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Syrian Democratic Forces Preparing To Launch Final Attack On ISIS In Euphrates Valley – Report

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Syrian Democratic Forces Preparing To Launch Final Attack On ISIS In Euphrates Valley – Report

Illustrative image, source: sdf-press.com

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US-led coalition are preparing to launch a final attack on the remaining ISIS fighters in the middle Euphrates River Valley, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed on January 12.

“More than 300 fully-equipped fighters, vehicles armed with heavy machine guns and 10 ambulances have reached the frontlines … An attack is being prepared by the SDF to achieve significant advance in the towns of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani and al-Susah,” the SOHR’s report reads.

As a part of the preparations for the upcoming attack, the SDF managed to evacuate more than 600 civilians, mostly women and children, from the ISIS-held pocket. The SOHR said than the US-backed group is now preparing to evacuate a second group of civilians.

In the last few weeks, thousands of civilians and terrorists fled the Euphrates Valley as the remaining positions of ISIS began collapsing. This posed a new challenge to the SDF that’s currently working to secure the civilians while preventing any terrorist from reaching the safe areas in northeastern Syria.

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As I predicted Years ago. the US will Leave Syria.
But Many a times When I predict things always get out of hand.
I think I can Safely say. I can somewhat predict the future. not details but its direction.
Heed my words.
Russia Getting strong is going to be the News of 2020]

P.S. To those News Files, Bolton Mattis and Trump are working together, This is Why Q is Silent all of a sudden.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Bolton Mattis and Trump are working together”, I’m afraid if they are they’re doing one hell of a job of pretending they’re not, they’re more like 3 conjoined triplets all controlling the one body with 3 separate brains.


” with 3 separate brains.”
And one arsehole that spreads the US shit equally on everyone around them :)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Not for much longer, this brilliant new surgeon called Putin is about to begin procedures to to reattach Trumps colon to the other twos mouths.

You can call me Al

Really ?, was that necessary to state; that is one of the most disgusting comments I have read – BUT DAMN FUCKING FUNNY !!.


Will that be done on Medicare or as Russian Aid to countries in crisis?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US pay for it, are you kidding, Lucky for Trump Putin’s doing it free of charge as part of a doctors without borders project, he considers it to be a service to the whole world not just toTrump, he’s a very generous man with only the best intentions, a hero to me and many others.
And when I said brilliant surgeon, I forgot to mention he uses and axe instead of a scalpel, and he nearly always loses one of the patients in the procedure. So if you ask, how the hell does that make him a brilliant surgeon then if he always loses one of the patients, the answer is, he always knows which twin he has to put the most effort into saving, and doesn’t worry too much about the other one/ones, simply brilliant.


Where can we donate?

Xoli Xoli

Very funny all of sudden now

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