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Syrian Democratic Forces Handed Over Al-Omar Oil Fields To Damascus Government Under Secret Deal – Unconfirmed

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Syrian Democratic Forces Handed Over Al-Omar Oil Fields To Damascus Government Under Secret Deal - Unconfirmed

Source: sdf-press.com

On July 15, a source familiar with the situation in eastern Syria told the Kurdish outlet Bas News that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have handed over the strategic Omar oil fields to the Damascus government as a part of secret agreement between the two sides.

The source added that the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is the leader of the SDF, and the Damascus government have also formed a joint committee to manage the oil fields in the northeastern governorate of al-Hasakah.

Omar Rahmun, a well-known mediator between the government and the opposition, said on Twitter that units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were deployed in the Omar oil fields as a result of an agreement with the SDF. However, Rahmun didn’t present any evidence to support his claims.

During the last two months, the SDF’s leadership and the Damascus government stressed their readiness to engage in a direct dialog on many occasions. Furthermore, several sources reported that the two sides reached a secret agreement to share power in eastern Syria.

The SDF’s leadership and the Damascus government have not commented on these reports yet, which may mean that a deal is indeed in the making.

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Michał Hunicz

Do what the hell happened with the American base there?

Robert Hitchens

Yankistanis went AWOL. ;-)


Good move Piss the US OFF US WANTS FREE OIL


Unconfirmed, but hope that Syria has joint control of oil field now. :) Repair teams to go there soon I would think (without being bombed by US).


I will believe this when its officially confirmed – the SDF cant do anything without the US approval

Richard M

Maybe they finally realized that FUKUS is throwing them under the Ottoman bus, and the only hope they have is getting protection from Damascus?

Bill Rood

Why did you omit the Z?


I can understand mindless conflict in the Deir Azor Region. But This makes Me worry! What did the Russians or Syrians Give up? is this a True and Honest Olive Branch? Are The Russians actually Uniting Syria? successfully? Because… Fingers crossed Knock on wood


You have to keep in mind that where the Americans only know how to threaten and bribe others, the Russians actually still master the fine art of diplomacy.


The Bear can dance on tiptoe while wearing combat boots.

Robert Hitchens

The Assad government has established a solid reputation for negotiating in good faith with the insurrectionists. Therefore, when the Syrians and the Russians sit down and outline the range of choices the Kurds have, it’s an easy sell. In any case, the Syrian government has long had a policy of allowing the Syrian Kurds a good bit of autonomy in running their internal affairs. And the Syrian Arab Army does not have formal Kurdish units, rather there is a 50,000 strong Kurdish Army as part of the Syrian Armed Forces. It’s only the Marxist YPG that signed on to be Uncle Shmuel’s proxy mules.

Brother Ma

So you are saying the Saa has had fifty thousand kurds fighting for it all along? Where were they ? Iiving outside of the “”kurdish areas”?


You can be Sure Syrian government only fully trust its own S.A.A. and while it needs and appreciates all the help, it is planning always on maximum self sufficiency of the well educated Syrian peoples. In Food, Medical, energy, weapons, and consumer goods.


if this is true…adding to that raqqa region including dam….then obviously the kurds are changing sides and choosing the SAA due to the turkish pressure and fear of whta happended in afrin region might happen to manjib region as turkish and us soldiers patrol together already on the outskirts of the city. Now the ball is in turkey´s hands.If they play ball and retreat from syria, that would be the best news.But I truly doubt that turkey will play ball.


Almasdar yesterday also noticed an agreement about the great dam near Tabqa.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do you think Trump is asking Russia how the best way to pull out of Syria without losing face in the world but some Generals are not pleased and neither are the Neocons at the SpookIAs. Brett McGurk and many Generals thinks this is the best way to counter Turkey-Talks moves in the Middle East.

Mustafa Mehmet

When our borders save then


There is unverified information that US and coalition troops in north Syria are planting potatoes in their bases, SDF is carrying the water lol

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Urr, that would exploding “potatoes”, right, the ones supplied to IS by the US (totally accidentally, of course), to liberate the Syrian people from the drudgery of this life, fully democratic, of course!


LOL, who will they get to harvest them.


If true I’m not that surprised. The SDF is many things, US stooges for one, but the one thing they are shit at for sure is economic management. After all, they’re Marxists. And the one thing that Americans have no interest in whatsoever is propping up Marxists economically. In this case they’re just a tool against Assad and the Russians, nothing more. So they get enough support to keep Assad and the Russians at bay, read: weapons, but nothing to keep this region economically afloat. So since the SDF can’t develop the Omar oil fields, let alone export the oil, it seems only natural for them to make a deal with Assad. If it means handing over the oil fields back to Assad in exchange for a percentage of the profits, well, a percentage of something is always better then the full percentage of nothing.

Robert Hitchens

“And the one thing that Americans have no interest in whatsoever is propping up Marxists economically.”

Yankistanis are the dictionary definition of unprincipled pragmatists. If a Marxist will pull a trigger on their behalf, they will gladly supply the arms and ammo. Once the fight is over, however, their “loyal and steadfast freedom fighters” suddenly become “communist terrorists,” justifying continued occupation.

Val Shadowhawk

I was about to chime in here. Agreed! The Americans(U.S. govt) is Communist infested to the core. Marxists on the ‘left’ and Neo Con$ Trotskyites on so called ‘right’.

Brother Ma

To BarbabPapa as well. Us wont help commies? And they sure love propping up commie china with all the american companies offshoring over there!

Val Shadowhawk



Well meet.


There has always been this background idea that some forces could go either way depending on who was ahead . The shear volume of gear handed back over to Syria is suspicious. In a real war you booby trap it or destroy outright.

Perhaps the ME is a bit more on to Fukus and friends than we give them credit for. Sure we will “fight” for you, until we won’t, either way thanks for the weapons and go fuck yourself, one thing the US is good at! Well OK they smash civilians and their infrastructure in the process. The duplicity has shown through for decades and the rest of the world is getting on to it. If the civilians in the US ever turn off their tubes, we might yet make a livable world. Although their are signs the rest of humanity is fed up waiting for them!

In the meantime this is an interesting story that brings hope. This is what could happen, when you have no allies who trust your word! Given the history, how can they?

Tudor Miron

Too early to jump to conclusions at this point. Lets see if there’s confirmation.


Oi SF, don’t spoil it, the word is “rumour”.


I can imagine it is used as a diplomatic barganing chip, but in exchange for what?


Not losing it all to Turkey-US. I the long game Syria will gain control of its borders and therefor how oil leaves the country, no matter who claims the wells.

Bill Wilson

Here’s the deal. The Kurds get 20% of the revenue earned from the oil & gas fields in the territories under their control to help pay for their civilian administration costs. The Syrian government used to take care of that until their employees fled the area or the country due to the fighting between rebel groups or from ISIS garnishing a large amount of their paychecks. ISIS managed local governments with their own people for the most part then withdrew the workers when the SDF chased them out. The SDF had to find local civilians capable of running things along with a way to pay their salaries so managed to get the Syrian government to help pay for that cost thru revenue sharing in the sales oil & gas and agricultural commodities. Damascus has no complaints about doing that since the Kurds have done a good job keeping civil order and the agricultural sector up and running again with the help of the damn Yanquis. I’m pretty sure that the SDF held off on returning the al Omar fields back to Damascus until ISIS no longer posed a threat to those then found reasonable local Arab militias capable of guarding those while they were being repaired then back into production. The Kurds got Damascus to pay 15% of the revenues earned from the NE oil & gas fields to the local Arab militias guarding those so probably got the same arrangement for those in Deir Azzor. The Syrian Kurds have had a good relationship with Assad’s government since the fighting started. They have had some run-ins with local pro-government militias over bullshit that Dasmacus found to be trivial so put a stop to it. Assad may talk some shit about the Kurds but that’s to appease others. Bashar is actually greatfull that the Kurds with coalition help have managed to run out ISIS then maintain civil order in those regions since his military and government lacked the manpower to do that.


The Syrians deserve this and also to be left alone lets all remember until a few years ago we did not hear from Syria at all until the assignation of the Lebanese leader in that explosion most likely a Israeli action? Remember after that Syrian troops had to leave and about a year and a half later Vola! ISIS OR ISIL or whatever came on scene and then the western backed media machine kicks into gear, In my Opinion the western backers of these actions did not expect Russian participation number one and number two they did not expect the Russian participation to be as effective as it is and was it changed the tide and provided a much need boost and break to the Syrian Army when it was on the brink of collapse and since then with a couple of minor speed bumps the terrorists and their western backers have been on the run? Above all else the Russian participation has really forced the western backers to re-think and be much more thoughtful in there actions example: How many times has the Israeli leader flown to Russia in the last year and a half?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Most attacks on politicians in the Middle East have an Israeli connection why do you think MEK killed so many politicians in Iran and tried to kill Khameini back then in the 80’s and Rafik Harriri as he was siding with Syria before they killed him in 2014 the Qatari’s blamed KSA and they blamed Qatar and Israel, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive”.

Wolf47525 111111111

Thank you for funny anecdotes


Will believe it completely when I see it Cuz. If this is True, then this is a Sign of Warming Ties between the Syrian Government and Kurds. Compared to their more hostile relations with the Opposition. The Kurdish Cuzins have more in Common with the Government on Secularism. and I think they prefer them more.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They removed Ocalan posters and anything else that is a reminder, seen that on Rojava on twitter , try Qulaat Mu’diq on twitter he is a pro opposition supporter but sift through it carefully.

Brother Ma

Problem is sharing power will be like turks and greeks in cyprus. The Turks in the minority had too much power andcp still wanted more. Syria with equal power with Kurds will be like the Syrians having a sword over their heads always.


Great news if it’s true.


The kurds need to deal with the Syrian government, the U.S. won’t be Eastern Syrian for long,being in good term with Turkey is far beneficial to the U.S. then the Kurds allies.


Far better plan than letting Turkey-US get them soon.

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