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JUNE 2021

Syrian Democratic Forces in 19km from Al Bab

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Syrian Democratic Forces in 19km from Al Bab

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have seized the village of Arima. Now, the SDF is deployed in about 19km from the Al Bab city in Aleppo province.

Meanwhile, the SDF is still not able to reach the center of Manbij. The video below shows an ISIS VBIED attack on the SDF positions southeast of Manbij. “Many YPG militias” have been reportedly killed by the attack.

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North to the highway and north of Al Bab are many kurdish villages and even towns, while Al Bab itself is mixed. SDF would do well to aim for this area.

Once above and beyond Al Bab, Ahres is near.

chris chuba

Taking Al Bab would effectively cut ISIS in half and sever it from Turkey without having to control the actual border of Syria. It would be a very good thing. Had the SAA advance on Tabaqa military airport succeeded, that would have accomplished the same thing but that didn’t end well.


A link up between SAA and SDF held areas would provide for the exchange of necessary goods for both sides.

SDF has grain, wheat, oil, maybe some cotton and needs medicines, some consumer goods, spare parts etc.

This could mean a small start for reconstruction and reintegrating of parts of Syria.

Lasse Riise

The “Hêzên Sûriya Demokratik” (HSD) are even closer to the Kurdish city of Qabasin. Qabasin is the Kurdish centre of the whole region. Qabasin is strategically placed on the road to Axtare. Axtare is the most important Kurdish Town in the whole northwestern Syria. The entire area is outside the scoap of Turkish artillery. A pattern of liberation is emerging. Go for it Kurds and all friends of Kurds, such as Yêziditis, Chaldo-Ashuriyun Christians, Circassians etc. You are building the only civilized humane society in the entire Middle-East. This is Your once in a lifetime chanse for freedom. Hopefully, may You achieve total victory in the end. Biji Rojava! Biji Jineolgy!

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