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Syrian Democratic Forces Promise To Join the “Syrian Army” If Syria Become Federal Country


Syrian Democratic Forces Promise To Join the “Syrian Army” If Syria Become Federal Country

On November 25, Co-chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Riad Darar told the pro-Kurdish media network Rudaw that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will join the “Syrian Army” if a political solution is reached in Syria.

The SDC is the political wing of the US-backed SDF and it is dominated by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD).

“If we are going to a united Syria with a federal system, we believe that there will be no need for the weapons or the forces, because these forces will join the Syrian Army and because the important ministries like the defense and forgiven affairs will be in the center [capital], the SDF is a Syrian force not a local force,” Darar said, according to Rudaw TV.

Some news outlets took Darar statement out of context and reported that the SDF will join the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) once a political solution is reached in Syria without providing further details.

Darar told the Syrian opposition news outlet Enab Baladi that his words were manipulated and that the SDF would only join the “new” Syrian Army that could be formed if Syria becomes a federal country, not the SAA. Darar went further and called the SAA the “regime army”.

“I didn’t mean that the regime army [SAA] is the Syrian Army, I meant the Army of Syria after establishing the federalism,” Darar told Enab Baladi.

While some Arab and international news agencies promoted the manipulated version of Darar’s statement as a positive development, the real statement follows the general policy of the SDF, which is aimed at overthrowing not only Damascus government, but also at changing the Syrian constitution.

The Damascus government, the Syrian opposition and regionals powers like Turkey and Iran have stressed on many occasions that they will not accept a federal system in Syria.



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  • Serious

    What federalism ?

    kurds take their independance and get out of Syria. No need for federalism.

  • MeMadMax

    Bunch of crap… We all know how much of a backstabber the turds are…

    There’s only around 50,000 turdish fighters running around, they will be swept aside easily, even with so called us/nato support…

  • outer_rl

    Federalism is a good thing, and it would help repair Syria’s relations with the rest of the world. They need to make sure the SDF and the national borders are under the control of the central government, but they could have a system where the the Kurdish provinces have their own systems of taxes, civil law, education in both Kurdish and Arabic, etc, with oil revenues split across the regions in a fair and equitable way proportionate with the population.

    • Tommy Jensen

      It would also satisfy Israels/US need for a landstrip for the Qatar pipeline and Israel/Pentagon´s need for a big US military base near the border to Iran and an effective way of shutting off China´s OBOR project………..plus the excellent possibilites for US to continue to create tensions inside Turkey, Iran and Syria………….LOL.

      • outer_rl

        I agree, that can’t be allowed. Syria can’t allow the Kurdish regional government to host an American military base or run a foreign policy in opposition to that of the Syrian government. But that’s not what federalism means. The US government is Federal, the German government is Federal, neither allow their states/regions to run their own foreign policies.

  • Lupus

    Good thang!!

  • zman

    Federalism…in other words political infiltration with US controlled foreigners. They want to achieve through politics what they can not achieve through military action. The Syrians are right to reject this attempt at western interference. “the SDF is a Syrian force not a local force”…they are neither. Where have all these Kurds come from? Not from Syria at all, they are refugees given a safe haven that now want a chunk of Syria to control for the west.The other parts of his statement alluding to the SAA as being a ‘regime’ army and not Syrian tells it all. When the SAA gets done with the western side of the Euphrates and turn their attention to the east, then we will see if Trump means it when he says no more support or weapons for the Kurds. Truth or more lies?

    • Solomon Krupacek

      unfortunately, when russia is not willing to support assad longer, this is the only way. i am also skeptic. but there is no alternative way.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Solomon, you are not a ‘sceptic’ , you are in fact septic , a septic Zionist troll :)

        • Solomon Krupacek

          you knows everything. you are god. you are the materialised Perun.

        • zman

          I have this moron blocked, as well as several others. Thank you for telling him what I might have said had I read his tripe. We all know what a septic tank is full of, do we not?

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        Russia will support Assad forever…otherwise means to be out from the mediterranean sea! it is to lose control over Bosforous strait from Aegean part and Suez channel!

      • Valery Grigoryev

        Why do you think so? Russia does not deny the support of Syria. But the situation changed in the favor of SAA in such degree, that Russian ground troops are not necessary. While, as you can see the aviation support does not decrease – more than that, strategic bombers are used more widely now. There are some ‘under wraps’ negotiations about political regulations in Syria between Russia, Turkey and Iran, but it is normally.

  • WinstonSmith

    There’s no reason whatsoever to trust the Kurds or to include them in the negotiations, they’re US/ISISraeli proxies. Here they are in 2014 greeting their ISlamist Front buddies on their way to massacre pro-Assad civilians and troops.


    And given the ISIS/SDF developments on the eastern bank of the Euphrates recently, they haven’t changed one bit.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      There’s no reason whatsoever to trust the Kurds or to include them in the negotiations

      they are citizens. therefore this is a must for assad.

      and assad will do anything for negotiations with kurds. he arrests guys like you:


      • Garga

        While I agree with your statement, notice that actually very few of them are Syrian citizens but Turkish nationals who fled to Syria.
        I believe it’s not so hard to know which ones were Syrians, if the Turkish government cooperates. Anyone who used to have a Turkish ID cannot be Syrian.

        More so, this guy’s statement is nothing but what US wants, disintegration of Syria with a make-up. Syrian government was elected in 2014 by majority of Syrians and the elections was internationally monitored. He is not in a position to call SAA “the reigime’s army”. Who elected him?

        • Solomon Krupacek

          Of course, this is twitter source. Therefore has low value. But assad always cooperated with kurds. and this only one next little drop in the cup of tea.

          There was no real internationalmonitoring in 2014. I know, the majority of syrians living under assad will him. The question is, how will vote those, who left syria?

          Americas plans are clear. Sad is, that russia assists them.

          • Garga

            I didn’t see the tweet you linked when I replied to you. Perhaps you added it later. Notice two matters: 1- The tweet is from Nizar Nayouf, a known liar, and 2- About the text, I refer you to what @That Guy:disqus wrote. It’s more like a rant than anything else.

            President Assad is always interested in engaging all Syrians to govern and took many positive steps to give some rights to the people who were NOT Syrians. These Kurds who fled Turkey in multiple waves aren’t Syrians and even in areas which counted as “Kurdish” in Syria, their numbers never exceeded %40 of the population.

            Anyway, Assad agreed to some their demands years ago, as long as they didn’t expect to be treated more specially than real Syrians but taking into account that now they even don’t consider Syrian elected government as the rightful government and basically parrot Saudis’ PoV, I guess there won’t be any perspective of cooperation.
            If I was a betting person, I wouldn’t bet on the SDF horse. Assad has the support of millions of Syrians and Russia’s and Iran’s support for him derives from this little fact, whereas SDF (PKK in Syria) support is not local and foreigners back them.

            I assure you, Russia is not and will not assist Americans to divide Syria, if they wanted this they wouldn’t enter Syria at all.

          • Tommy Jensen

            All elections, research polls, media, NATO examinations shows 70% back up for Assad.
            Declassified US papers shows Washington discussions of “our problem with Assad´s popularity in the Syrian population”.
            Its expensive to buy everyone and the zionist media dont function for displaced well educated Syrians.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i hope, assad will win. but in elections nothing is 100% sure.

          • Daniel Castro

            Yes, because fraud happens…

          • Solomon Krupacek

            no. look at american elections. in summer trump had no chance.
            you dont know, who will be other candidate.

          • Daniel Castro

            In the case of murican elections the fraud was commited by the polling institutions.

          • Joe

            You posted
            “There was no real internationalmonitoring in 2014. I know, the majority of syrians living under assad will him. The question is, how will vote those, who left syria?”

            Surely you are not informed or unaware because through your post I am sure you are a 100% Western MSM reader zombie. Those portals lie through their nose is indisputable.

            It was as clear as day overseas Syrians lined up long queues in overseas voting stations where Assad had no say to vote for Assad . it was it news all over but not in Western MSM. . They did not want their country to be like Libya. Only Assad can ensure that.

            So My advise is read alternative news .. you shall be better informed.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            my question is totally indepndent on MSM. i never read any anylysir about the polotical orietations of refugees. you did?

          • Joe

            It was news all over except Western media and as expectrd Western countries refused to recognize.

            Just Google I think you can get the info. This includes activists who went to the refugee camps

        • zman

          Yes, a pig with lipstick on is still a swine.

      • WinstonSmith

        Eat your bullshit, troll. I didn’t say that Kurds should be attacked, at least not now.

        And that’s good, the only legal forces in Syria are the SAA and those invited by the Assad govt. All the rest are illegal. And Kurds have never had any initiative for talks with Damascus.

        • Jim Martin

          Legal forces to provoked the formation of ISIS, uses, gas, industrial murder and starvation as a WMD. Do you write from the Syrian Defence Ministry, the Foreign Ministry or the presidential palace “Winston”?

      • That Guy

        Interesting tweet, I’m lucky to be able to read Arabic. Basically this script talks about deals between Suheil Al-Hassan and the Kurds, and how the Baathists were betraying Syria and stuff like that (apparently this guy hates the Syrian government and accuses it of cooperating with Israel and the US to a certain extent).
        The third page/picture shows the names of the 13 officers arrested with their ranks and the branch that they were serving at.
        Yet still, this tweet doesn’t look authentic, it is most likely just spreading rumors.

      • Joe

        Assad during the war has rejected federal system. Now he is the victor and with Iran and Turkey on his side, there is no chance this will happen.

        Fact is the Kurds are in a lose lose situation as they have US as their supporters .

        Worse still US fears Turkey will leave NAto which is a really big problem for US and willing ditch the Kurds over this.

        Kurds are not in good negotiating position really.

        • heli ryot

          Very Complicated, Iran wants a closer tie with Turkey, But I doubt Assad reciprocates that. Knowing that the weapons used in the Revolution that destroyed Syria flowed from Turkey.

          Turkey still wants influence in Syria and still support Sunni groups there. But their main enemy are the Kurds.

          Assad bargaining chip against Turkey are the Kurds. Assad by not reigning in on the Kurds could be used against Turkey.
          That could also be a bargaining Chip used by Russia.
          But a strong Kurdistan is something that many sides dont want.

          • Joe

            I do agree that Assad, Russia, Iran are more agreeable to Turkey and rather forget about the past because of the Kurds issue.

            Turkey support for the Sunnis was not because of they being Sunnies in the past by rather part of earlier alliances with US coalition etc . After the coup a lot changed that even Qatar is on Iran’s side !

            A lot of things will happen and a lot of power shifts is coming to ME.

            The crucial point is which direction Turkey will move in the next few months.
            will determine the geopolitics of ME.

            Have to give credit to Putin, the master chess player

        • Solomon Krupacek

          he is not winner. he took already that part of county, what was him allowed. russia clearly told, in syria MUST BE federation. if syria will be divided, the faze of kurds is inimportant for assads territory.
          btw, here not kurds, not assad negotiates, but russia and usa. nobody else.

          • Joe

            You obviously are unable to stomach the fact that Assad has won. About everyone agrees with this except you and the delusional rebels.

            Assad’s forces practically controls the majority of the Syrian population in Syria the rest are mostly desert areas except the north with Kurds are and Assad did not fight them.

            The one who calls the is ASSAD not Russia for your information while Assad respects all . Assad is supported by Iran also and Iran too oppose any strong Kurds in Syria as it would affect them. The other country against the kurd of course is Turkey . Now Turkey and Iran are also guarantors of the entire peace process while US is out in the cold as they know with US in , it would be more trouble than worth it.

            So essentially US is out of the picture here and your faulty idea that Russia and USA calls the shots is really lame. The ones calling the shots are the forces on the ground.

            Were you surprised that everything Nethanyahoo tried to even limit Iran’s presence were all rebuffed? This is because Russia needs Iranian forces on the ground and Iran is a critical part of the whole ware just as Russia’s air power is .

            So you are wrong to say Russia wants and can insist there be a federation which even Turkey will oppose . Why should Russia help the Kurds when they are allied to the US ? It is plainly stupid in fact.

            Let us disagree if you wish on this. My take is that there will be no federation and the Kurds actually are in deep trouble and Assad would be the only one able to give them a good deal. US already ditched them for Turkey.

            On this Assad is supported by Iran, Turkey and even Russia.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            wrong! i was always pro assad. but the reality is, that nither the saa, nor russians are enough strong. thats all.

          • Joe

            Sometimes I wonder why are are often out of logic .
            SAA with Russia are winning in the battlefields aided by powerful allies.

            In fact Russia is calling the shots with Iran and Turkey as partners to ensure peace will be installed.

            The losers till today talk about removing Assad in Geneva which no sane victor will even consider let alone negotiate.

            Lately losers like Israel trying to ban Iran etc are desperate and put out silly demands.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            for me winning is syria united, free of jihadists and yanks.

          • Joe


            See the voters in Lebanon voting for Assad .

            Happened all over the where they were allowed to vote

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i will be very happy, if assad will win. and because the “opposition” will not accept assad, the show (civil war) will continue.

          • Joe

            Assad has already won. The opposition in Geneva organised by Saudis are but small groups with no power . Yes a few die hearts are still stubborn about Assad must go Assad must go rubbish will have no significance as the main discussions will be thru Russian organised groups.

            The main issue will be the Kurds not the beaten Rebels who ate invited just for show of Syrian settlements.

            Assad will still win the election is a certainty under free elections. Everyone knows it including all the Western fools from UK to US.

            Till today none of them have ever voiced out for Syrian elections under strict supervision

          • Solomon Krupacek

            he lost the most important parts of syria, how can you call this as victory?!

      • Bill Wilson

        Assad and the Kurds will work something out. I’m sure the two are working on re-establishing the agricultural sector and related industries to put civilians back to work and get local economies back on track.

    • Rob

      There will be two or more than two states in one country.
      There will be Ministers at Central government level as well as at states level.
      Therefore, the system is too expensive.

      If in one state there is corruption at local government level so then the central government will not be able to control them. Therefore, this system will devastate the lives of poor people. There will be no improvement in residents lives and in most cases the country leads to disintegration.

      • Valery Grigoryev

        Russia, the US and Germany have federal systems. What’s bad in it?

        • Daniel Castro

          A federal system is more suited for big countries, but it could work for Syria if Kurds were to be trusted, unfortunately the only thing you can trust abot them is that they will stab you on the back.

          • heli ryot

            A Kurdish semi-autonomous region bordering Syria and Turkey. Could be beneficial to Syrian Government to stem weapons flow from Turkey and Act as a buffer zone.

          • Ivan Freely

            The size of the country isn’t the factor, cultural diversity is. However, there are limits to diversity. The more diverse a nation / society is, the more force required to keep it all together. Cohesiveness of a nation is determined by language and culture.

          • Daniel Castro

            Size is a factor as a huge country with only a strong central power and no subdivision of power would suffer from extreme centralization of power around its capital and it would hurt far away regions, geography is a factor, and geography itself would mean more diversity in culture, even if the country is formed by the same cultural group.

          • Valery Grigoryev

            Just look at Switherland: it’s not big, having three nations speaking different languages. Their confederation is stable beginning from the Middle Ages, while it was surrounded with big national states which had great tensions and wars during the history.

          • Anthony Ho

            You are using the one size fit them all theory.

          • Valery Grigoryev

            I guess, Kurds will be pushed to cooperation due to the natural reason: neither Turkey nor Iraq/Iran will ever agree to give them any part of their territories as a parts of an independent state, while Syria is ready to give them a broad autonomy on terms of their loyalty. Russia, Turkey and Iran will press to both Assad and Kurds to agree with that.

          • Daniel Castro

            WEll, I never said federalization don’t work for small countries, I said it’s more suited for big ones, but of course if you have a small country in which the people can’t agree on a single central power then a federation is the answer… or one of the factions could opress the others, that can work too, as long as it keeps strong enough to remain in power.

          • Anthony Ho


        • sam_koll
          • Valery Grigoryev

            What do you mean showing this video?

          • sam_koll

            Russia, the US and Germany have federal systems. What’s bad in it?

            what is bad in it …in the US is that …
            The Federal USA govt persecuted these ranchers and MURDERED one of them. Because they upheld a member State’s rights (Nevada) enshrined in their Constitution to control water rights and land use rights.
            Rights to water and land to gaze their cattle that they had since the 1860’s were stripped away from these people
            So Federalism has failed for these poor people. The central govt and their agencies BLM, FBI; Dept of the Interior; want ALL the Control and POWER for themselves and ignore member State’s Rights.

            As Abraham Lincoln before them.

            The US Civil War had NOTHING to do with abolishing Slavery in the Southern States. It was about UNFAIR TAXATION. Lincoln Imposed Port Tariffs on goods thru Southern ports. Southerners responded by seceding from the Federation. Lincoln butched millions.
            Even the American Indians fought for the South after their treatment at the hands of the Central Govt.
            Slavery Issues were blended in as an afterthought. Abraham Lincoln has blood on his hands. He wanted to hold on to Power and Control ; he cared very little for Negroes and even less for his fellow American in Southern States. The price of Federalism is TOO HIGH

          • Valery Grigoryev

            I have read something about LaVoy Finicum’s murder, and partly understood the case. My point is: he put his hand into the inner pocket of his jacket – and this was the reason of FBI shooting. Of course, it would be more proper to shoot his leg or something, and of course it was not necessary to shoot other people in the car. So that was a combination of unproper behaviour bith of LaVoy and FBI. It’s sad, but even for me, a foreigner, it’s known that Americans are used to shoot firstly, and then think secondly…It has nothing with the federalism – just human mistakes from both sides.

          • sam_koll

            Valery I too am not an American . But have come to see thru the EVIL of the US Govt.
            You owe it to this innocent man ( Lavoy Finicum) to watch this 26min video analysis of his murder by these criminal govt agencies


      • Jan Tesarik

        the uSSSSSa dont care, they just need chaos, murders and dying people before 30

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      • Josh

        There’s no problem INHERENTLY with a federal system…

        The issue here boils down to the specifics of this particular situation, where leaders of a trans-borders ethnic group are seeking to ultimately establish an independent state and are openly collaborating with foreign enemies like the US and Israel to achieve that goal.

        I think that ultimately a solution can be found whereby there can be some limited local autonomy for Kurds and other ethnic groups (whether or not this is called “federal” is more a matter of semantics), but, first and foremost, all of Syria’s territory and borders must be secured, all foreign troops operating without the consent of Damascus must be removed, and all local/regional leaders who have collaborated with foreign enemy powers must be removed from power…Once all that’s been achieved, then local autonomy arrangements can be worked out, but as long as northeastern Syria is under the occupation of US/Israeli proxy forces then nothing of the sort can be agreed to.

        • Rob

          US and Israel want to disintegrate Syria and other countries in the world. Where is Yugoslavia now? The majority of Syrian nation are Arab and wants to be strong and to be united. They don’t want to be disintegrate and in this US and Israel are failed.

          Palestine has been disintegrated and now there 40,000 Israeli refugee Jews are now ruling on 1,600,000 Arab Muslims in Palestine. This trick cannot be repeated again.

          • Josh

            The Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is actually orders of magnitude more than 40K (it’s about six million), but otherwise we’re largely in agreement.

            I’m a strong supporter of the independence and territorial integrity of Syria, and have been since day 1.

          • Rob

            Josh, when terrorist Israel arrived to Palestine then they have created Israeli state on the land of Palestine.
            Israeli refugees are in minority in Palestine because they are not more than 40,000 in whole Palestine, so then why they have created their own state in Palestine.

            This is completely injustice with Palestinians that 40,000 Israeli refugees are ruling on 1.6 million Palestinian Arabs (Muslims, Christians and Jews). Palestinian land belongs to Palestinians and not to Israeli refugees. Palestinians do not want disintegration of Palestine.

          • Josh

            Rob, I’m about as anti-Zionist as they come, but the fact is that your population numbers are way off.

            There are far more than 40,000 Israeli Jews, and also several times more than 1.6 million Palestinians.

            Again, it’s not a matter of ideology, simply a matter of accuracy :-)

    • Tommy Jensen


    • Cheryl Brandon


    • Jim Martin

      The SDF/YPG/YPJ are the only ones that can be trusted and are looking for Federal State or Federal provincial autonomy within Syria. Your comments are simply not credible any more that the name of Winston Smith

  • That Guy

    Folks, read the report. He didn’t say that he will join the SAA. He actually said that he would join the “New Syrian Army” NSA, which is basically another FSA.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Syrian Kurds=a loose coaltion of factions that are 2-5% of the population, control 20% of the land and 40% of the oil reserves.

  • Valery Grigoryev

    ‘they will not accept a federal system in Syria’ – this is a way to hell.

  • Vitex

    Not their worst idea, but it will have to be watered down (as will their land ambitions). At least they’re showing signs of weakness

    • zman

      I see no ‘good side’ to this crap. As soon as they had such an agreement, they would invite the US/Israel in and they would be there legally, so to speak. How would they ever get rid of them then? The truth is, as others have said, they’re scared…and that maybe Trump might actually carry though with his statement of no more fiscal or military support for them, though I doubt anything that conman might say. Let the Kurds PROVE their intentions and withdraw back into the areas of Syria that they inhabited previous to the invasion of Syria and hand over ALL territory that they now control. Then let them declare a desire to become Syrian citizens, support the Damascus government and help secure the borders from more Zioist terrorists. Then they can talk of living in peace, with security within the Syrian state. As it stands now, they are no more than land and resource grabbing opportunists and criminal abetting terrorists who no one in their right mind would trust.

  • Omega

    After fighting along side ISIS and Western backed hordes, yes, I am sure that “promise” is worth a lot.

  • VGA

    I don’t frigging think so. Best they can hope for is to have their own police force in their areas.

  • Hezbollah_Iran

    Hehe kurds=US+Israhell, so just imagine Kurd’s joining SAA is like USMC and IDF joined SAA> LOL we all know that Sunni Kurdish SDF bitches are ISIS 2.0


      Says ISIS version of shia.

  • robert wa

    Not being Syrian but an interested observer it seems the kurds are seeking a compromise because of their failure in Iraq to hold land..If America are backing these armed groups then there’s an insidious agenda !

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Once ISIS, FSA and AQ have been defeated…Kurds are now the dirty army of US/Israel.. coming soon we will see US/Israeli airbases there and US petrol company stealing oil resorces north of Deir Ezzor!

    • Solomon Krupacek

      when i wrote the same thing, you were insane. you stole my prognosis, lttle thief!

  • Attrition47

    A Trojan horse of the Washington barbarians? I’d rather wake up with a horse’s head in my bed.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Federalism can be preparatory to separatism. I dont understand how the Kurds dont want to participate in Syrian elections and take control of their destiny in Syria.

  • Illegal

    You can’t return Syria to pre-war Syria. The Kurds have had years of not being under control from Damascus. Just like the European colonies after WWII the European countries could not reestablish their pre-war rule. Why do you think it’s called negotiations? You need to let the Kurds state their grievances and find workable solutions.

  • Don’t read butthurt replies

    SDF to join the Syrian Army? I would lose all the respect that I have for them (SSA) and Assad if he allow such thing. They’ll infiltrate and destroy Assad government and SSA with the help of Mossad if they join the SSA!

  • RichardD

    The SDF is one more Jew world order regime change proxy force of paid mercenaries. That has limited US air cover like the FSA down on the Jordanian border. The Kurds are a majority in only a small area of Syria. They’re like the tail trying to wag the dog. Allowing them to set up Israelistan in SDF controlled areas via secession would not be in the best interests of Syria, the region or the planet. It’s just a Jew attempt to keep the region mired in war and deprivation so that Syria and the Syrian government coalition doesn’t pose a threat to the baby raper’s colonization/land theft project in Palestine.

    The Russians have the ability to close Syrian airspace to intrusion just like they have the ability close Russian airspace to intrusion. I don’t think that Trump or anyone else wants to play chicken with them. The SDF is being contained east of the river to create one more pocket to clear just like the rest of the contained areas in the west. Once the Syrian government coalition finishes clearing Isis from the west of the river, they’l turn their attention to the east side more so then they already are. Just like they’re doing in the west of Syria.

  • Thegr8rambino

    does this mean they are surrendering to SAA?

    • zman

      To me it means they’ve seen the writing on the wall.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Hahaha yes hope so!

  • heli ryot

    Kurds need their own land. Assad could make them be like Chinas Hongkong or Macau.

  • juan carlos ayala

    están desesperados ya saben cual es su futuro, a los perros traidores se los debe de eliminar

  • Mountains

    Now all these people who were saying the USA is Anti-Assad can eat a humble-pie.

    I said it from the beginning that they were even more pro-Assad then the Russians. The Americans saved him.

    The lies told was obvious and I knew they were into Assad. The worst thing happened is that alot of parrots have come out saying nonsensical things and making surreal posts

    • RichardD

      You’re a disinfo peddler. If the Russians didn’t intervene the Syrian government would of fallen. And Jewmerica would have helped bring it about.

      • Mountains

        it was the ameicans who invited the russians to begin with after isis emerged.. which means they are strong allies

        • RichardD

          “it was the ameicans who invited the russians to begin with after isis emerged.. which means they are strong allies..”

          Really, where’s the proof?

          • Mountains

            All these things are misleading and nothing more then theory. The reality on the ground is different. Russia and the US are strong allies through thick and thin. The same goes to the coalition.

            The whole war is simple to understand. I put the context on who is with who.

            The salafistis rebels fighting assad don’t have much support except private people from their pockets. No state is allied with them.

            USA, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria etc etc are together and united against a very minority group

          • RichardD

            “All these things are misleading and nothing more then theory.”

            The disprove them with counter evidence.

            You’re mischaracterizing the proof that I’ve provided documenting your lies as theroy, when it’s quality evidence that would stand up in a court of law. And you haven’t provided any proof to support your lies or disproven anything that I’ve written. You’re just adding more lies to the ones that you’ve already told.

          • ruca

            You’re arguing with someone that is missing a few genes. It will never be fruitful.

          • RichardD

            Yes, they come on these threads and lie constantly trying to plant the seeds of a false narrative exonerating the guilty of their crimes.

          • Mountains

            What evidence are you speaking about? The CIA are always falsely blamed. They US has used nearly 10-trillion dollars fighting them. Even in remote areas of the world. It dosen’t need a scientist to understand this.

            All the narratives your coming with is nothing more then assumptions. If the US wanted Assad go he would have been gone for a long time by now. But the truth is different. They are strong supporters of Assad.

            The Russians and The US are allies. This is a fact and operating together on the field.

            So the question is who are they fighting. They are fighting a minority group within the Syrian and Iraqi population.

            As for the US they are obsessively been fighting them in afghanistan, Yeman, somalia, Niger and elsewhere of the World for nearly 20-years now. They are also even minority in these countries these groups and don’t make more then 5% of the population in each country.

            Nothing have really changed in their policy.

            The entire war has been like Prime Tyson vs a 2 year old nothing really more to see. This is the sad reality on the ground

          • RichardD

            “The Syrian Train and Equip Program is an ongoing $500 million United States-led military operation that identifies and trains selected Syrian opposition forces inside Syria as well as in Turkey and other US-allied states who will then return to Syria”


            “The Syrian opposition (Arabic: المعارضة السورية‎ al-Muʕaraḍah as-Sūrīyah, Arabic pronunciation: [ʔalmuʕaɾaˈdˤa ʔas.suːˈɾiːja]) is an umbrella term for the political structure represented by the Syrian National Coalition and associated anti-government Syrian groups with certain territorial control in the form of a proto-state as an alternative Syrian government, claiming to be the legitimate Syrian Arab Republic. The Syrian opposition evolved since the beginning of the Syrian conflict from groups calling for the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria”


    • ruca

      Mountains of lies.

  • Anthony Ho

    Mr Darar call for Federalism is not much different from US Plan B the balkanisation of Syria. The Kurdish held land in northern Syria will become part of the federation. In future the Kurds can anytime vote to break away from the federation. It is as good as saying northern Syria is an independent Kurdish state who wants to join the federation. Either the Kurds is Syrian Kurds or be consider outsiders who have to hand over all the Kurdish held Syria land.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Kurds= lying/slanderous/murderous/pro U$A/pro Israhell/ destructive/self centered/cruel/ethnic cleansers!

  • abel_kotze

    Syria has 23 ethno-religious groups and it makes no sense to reward the Kurds after they have ethnically cleansed the area northeast of the river. Besides, they are a nomadic people from Western Iran and has no claim to land-holding except maybe grazing rights. To top it all, everything done over the past 30 years in ‘Kurdistan’ has the sole objective to destabilize the ME and provide homes for 100s of 1000s of Jews that wish to settle there. It is a Zionist project for as long as I can remember…

  • gustavo

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