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Syrian Democratic Forces Denounce Syrian Army’s Call To Unite Against Turkish Invasion, War Report

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Syrian Democratic Forces Denounce Syrian Army's Call To Unite Against Turkish Invasion, War Report

On October 31, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) recaptured the villages of Abu Rasin, al-Manakh, al-Sibatiyah, Rajlah al-Hamrah and al-Qasimiyah from Turkish-backed militants in northeastern Syria.

Turkish-backed militant groups, backed up by the Turkish Army, seized these villages and several others on October 30. However, they appeared to be unable to keep control of all of them without a constant direct support from the Turkish Army.

Despite this, the military situation in the area remains tense and Turkish-led forces continue attempts to expand their zone of control. These attacks are likely attempts to exploit the existing contradictions between the SDF and the Syrian Army.

On October 30, the Syrian Defense Ministry released an official statement calling on SDF members to join the ranks of the army to counter the Turkish offensive and restore Syrian territorial integrity. The defense ministry also proposed SDF members to settle their legal situation, even those wanted for security reasons. The Syrian Interior Ministry released a similar statement, welcoming personnel of the SDF’s security forces, known as Asayish, into its ranks.

These statements faced a fierce resistance among the SDF leadership that claimed that it will not accept any deal that would not “recognize and preserve” the group’s “privacy and structure.” Mazloum Abdi, commander-in-chief of the SDF, claimed that these offers are “unwelcomed,” calling on Damascus to grant the SDF with a special status.

This behavior is apparently linked with actions of US forces that have recently increased their activity in northern Syria. A US military column was recently spotted in the village of Sreen, south of Kobani. Most likely, these actions are aimed at rescuing the crumbling US influence in the countryside of Raqqah, additionally to the already occupied oil fields in Deir Ezzor.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Turkish terrorists fighting usa terrorists, neither terrorist can win without usa or turkish armed forces support. so they will go back and forth until all ‘usa assets’ are liquidated

Panthera Pardus

The kurdish will never learn.

Pave Way IV

That’s kind of the point. The SDF commander is pissed off at Assad for not agreeing to 1) accept an autonomous SDFistan, 2) with its own army and 3) its own control of Syrian borders in SDFistan territory. Assad isn’t falling for the Kurd’s desperate attempt to hide behind the US-created SDF because the SDF solders – today – are over half Arab tribesmen, not Kurds. Except the SDF commanders – those can only be Kurds, I guess.

The Arab tribes have little desire to knuckle under to a single-party Kurdish-run statelet, be forced to conscript in the Kurdish army or (probably most important) give up the major oilfields in Arab tribal areas (Deir EzZor) to be looted by the Kurdish state for taxes. It’s preferable for the Arab tribe half of the SDF to settle their status with the Syrian government and become part of the SAA as individuals. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. The SDF will be stripped of all the ‘moderate’ arab tribe rebels and all that territory they hold in Deir EzZor. The few small groups of anti-Assad al Qaeda-friendly Arab militia left in the SDF will be useless. The SDF commander knows this, yet clings to his (US-created) unified SDF fantasy. No matter. He will soon lose half his army and the oilfields. Then it’s just ‘the Kurdish Army’ again.

Joseph Scott

No, that’s not how the SDF is structured at all. Each group forms it’s own units with it’s own commanders. Even it’s participation in a given operation is essentially up to that unit. The whole Democratic Confederalist structure operates that way, and it was seen throughout the war, for example, when several units declined to participate in the attack on Raqqa.

There is a lot of disinformation swirling around about the SDC/SDF, here especially, but everywhere. The Democratic Confederalist structure entails groups from the village and up choosing their own representatives through direct vote, then these representatives electing some of their number to the next highest level, and so on.

The headline is a lie. They did not reject the call to cooperate in defence of Syria. If you read their statement, they said the exact opposite. They proclaimed support for cooperation against Turkish invasion. What they rejected was that the SDF should stop being the SDF, until the political process was completed, including such things as agreement on a new constitution, which the Syrian Constitutional Council is discussing in Geneva now. This was the initial agreement made, and they are simply rejecting any divergence for that initial agreement.

Pave Way IV

Even it’s participation in a given operation is essentially up to that unit.

You’re describing the organization and motivation of local YPG/YPJ and Arab tribal militias (low-level ‘little people’ units not worth bribing), not the US fantasy cat-herding and fake commander bribing exercise of a ‘unified SDF’ as a legitimate organized army – at least in appearance. Explain how Mazloum Abdi can possibly be considered commander-in-chief of the SDF if following his orders is at the whim of each component local militia? Abdi and his lackeys are – or were – tools of the US.

There is a lot of disinformation swirling around about the SDC/SDF, here especially, but everywhere.

Yet that’s hardly enough to counter the tidal wave of bullshit propaganda about them pushed by the US Deep State, Intelligence and Pentagon (same thing). Everyone here can understand the motivation of local and tribal militias to defend their homes. Nobody here can believe a cult-like devotion to the SDC’s/PYD’s psychopathic, already-corrupt and unusually wealthy western hand-picked leadership. Isn’t that exactly why they claim to hate the Assad clan?

Sounds more like a few ‘influential’ Kurds looking for their own piece of US State Department cheese. Wealth and privilege will eventually be amassed by the few under the guise of power to the people PYD ideology. Kurds aren’t stupid. FFS, how many times does humanity have to suffer another one of these fake socialist movements? Wait – the people can always vote out the corrupt bastards, right? A Democratic Confederalist structure is great for hashing out local goat parking issues in town, but is especially prone to usurpation and corruption. I’m sure the CIA and Mossad love the idea.

The headline is a lie. They did not reject the call to cooperate in defence of Syria.

Well, it’s not accurate for the reasons you stated. But the SDF itself is ineffective and worthless without constant US welfare, SOCOM hand-holding, CENTCOM intelligence and air support. Read the tea leaves: the US is abandoning the Kurd part of the SDF and now favors the former ISIS/al Qaeda Arab Tribe part of the SDF. Why? Because THEY can be incented (bribed) to do the US bidding by punishing Syrian civilians (withholding their oil and gas), fighting the SAA in Deir EzZor (as SDF, ISIS or whatever) and blocking the Iran/Shia Crescent at the Syrian/Iraqi border. Only question now is which way will the tribal leaders go? US/Saudi moneybags and eventual backstabbing, or just back to a weakened Baathist Party under Assad – like the old days.

What they rejected was that the SDF should stop being the SDF, until the political process was completed…

I agree that this is what they (the SDF) think. Just pointing out that the Arab Tribes of the SDF are disinclined to wait around for politics. Maybe I’m wrong.

Jens Holm

Your “SOUNDS LIKE” does it very well, You never will understand SDFs are independent militias, which has promised not to go against the SDF/YPG programme.

Even explained many times, You deny to understand advanced structures and fx the ones here too.

I can give You one very good example being Barzani i Iraq. It was decided by voting, that it was a very good idea having Kurdistan and the possesded areas as a country named Kurdistan. FINE with that.

But when it came to actually fight for it with weapons, only 1 of the 11 independent Peshmergas decided to fight against Bagdad and against the Constituin about them in 2004.

Thats how it is. The Militias re themselves too and has to be asked and can decide to say yes, no and maybee.

The new ly made infantery army is not like that, if it exist anymore. They have/had one upper command only. Thats an army and no militia.


example of another corrupt leader far worse than saddam. everyone wants to take something of others..but offer nothing in return. kurds were not in the oil regions of Iraq before oil was discovered and soon, thats part of their fiefdom. This kind of setup never worked in human history and will never work in the future. Thats why they want A government to protect them and pay them and look after them. But they dont want to pay taxes, serve the government or do their obligations as citizens. yea good like with that once foreigners who fund this for their own benefits leave.

Jens Holm

According to the PYD program they SDF-kurds by needed reforms and education make a bigger income and by taxes as my country has.

The oil income today is not shared with Syrians but goes into centralized free benefit for few, where corruption is as well as all over eerything i Syria.

You are incorrect about serving their Goverment because they by an adcanced not one string system also need less from their goverment.

In Denmark as an example, Our Goverment never see about 50% of our taxmoney. They are local used by loacl elected, because locals know local things better and by that can control, what we can effort having own choises. If our politicians aree bad, we know the bad ones and can replace them and do. The same for public employed of ours.

It should be like that al over Syria. There has not been any reforms about that since I remember, and I am not Young.

So its not Kurds(SDFs) in contrast to the rest as told by enemies. The same goes for democrasy, which Assads and Jihadists blame them for is not perfect.

I am no Marxist but those parlaments any time are very demoratic to compare with, whats now.

I can go to Turkey and say the same. Many of the rights Kurds dont have are the same for all in Turkey. AKPs systematicly has done it leaving human right more and more in several matters.

Pave Way IV

“…Even explained many times, You deny to understand advanced structures and fx the ones here too…”

There are two ‘understandings’ you intentionally conflate, Jens: 1) MY understanding of the way the YPG/YPJ, SDF and US troops work on the ground in reality, and 2) THE US NARRATIVE of the SDF as an indigenous, self-supporting popular army devoted to the ideological fantasy of a unified, democratic confederation utopia of SDFistan.

The reason US insurgency operations FAIL is the same reason all our counterinsurgency operations FAIL: Liberate to Exploit is not a workable foreign policy – it’s pure f’king EVIL. No amount of censorship, disinformation/PSYOPS or marketing is going to fool the victims or the enablers any more. The goy know… SHUT IT DOWN!

Jens Holm

There is only one understanding. You totally deny to understand how so many in Syria has uprised and the non uprisers today even in millions has left the country.

In Turkey its exact the same thing apart from several sectors are reformed. Less and less human right for ALL Turks systematicly has been reduced by AKP and making Erdopgan almost to Dictator.

You only write about the results of not including people and develloping fx the poor parts of Syria.

And in the most infame way, You even blame Kurds for it as well as outcommers.

I also can read, You know nothing about systems , which are different from Dictatorship and Jihadisme. NOTHING, even a lot of countries have much succes with them and fx makes Western Economics and affiliates such as China.

There are no reasons for Syrians being as poor apart from the mismanegement by the oilgrabbing corrupt Bathists of Damaskus. This also is not about oil but about a very low and ineffective way of being and produce.

How can You prefare – as in Lebanon and Iraq – that more then 50% of the men has no job and vomen probatly close to 100% being secondary class kind of almost humans. How can You???

If thats a succes, where You are, You see the fiasko result. I am sure many jihadists and some SDFs too has joined almost any army and by that gets money, food, clothe and a life. = RESULT.


You got that out of the bible? Only thing democratic about these thugs is they have guns and get paid what they demand and think they deserve, They are nothing without the guns. Its ALL for money and power nothing else. This structure will not work anywhere without others giving them free money. This is like johnstown cults and the MEK cults.

Jens Holm

Most countries in the Western Ecomics are structured as they propose.

Telling Our economy as western by that is minus, which should be paid by others, I dont see at all.

Who should pay that ? You ? Hahahahaha.

I know what proxy is. Its Assad being commander of the Russian army. You has not even been able to improve Your army since 1973 and not even has any hidden gas for own defence – hahaha.


Yea thats why you dont own any of that oil in the arab world. Because of your structure. Since you are such low hanging fruits to be plucked by the first snake oil salesman. And a bunch of goats dont make your economy. If that was so you would not live in shanty squalid conditions. Even the ones who moved into cites like aleppo are the least developed. Like the bronx. Why you want the arab oil fields??? You think the kurds would ever have been able to build like the dam to produce electricity that the baath party did? kurds could not even operate it properly. You going to make armaments?? phones?? medicines?? Yea you need money to buy all those and thats why the kurds always run to grab the oil fields.. We saw that in iraq and we saw that in syria. It sure was not to help the Syrians. Heck you dont even want to pay taxes. There is a word to describe such people. Go democratise your iranian mountains. Let’s See singapore happen there first.


Thanks Joseph for a sane, informed comment.

Jens Holm

Some few relative normals are here.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Fuck ’em then!

Jacob Wohl's Nose

At this point SDF are almost not worthy of even siding with or unifying with. They are all ultra pro-Murican and very anti-SAA. Only solution I could see is RUAF + SyAAF pounding them into oblivion

Jacob Wohl's Nose

They will only learn the hard way – which is by intense Russian and Syrian airstrikes :)


Nonsense. They have well learned not to put their throat to the knives of Asads, Ottomans and the like. They learned not to do that with the Americans now.


You sure about that? If I was a betting man I’d wager they’d cozy right up to the blade of anyone promising them some pie in the sky deal where they get an ideal Kurdistan all to themselves and lots of oil money they aren’t entitled to. Not denigrating all Kurds, just doubting the speed and depth at which their leadership absorbs these lessons.

Karen Bartlett

Wouldn’t you know the Turks would try to capture Syrian territory and the Kurds would refuse to join their own country and the US would have lied about withdrawing US troops.

Jens Holm

Another mismangement. They are in their own country and in facts do fend it right now as well as they can.

Before that theyy during several years has taken thoer part of the country they actually live in from ISIS and not Assads, which left.

SDFs dont have to join anything. They already are and many also can proove it be written contracts for rent or ownership.

SDFs never was soldiers of Assads. They mainly are extra support for Syria because the lousy army and secret polices of Damaskus are as ineffective for it, as any can be.

The wished for a kind of local independensy is very visible here by You too. No wonder they dont want to see and listen more to You, if its possible to se and listen to less.

The SDFs is like great parts of Syria one big non devellopment zone. Hardly anything has happen in decades apart from the private Baathist oil and gas grabbing.

Why are the poorest ones in Syria, incl. the many urbanized with no jobs, not allowed to try to take themselves up by well known methods.

I see the same for so many countries and regions mainly driven by muslims. You have no tools for giving Yourself wellfare by better and more given productivity because You are not familiar with structures, which are doing much beter then Yours in many parts of the world.

This is not about the primitivisme as connections to Damaskus. Its the opposit. Connections to there delay, deny and decline any normal devellopment. I never would live in a country, where people in the country trust each other that little and the worst is, they instead trust someone like Assads.


Assad was the one who gave them weapons. And asked the arabs to join the YPG in the first place. And it was the baath party that modernised Syria to the level it is. Dont think goat herding as a profession and education counts in this world.

Karen Bartlett

Sir, the Syrians among the Kurds left because the Kurds expelled them.


Rule of thumb: if our (US) leadership’s gums are flapping, we’re lying.

S Melanson

How many betrayals does it take for the SDF to finally ‘get it’?

The answer to this question is suspected to be infinity and has been taken up by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) in it studies of practical problem solving where the answer can never be proven by observation because the answer is strongly suspected to be infinite.

Although exceedingly rare that an object is infinitely immune to negative feedback to change its behaviour, the SDF are not unique. The KSA led Coalition are an even more impressive example of where infinity can actually manifest in reality:

How many humiliations are needed at the hands of the Houthis for the Coalition to finally ‘get it’?

The answer is even more strongly believed to be infinite. The exploration of such questions are an active field of study that may prove what was thought to be impossible, The existence of infinite stupidity.

Concrete Mike

Let me put this in equation form. Stupidity/0=infinity

Thats what is going on.


Jens Holm

More like equator and about Your fat stomach full of dirty air. According to facts and countings, You hardly know how many fingers and toes, You have.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

That was possibly the worst attempt at insulting someone I’ve ever encountered


Agreed. “Nuh uh” would’ve been better.

Concrete Mike

I have all my fingers and toes because i follow the number one #1 rule of mining: Dont stick your finger where you wouldnt stick your dick.

Listen syria is united nations recognized country, as far as international law is concerned usa and allies are illegals in syria, using isis fighting as a justification is not good enough!!

So yes the SDF is being infinitly stupid trying to impose conditions on reconciliation with the SAA. SAA have all the cards, SDF is in the way of peace, only israel ia interested in polarizing every country around. Do you support israel and their polarizing policies?

Jens Holm

As too often, You pr definition deny to understand anything of importance for Your whole region kept and remained in dark.

As long as You dont include all Your inhabitants and even exclude many, any foreigners can come in and out as they wish being correct in many things.

Unfortunatly You are used to the destructions and has learned to lget used to it by Your dicator corrupt masters.

Its not SDFs not getting it. They didnt uprise against Assads but cleaned because Assads left them because they were and are of no importance apart from the local oil boycut, which we see confirmed by Americans so far keeping some few oilfields.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

You are an angry Kurd, we get it :)


I was going to go with dumbass ….maybe it’s both.


I take that back. I read the next post, now I’m leaning hard in the direction of mentally challenged and I feel like a jerk.


Pathetic kurds, it doesn’t matter when Idlib is finished and wrapped up, that’s when the SDF will be given a final warning disband voluntarily or be forced by the rightful government of Syria.

Jens Holm

Pathetic Mike prefaring for another 100 years or more of wars killing each other as it was some purnugraphis must.


Highly doubt SAA will attack kurds or pkk or ypg etc.. They are not terrorists inside Syria but refugees.. But I am sure syrian security will go after some of these leaders. Once money runs out, everyone will see the light.. Look how they are developing Raqqa or heck even that stolen city of kobane. How long will people put up living in squalor when their neighbors have modern facilities?

Jens Holm

Hard to rebuild anything there when Turks and Assads has closed their borders apart from UN , Red Crescent and a few more NGÒs.

So You remark about that as well as the result, which should be some resetling is made impossible by ERdo and Assad. Dont blame Kurds.

Only americans has given som few practical things as extra. Those things mainly has been for own needed purpose.

I amsure Denmark and the rest of EU soon could and would send a lot of needed things to SDF and hardly nothing to Assads, if that was possible. Its not.

Denmark fx are world leading in making good windows of any kind. They certainly need windows in SDF and all Syria. and I dont think they ever has made some.

Concrete Mike

Fuck you dont bitch about embargos.on construction materials, shithead!

Its usa and eu that put sanctions on syria, and now you complain that the assad gov cant supply the people!!!

Need i remind you that Lafarge jas a cement plant around ayn issa? You know how much they sold, when they were under isis/nusrah occupation?

6 million tonnes of cement!!!
So who is withholding what? SDF has had the plant for a while now, whose hoarding the cement??


Whitey will want you to suck dick first and then maybe throw a few coins. If 500 years of experience is not enough then you never will..

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I have a feeling we will be seeing SyAAF and RuAF smash some kurdish muricunt slaves in the not so distant future. Hope I’m wrong because Kurds should be smart enough to join SAA, but that’s the problem – they are utterly stupid.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

kurds deserve all the shit they have gotten and will get, theyre the dumbest people on earth probably, along with the poles lol

Jens Holm

Sure, they are real Syrians too :) If You gave them and the poor oilmoney sharing in equal %, they probatly would shave their behinds, so they would look more like You.

Icarus Tanović

They will have to join SAA, if they want to survive.

Jens Holm

No, they dont. Those are not soldiers at all. They are volunteered militias and could go home as they wish.

They arised from nothing and was the USA second choise, when Assads left, because they did not prefare ISIS and at least 2 million refugees from their part already in Turkey and some few in Europe.

Survive wih Assads. We saw ir very well for Afrin. They didnt prefare Assads should retake everything theý had been defending for years, where Afrin also was a safezone for several 100.000 refugees.

Much mopre that many of those veterans prefare to fight, die or retreat. No more Assad support. For years many Kurds were passive waitig for some improvements, but they never came. In stead Aasads left them and the many others living there.


the Kurds should relocate their Rojava to Topeka Kansas

Jens Holm

More like Syria should go southe, where it cam from. Aleppo and Raqqa proconces never was Syrians.

We see it well on any map. Jihadists and SDFs are, where the artifical border even has divided those provinces. Syria also was an inland and no country. It has acces to the sea and France made it and not the locals.


You murdered and drove millions of christians from northern syria to grab their houses and land and now you want the arabs to leave too? If anything the arabs are going to kick you goaty ass back to the mountains of iran where you came from.

Those millions of arabs you drive to turkey.. Oh they have not come back yet.. But the SNA, are some of them and I can see why they treat kurds so badly.. do unto others as others have done unto you.. wait until the millions comes pouring back in.. Burning down the offices of the records wont make any difference.. Oh no one mentions it that the kurds burnt down syrian administration buildings to get rid of recorded ownership papers..

Joseph Scott

The headline is a blatant lie. The welcomed and supported a call to cooperate in defence of Syria. Read their actual statement.

Jens Holm

Anybody can read that, as they wish. They didnt shouted and asked for joiing Damaskus and Assads at all.


NO, they welcomed Syria to go fight Turkey while they hide in the back and run away. Thats how 20 SAA got captured 6 killed and 2 executed.. The kurds instead of watching the SAA’s back ran away from the Turkish tanks showed up. And now the kurds say its their land? It was Syrian land and again it was Syrian blood that got it back..

Jens Holm

Difficult to see Kurds running as You write. An infame and lying comment. They fx defended Kobani hard and are ordered by Russians to retrat from the Turkish borderzone.

SDF by Kurds or not hardly ever rund away. Its in nomal armies that You retreat, regroups and can fight again in new possitions instead of You primitive version dying fornothing as spendable Assads do.

Your version of Assads are completly wrong. I see Assads comming with hardly nothing because they hardly has anything in reserve for anything. SDFs are by Turkish demand not armed to fight against tanks. You dont get it. So they retreat and might leave some mines as roadside bombs and other kinds of traps.

Assads has no troops for rela fightings and they hardly has any supply lines and no own troops for consolidating ány keepings aparts from, where they do fight.

Telling itys not SDF land is an infame eveil accusation. They have papers for it as owners and renters and all are Syrian citicens. They took away ISIS from the land of Assads because they didnt prefare waiting for 10-20-30 years of Assads might come back and really dont care as usual.

True Assads spend a lot of blood but for free. Syrians – SDFs included – should not spend any blood for any regime like that. For thats how it is. Its the wrong persons running Damaskus and Syria.

So far its also ignored by You that SDFs has lost 13.000 militia soldiers and have ´destructions as well as many refugees and more ISIS prisoners then Assads.

I woner how it can be possible, You by having Internet and acces to the rest ofus, can reamin that stupid like having an ancient car, which You not even try to repair. And You also dont produce, so You instead cauld by some new car.

Karen Bartlett

That statement “Its the wrong persons running Damaskus and Syria” is why I am not inclined to support the Kurds. they want to replace the legitimate government of Syria, exactly like the US and other Western governments. Who would you want to run Syria?

Julian Clegg

Please provide a link to the statement, then we can read it.

Jens Holm

I dont have it right here. I think he refer to the statement among Turks and Russians, which not even include Kurds.

We see the same bilateral nonse from Idlib. Ceasefires dont include all, because they are never asked.

Concrete Mike

Cease fires dont.include terrorists, because they are non agreement capable. Having followed this war, its pretty easy to tell who breaks every agreements.


Kurds stuoidty without limits.

Jens Holm

Yes of course. SDFs are commanders of Trump just as Assad is commander of the Russian army.

Even a few vital mnistakes, I thinks YPG+J has taken their opportunitis well.

Some evil infame like You anytime only would expect them being many years as refugees in Turkey and 5 times a day praying towards Damaskus for Assads comming back and restore their poor missery.

The other version of course was, that YPG/PKK actually let themselves being killed as free spendables for the ARABIC Syria playing arap music as well.

But they choosed the third way giving them hope and did have a lot of succes. At least most of the 13.000 has died for something. None else do.

Julian Clegg

There are numerous militias, including Lebanese and Palestinian ones, allied with and fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army. Integration need not be a precondition for alliance.


The militas you speak of are from other nations, and only there by the consent of Damascus.
While under other circumstances a negotiated settlement would be found, with the enemy actually “at the gate and entering” there is no time for politics. It is survival time.
No government stands any chance of survival with only part of its army under its control.

Astrid Watanabe

So foolish and selfish of the Kurds to make more problems at a time like this. I am disgusted.


Syrian demonic forces with special status? There are no such entities in the entire world. Especially ones run by terrorists. Even worse this guy is now going to support the US to steal Syrian oil. Should be treated as terrorists no different than the invading turkish backed ones.

Jens Holm

US dont steal that sniffer oil. They block for oil to Assads, whcih they also do from the outside.

Some of the little oil by there and from the northern oildields are used by SDFs. Others parts are sold to low prices for Assads as well as they send some but not many truck loads to Turkey.

SDFs and USA are not able to produce much apart from dirty crude oil. It would be nice to see where USA steal oil to by a trust´worthy link or two.

Ballons, blims, zipfiles, down Eufrat, a tunnel digged by ISIS for supporting Israel or what.

Iraq and Iran both are no go. Both has more oil, then they can send by the Gulf.


This is somewhat of a misrepresentation. The SDF doesn’t refuse to fight alongside the SAA – in fact – they do fight together. They simply wouldn’t suspend themselves, which is probably a wise move. Having relied on the US (foolishly, to be sure), they won’t make the same mistake again and rely on the Asad regime.

George King

They already have a “special status”, gangs of traitors and thieves no different than the jihadis gangs. The safety zone is the area where both groups will be pitted against each other and pounded upon the anvil of their destiny.


As soon as the US stops sending money to the leaders of the SDF, they will come on their knees to Assad. It has happened many times before in their history.

Jens Holm

Pathetic remark even it might be true.

jim crowland

there is no mention of the bomb that exploded in some town controlled by the ottomans


Kurds have adopted communist egalitarianism and put their women in the Army. The result will be losing battles and in two generations there will be half as many Kurds as there are today. I feel with them the desire for their own country but their leadership has chosen the road to defeat and slavery.


best thing is for turkey and syria to join forces and beat the kurds in syria to an unrecognizable state and then go on with theri lives without a kurdish problem.

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