Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 4 Syrian Soldiers – Media Rumors


Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 4 Syrian Soldiers - Media Rumors


According to the Al-Masdar News website, 4 Syrian soldiers were killed on Thursday as a result of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shelling of a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position in the southern Raqqa countryside. According to the report, the exact location of the attack remained unknown.

Al-Masdar News revealed alleged names of the four Syrian soldiers who were killed by the SDF: Captain Hussam Al-Ali, Muhammad Al-Hammoud, Safwan Al-Diyab and Azar Ahmad.

The Syrian Defense Ministry has not commented on the issue.

There were several limited clashes between SAA and SDF after the SAA had reached the southern Tabqah countryside, and the United States took one as an excuse to shot down a Syrian Su-22m4 fighter on June 19.

Reports previously claimed that SAA and Tribal Forces have reached an agreement with SDF that allows them to advance through SDF-held areas, including Akirishi village in the south-eastern Raqqa countryside. However, some media outlets report about tension between the SAA and the SDF.



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