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Syrian Democratic Forces Handed Over Ming Airbase In Aleppo Countryside To Russian Military


On October 26, Syrian opposition activists confirmed that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had handed over Ming Airbase in the northern Aleppo countryside to the Russian military.

Back on October 20, opposition sources published a video of the Russian flag over the airbase and reported that Russian helicopter landed inside it. However, opposition activists didn’t confirm back than that the SDF handed over the airbase to the Russians and withdrew from it.

Meanwhile, Syrian pro-government activists claimed that Russia, Turkey and the Syrian government are planning to reopen the road between Aleppo city and the Bab al-Salamah border crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border.

A week ago, the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group al-Shamiyah Front handed over Bab al-Salamah border crossing to the Turkish-sponsored Syrian Internal Government. This supports the claims about a Russian plan to reopen the road.

Moreover, pro-government activists claimed that the FSA and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) will withdraw from several areas north of Aleppo city including Kafr Hamrah and Dahrat Abd Rabu villages, Hayyan town and al-Zahar district.

Syrian Democratic Forces Handed Over Ming Airbase In Aleppo Countryside To Russian Military

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According to the rumors, the road towards Bab al-Salamah will be protected by the Russian military. If these claims are true, the deal will allow civilians to move freely between the FSA, SDF and SAA areas in the norther Aleppo countryside.

The deal will also allow pro-government civilians to travel directly to Turkey again, and will allow pro-opposition civilians to return to their towns and villages that was captured by the SDF back on 2015.



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  • Kira Binkley

    And the “mighty and powerful” USA gives in to Russia. Russia takes the lead.

    The Kurdish people will find their goals, whatever they are, and they really need to be more specific in them, will be more attainable. If it is to be.

    • Kennethllindsy

      Kurds are probably happy that Russia is guarding their flank from Turk attacks from Azaz & N Aleppo.
      Frees up Kurds manpower for Idlib offensive.

  • palebluedot

    I’m confused as hell. How is this Turkish occupation and support for rebels (FSA or their ilk) in Idlib going to end?

    • Kennethllindsy

      As soon as it is “safe.”

    • Daniel Castro

      Turks will never leave, ever… The only hope left is the fact they are probably not western allies anymore, but for Syria this is very little relief.

      • Tudor Miron

        “never leave, ever”(c) I would not be so sure, lets see how it unfolds in a fiew months.

      • Kira Binkley

        Keep confusing El Trumpo, He’s not a very smart person.

    • Daniel Rich

      @ palebluedot,

      In one, gigantic, Machiavellian clusterf***.

      Sultan Errdogance has felt the hand of the righteous before and he will feel it again, in due time. First get rid of the takfiri terrorists, then put the Kurds back in place, and lastly, convince the Turkish Army to retreat back to from whence they came, with no or minimal losses or else…

    • Kira Binkley

      Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Erdogan could have some tricks up his sleeve. But good ones, not bad ones. All the better to confuse Trump with.

    • dutchnational

      Share something almost everybody knows :


      NOT EVER.

      Like Hatay and Golan.