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Syrian Democratic Forces Deployed At Eastern Entrance To Raqqa

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Syrian Democratic Forces Deployed At Eastern Entrance To Raqqa

Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), pictured here in May, help lead the U.S.-backed alliance called the Syrian Democratic Forces. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO)

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are only in 1 km away from the Al-Mashlab district located in the eastern part of Raqqa city.

They also captured the Na’el and Nozha farms west of the village of Raqqa Samra and besieged ISIS fighters near the the Ba’ath dam. Violent clashes are reportedly ongoing in the area as ISIS militants are trying to break the siege by regaining control of the nearby Mansoura village.

Yesterday, ISIS claimed the killing of 17 Kurdish fighters in the village of Raqqa Samra. ISIS militants also attacked alleged PKK positions in the village of Qabia’ Gharbi in the western Raqqa countryside and managed to kill 6 PKK members.

According to local sources, 422 civilians were killed during the last month in Raqqa city. 324 of them were killed as a result of US-led coalition airstrikes.

According to opposition sources, the SDF began negotiations with ISIS terrorist organization to withdraw from the Ba’ath Dam and the villages of Mansoura and Hnidi.

Moreover,I SIS commander and scholar Turki Al Bana’ali was killed in a US-collation airstrike in Raqqa. Al Bana’ali allegedly was one of the founders of ISIS in terms of ideology and strategic planning.

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The Kurds have been drinking too much US coolade. IF an independent Kurdistan does become a US reality it will be land locked between hostile nations. Rather than self gratification now, the Kurds need to consider who will feed them tomorrow . It certainly will not be Turkey or Iraq.


Any illegitimate state can only last through brute outside force. If it’s not natural or historical it’s not going to last on its own. Israel has been in existence for ~70 years only through the complete support of the United States, if you remove that support it will collapse very soon afterwards despite all its military capabilities. If “Kurdistan” is forced into existence it will only be because of US force and its existence will last as long as US force in the region does.

I’ve yet to meet a rational Kurd who seeks independence. They’re all deluded with outlandish lies and nonsense and don’t seem to bother researching those lies independently to see if they are even true to begin with. An independent “Kurdistan” will be nothing more than a hostile troublemaker for every other people in the region and will be permanently in a state of hostilities with all of its neighbors.

If the Kurds want to insist on becoming the second most hated people of the Middle East after Jews then they should continue on their current path of helping the US and Israel advance the Greater Israel Balkanization project but they shouldn’t complain when the inevitable backlash even happens once their US master leaves the region and throws them under the bus.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel will feed them so long as they continuing attacking Iranians inside of Iran. As Kurd’s claim to own the northern part of Iran too lol.
Soon Kurd’s will claim they own Ireland and Germany to. That is just the type of bigots that Kurd’s are.
Apparently they own the earth like Jews say they do, and the rest of us are just in their way. lol

Free man

Real racist talks about bigots.
Too funny.


I rather object against the consistent use of PKK for the SDF forces. PKK is turkish kurds. SDF is syrian kurds, arabs and syriacs. Do not make knowingly patently false statements.

If you are an impartial site, have the courtesy to use the right names of militias. When you report on rebels, you use their groupnames, even though they are islamo fascists and jihadis. When you report on the NDF, you call them NDF, even though many consider them not much better than bandits.

So, have the same courtesy towards the SDF, even if you consider them to be PKK.

Be impartial.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Southfront is bias in favor of humanity.
Southfront is not very tolerant of the anti-Humans.
-True story.

Free man

But You are anti-Humans and SF is tolerant to you.


ISIS is the name they have given themselves , Daesh is derogatory , and only used by adversary’s . So I find that neutral .
The Kurdish groups are so numerous , they are confusing to outsiders . SDF , I find fault with as it seems to be American , rather than Kurdish . Possibly SF could give us all a tutorial , on the different names, ( and initials) of the Kurdish . Or maybe you feel up to it .


How apt that an ISUS ideologue should be called al-Banali. Did someone make this up in a western media lab?

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