recalled by State Legislature. Each became independent to voting. ..where they could buy their future seat.

Soros does whatever he wants to USA…. It’s like Satan’s kid torture you ….during after school TV hour.

Brother Ma

Yep. You tell me now that uncle sam is not ruled by Zionists!



First to the Iraq borders with the Oil fields in the area.

Then the Tabqa airbase and Dam. . .

Then Al Tanf and that salient. . .

Then Raqqa and Manbij. . .

Homs and the area north of Damascus. . .

Darra and border land with the Occupied Golan heights. . .

Then there is the crescent from Raqqa to Al-Hasakah which was originally Arab. . .

The Kurds will be driven out of the Arab areas that they have gone into in the pretext of fighting ISIL.

The US’s destruction of Syrian cities to depopulate the area and colonise with Kurds will not work in the long run. Syria and it’s allies will not allow that to happen.

Melotte 22

Agree with all this.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabqa_Dam Excellent history and overview. Originally a Syrian/Russian project. Water coming to Syria from Turkey has reduced due to its dams, water downstream from Syria to Iraq was affected, conflict was in the air in those days…Russia and Saudi intervened to find a solution.

The water is now increasingly saline, due to reduced ‘flush through’ effect. Lots of twists and turns in the past and future of water along the Euphrates.

Well worth a read.

Kira Binkley

The U.S., especially under Trump, is very confused. No one knows what the U.S. wants. The SDF should keep that in mind, because it can be very dangerous. “Cause Trump IS going down. He may not be around much longer.

Deo Cass

Exactly. The Kurds are just a facade. It is the US/Zionist terror coalition which is in charge. It is US, British and other NATO special forces which did the real fighting which were under cover of ‘foreign volunteer forces.’ The Kurds are just the slaves of their Zionist masters. Nthing more. No dignity, no honour, no morals. No wonder all Western corporate news media announced the news of the fall of Raqqa as “Raqqa has fallen to the US coalition forces.” At least they had the decency to call it ‘fallen’ not liberated as these scum bag, ungrateful foreign Kurdish thieves called it.


your conspiracy stories are a facade: for stupidity

Igor Dano

U want to say by Tel Aviv.


Mr Bachar vas virer ces terroristes et les merdes de mac do avec

Pave Way IV

“…Moreover, opposition activists said that the majority of the Raqqa Domestic Security Forces’ commanders are in fact members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG)…”

For now. The Raqqa Domestic Security Forces will not be able to make merely enough money to feed themselves merely by shaking down Raqqa citizens for various arbitrary taxes and fees. Bribes will only go so far. As soon as the first Saudi shows up with a bag of cash and a black flag, the ‘Domestic Security Forces’ will join them. Either that, or they’ll be slaughtered by all the rest of the new terrorists the Saudis recruit. The SDF is really sad. Do they honestly believe only ‘good’ Sunnis and their families will return to Raqqa? It will be car-bomb capital of the world by next year.


Doubt Assad will allow this. Sure there will be a big fight which SDF will have no chance to take on SAA coalition.


As long as the US militarily supports the SDF there is fuck all Assad can do about. Just as much as Russia supports Assad there is fuck all the US can do to enact regime change in the rest of Syria.

Kira Binkley

Oh, I doubt this is going to be some kind of Mexican stand-off. “Others” are involved. You just don’t know who they are yet.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The games are over and the US knows the Kurds got greedy, which has detailed their ambitious plan.The future doesn’t look bright so they will have to give back the “rose colored glasses” ,they will need to negotiate terms.


I fully concur.

Question is “how long is as long as…”????

So it would be to the advantage of all, SDF but also Assad, to keep the lines open and come to an agreement.

Solomon Krupacek

assad has no choice

Langaniso Mhlobo

ISIS rule Raqqa for almost six years now SDF Kurds wants to rule Raqqa again.SDF Kurds wants to portion Syria just as ISIS which their are also.Sorry no Syrian partitioning SDF land grabbers.Privilege of runing oil rich territories within Iraq and Syria is over.Kurdish militia must disarm just like ISIS.One Iraq one nation One Syria one nation.


Protect the civilians…sure…just like their sponsors, the US, did? US scorched earth policy did a number on the civilian infrastructure, along with the civilians, now their henchmen will use Raqqah as an excuse to be there and hand over as much of Syrian assets as they can. At the same time Israel is attacking the SAA in Western Ghouta…all designed to draw resources from the east. Can’t wait until there are enough SAA resources freed up so they can deal with the chickenshit Kurds and invading Israelis. If Iran is serious about dealing with the Israeli bombing, it’s time they started taking out some IDF planes. It’s going to get to this point anyway, why wait? If the assets aren’t there, get them there…just 1 S-300 battery should give the Israelis something else to think about…like how do we get our pilots remains back. Israel does not deal well with casualties they can’t explain. I wonder how long the MSM in the US can continue hide everything going on?

jerry hamilton

” I wonder how long the MSM in the US can continue hide everything going on?” Well they did a pretty good job of lying about WW1 & 2.


Funny man.

jerry hamilton

Really? A guy called Knight saw the media suddenly start a hate Germany campaign in 1933 so he went to Germany to see for himself. What he saw was the extent of MSM lies. He wrote a short pamphlet about it in 1934. Not funny. More… Evil. https://ia600203.us.archive.org/14/items/InDefenceOfGermany/InDefenceOfGermany.pdf


Your Https reference appears to be bogus ?????????????


It worked for me .

jerry hamilton

Only to you. You have no reason to say that other than you feel like saying it. It’s true.

Jonathan Cohen


Deo Cass

The so called Federal Syria is the Western US/Zionist invaded and occupied Northern Syrian territories. The plan of the Zio/Nazi US tyranny mimics the classic and predictable US /Zionist colonial imperialist scheme of ‘divide and rule.’ Syria will be divided in at least two parts, as the US did to Korea, Vietnam, Yemen, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Libya and now Syria. The Syrian government will have to liberate its land from foreign Western colonial domination by force with or without Russian help. From now on the Syrian war will turn into the second war of liberation from colonial occupation and domination.

Solomon Krupacek

as i remember, in march 2016 putin showed suggestion of new syrian constitution, where syria was federal state.

Kira Binkley

Suggestion. It is definitely not up to the SDF to “declare” anything about Syrian territory and union. They really need to get out of the hold America has on them. I certainly wouldn’t let the world know about it.

Solomon Krupacek

and when on saturday assad rejected, on monday putin removed 70 planes.

i think, assad have learned from this hit a lot.

Kira Binkley

Explain that, please. I haven’t heard it.

Solomon Krupacek

this happened in that time, when russia suddenly removed its planes from syria. during weekend intensive bombing, monday morning putin told, russia removes 70 planes and stopped the help of saa. week before russians after consultations with kurds gave to assad the suggestion of new syrian constitution, where was sysria as federal country. on thursdy or friday hard rejected assad, on saturday the syrian foreign minister in geneva, and on mobday came the russian answer.

putin does not like assad, and several times told, it is not necessary, that assad stays. i think, moscow simply did not find another politicians on his place, therefore can be still president. i remeber, how dirty games played russians in afghanistan. beginning from babarka karmal, and later the others.

Kira Binkley

I like President Assad, and Putin and I have worked together on this, so I’m pretty sure Putin likes Assad. And that makes everything else you said suspect.

Solomon Krupacek

you write mysterious things, i facts

check youtube speeches of putin

you are zero, not person, who works personally with putin :DDD

Brother Ma

Kira? What do you mean by you and putin worked together on it?


He pays money to her.

In short : a troll.


I recall the Admiral Kuznetsov pulling out with 30+ aircraft/ helos, there may have been some aircraft rotations also at the the time, but not 70. Anyways the carrier had to return home because of of too many complaints about air pollution in the East Med. :D https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fedb130517b2c513c4ab3470028bd3f191b6a0b49cf106cbf8e1cc7cf6197a7c.jpg

Brother Ma

What do you mean by air pollution?

Solomon Krupacek

little panzernazi has come. yesterday you loughed about losts of saa. please, you can laugh again:


somehow you are never right …

Melotte 22

Russia never had 70 planes in Syria.

Solomon Krupacek


check AMN or SF. also MSM there were articles with exact types and numbers


Wouldn’t federlism pose a risk to RF’s position in Sy in the future?

BTW, the aircraft were pulled to:

-Legitimize the 1st major ceasefire as well as its own position as broker of ceasefire -Announce its limited, but indefinite military presence in Sy as the new status quo -Underline its strategy (flexibility to compromise toward mutual interests/peace)

They wouldn’t even have to pull aircraft, but simply not carry out missions when needed, as was the case occasionally in respect of certain units

Solomon Krupacek

i dont know. really dont know. but assad should discuss with all population. no change is sure wrong way.

robert wa

The Iraqi forces have the right idea.. don’t give them an inch..

Kira Binkley

I don’t think so.

Floyd Hazzard

Lol…who made the The Kurds the government of Syria? They thought they are the government of Iraq not too long ago. Life has this way of humbling idiots.


Here we go. NGOs and all countries are invited to rebuild Raqqah because it’s a pile of rubble right now. The tax-payer funded destruction of Raqqah is now turned into a money making machine for western/american building companies that buy blocks of rubble for peanuts, put up modern buildings that only the elites can afford (driving out those inhabitants that remain) and sell them to Gulf state multi millionaires who then “legally” move in their agents to continue the “split Syria up” policy. So the plan was: salafist insurgent proxies of whatever ilk were sent to take over as much Syrian territory as possible and kill all opposition and destroy any unity that existed in the local populace. They would then serve as puppets, or if too inconvenient, serve as terror-opposition to have war and move in second group of proxies to take over and complete the set up where global corporatism is introduced by hook or by crook. Kurds like daesh are tools of global corporatism. All talk of democracy, federalism etc. is all BS. Kurds are now just the willing gunmen of global corporations. Welcome to the world where global corporations hire private armies to kill off all opposition.


“Federalism” in IraqSyria would allow foreign powers to utilize krhdsh base to covertly infiltrate central authorities, economy, and security services in the near future. Eventually, this base could become a powerful social & political opposition, and with massive backing from abroad, may seize power over the whole of Iraq/Syria and so, eventually, of Ayran.

Souria/Ayraq may be better off with its NE parts being allowed to separate completely. It would be much easier to isolate/contain them with help of neighbors. This is precisely what foreign powers want to prevent. This must be why they have denounced the referendum and why they made it appear as if Krds have been abandoned to the whims of Baghdad.

That Guy

After ISIS, there should be an all-out war against the SDF and Al-Tanf terrorists, and against Israel to retake the Golan heights (without the help of Russia probably). Perhaps, it is better to start with the Golan heights first to secure the flanks, then go for a war with the SDF.

Igor Dano

Ziobitches returned gas fields and want to keep water. Let me see, if this pays out. Syria has to grab upstream all water away.


The Americans have already abandoned them


No surprise that Kurds are keeping Raqqa after suffering so many casualties. No surprise that Russia supports Federal Syria Blueprint after supporting PKK since 1979 either.

No surprise that SDF gave Dez area Oil & Gas fields to SAA either, as Syria is only market and SDF didn’t want to station thousands of troops to protect the oilfields anyway.

If Syrian Civil War ended today, Turkey is clear winner in that Turks own N Aleppo & Idlib. We may as well call it “Nuevo Turco.”


I guess govermental decisions are now being carried out by this so called SDF huh? Cool. What about Syrian people? Don’t they have a say for their own country’s political system?


Talk is cheap.


SDF is just another terrorist group

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