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JUNE 2021

Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 4 Syrian Soldiers – Media Rumors

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Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 4 Syrian Soldiers - Media Rumors


According to the Al-Masdar News website, 4 Syrian soldiers were killed on Thursday as a result of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shelling of a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position in the southern Raqqa countryside. According to the report, the exact location of the attack remained unknown.

Al-Masdar News revealed alleged names of the four Syrian soldiers who were killed by the SDF: Captain Hussam Al-Ali, Muhammad Al-Hammoud, Safwan Al-Diyab and Azar Ahmad.

The Syrian Defense Ministry has not commented on the issue.

There were several limited clashes between SAA and SDF after the SAA had reached the southern Tabqah countryside, and the United States took one as an excuse to shot down a Syrian Su-22m4 fighter on June 19.

Reports previously claimed that SAA and Tribal Forces have reached an agreement with SDF that allows them to advance through SDF-held areas, including Akirishi village in the south-eastern Raqqa countryside. However, some media outlets report about tension between the SAA and the SDF.

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there are loads of US-backed terrorists in this country

Wahid Algiers

If it is no rumour an answer is needed. Al-Masdar News is a serious media and they publish the names of the innocent martyrs. The pilots fate is still unknown. All together the “SDF” plays with too hot stones.


Al-Masdar News is runned by SAA supporters who have deep hate for SDF, this report only benifit SAA. What does SDF get by killing 4 Syrian soldiers? Come on man stop believing in every report.


Whose reports should we trust? You tell us, Akar.


Should we start some sort of criminal investigation?

Kim Jong

Zionist scum. But yes, this is very “democratic” of them. They will wiped out very soon from syrian soil.

Joe Doe

As I said before any units in this case SDF is under control americans and part of american culture is lying and betraying , therefore you can’t trust SDF. SAA Tiger force commander took risk, now he has to prepare strategy to secure supply lines, as the supply lines are very thin

Wahid Algiers

Very important now. Don`t trust a kurd anyway they did or not.

Killua Zoldyck

So is McDonald’s lying to you as well?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The truth is you can never trust a Kurd since they are a terrorists by nature and are a proxy of the US , these are just facts.The US can betray any agreement as they have done consistently in the past. They tend to like lapdogs like Israel and the Sauds also hope the Kurds learn to behave and obey their master or they will kick them to the curb.


Don’t know what you ask this, but McDonald’s food is very fake. It’s unhealthy.


I feel sad for some people who belive anything they read, ask yourself this. How does SDF benifit from killing 4syrian soldiers? What do they get out of it? SDF wins nothing by doing this! You cannot believe every report you hear. Just few days ago there were report that a commuincation was setup between SDF and SAA, they made a deal. Whoever bombs the other does not benifit that side.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Erdogan warned Russia about Kurds intentions in Raqqa…he said that Kurds will cross Eufrates river to take control of Tabqa air base and the water dam…he said that US and SDF will attack SAA troops…he said that Kurds would leave free ways to ISIS to flee from Raqqa to Homs….he said when ISIS is over the next target will be SAA and petrol/gas yields as they have US support!…

Dustil schmit

Same Erdogan who calls anyone he doesn’t like nazi and sends his thugs to beat up Areminas in another country that Erdogan. Same erdogan who is STEALING OIL from Syria right now. Same one who complained about SAA and YPG operating joint oil fields?


To warn the SAA to clear off. SAA were getting too near them. US also bombs SAA. No risk to SDF as USA protects them. SDF goes about its business of capturing land not having to worry about SAA competing with it.

Manuel Flores Escobar

I wrote here many days ago…SDF is a US backed forces…therefore enemy of SAA!…

Red Tick Alert

Eliminate the bastards in response. May they RIP and condolences to the families.


few of the SDF mercenaries are Syrian Kurds. Most are Iraqi Kurd mercenaries and Turkish Kurd mercenaries. They are paid to do this.

Justin Ryan

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