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Syrian Democratic Forces Entered ISIS Stronghold Of Tabqah

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Syrian Democratic Forces Entered ISIS Stronghold Of Tabqah

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed up by the US-led coalition’s airpower, artillery and military advisers, have entered the ISIS stronghold of Tabqah.

The SDF took control of the Aeed Al-Saker neighborhood in the western part of Tabqah and the Al-Eskandaria neighborhoods in its eastern part. 16 ISIS fighters were reportedly killed.

This advance followed heavy shelling of ISIS positions in the city by the US-led collation’s fighter jets and artillery units.

Pro-SDF sources also reported that the US-backed forces carried out a series of operations against ISIS fighters inside the city last night.

Separately, the SDF captureed the Northern Msherfeh village in the northern countryside of Raqqah. 27 ISIS fighters were reportedly killed during this operation.

Syrian Democratic Forces Entered ISIS Stronghold Of Tabqah

Click to see the full-size map. Source: @EmmanuelGMay/Twitter

US-led collation warplanes have intensified airstrikes on ISIS positions in Raqqah and Tabqah since last night. According to the ISIS-linked Amaq news agency, the US-led collation bombed a market in Raqqah yesterday.

It’s expect that SDF will be able to capture the whole Tabqah city within few days as ISIS defenses are collapsing in the area. The number of ISIS fighters inside the city is way lower than it has been expected. The group suffers a lack of manpower in the area.

If Tabqah is captured, the SDF will likely continue its operations in the northern Raqqah in order to encircle the ISIS stronghold. The Tabqa dam will be another obvious target of the US-backed advance.

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Bill Wilson

I bet they enjoy these night time operations since they can sneak around with silencers on their guns and kill Daesh fighters without being noticed.


Sounds like good tactics.

Read somewhere about KRG special forces or anti terrorist forces fighting along the SDF here. Would they be PUK if correct? What are the implications if correct?

Bill Wilson

I don’t know who the SDF has with them. I’m sure the US and SDF sent over elite units who would stand their ground when attacked since their backs are to the river.


It worked out all right, but it was risky indeed.

Dustil schmit

If I had a guess the hotel/hospital then the Assyrian/dam workers quarters would be next to be taken. Center of the city, will be a harder fight.

Bill Wilson

The SDF should know exactly where Daesh has defensive positions since the spy the US recently retrieved was the ISIS commander of Tabqa. With that knowledge in hand, then they should be able to sneak past positions to attack from the rear or later on at night.

Jonathan Cohen

YPG abortion rights for Tabqa, Roqqa, then Mecca! Hooray!

jim crowland

Good jobs guys!!

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