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JULY 2022

Syrian Democratic Forces Denies Taking Part In Russian Military Operation In Ukraine

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Syrian Democratic Forces Denies Taking Part In Russian Military Operation In Ukraine

File image, source: sdf-press.com

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which rules over vast parts of Syria’s northern and northeastern regions, have denied reports claiming that some of its fighters are taking part in the ongoing Russian special military operations in Ukraine.

In a statement released on March 4, the group called these claims “lies and fairy tales,” noting that most of these claims came from media sources affiliated with the Turkish-backed wing of the Syrian opposition.

“We confirm that this information is false, it is a part of desperate attempts by the Turkish occupation authorities to harm our forces,” the statement reads. “The SDF are Syrian national forces and are struggling to protect the land and peoples within Syria’s border against various forms of attacks launched by terrorists and occupation forces.”

The SDF maintains close relations with Russian forces in Syria, which are in present in its areas of control. However, group is allied to the US-led coalition.

The false reports accusing the SDF of taking part in the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, which began on February 24, are likely meant to justify a possible influx of Turkish-backed militants to Ukraine.

A number of recent reports revealed plans to send Turkish-backed Syrian militants to fight against Russian forces in Ukraine. Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service also warned very recently that the US is preparing to send “terrorists,” who were trained in Syria, to Ukraine.

Russia, who maintains a large and capable force in Syria, may take military action to neutralize militants planning to leave the country to fight in Ukraine.


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Logically not.


That was my first thought too. Why the SFD? They only care for themselves, and I can appreciate that sitting next to Turkey.

I would understand elements of the SAA wanting to help, but they are still very much busy at home. Dirty US hippocrates still occupy their lands.


ISIS fascists also only care for themselves but they are mercenaries, they go where money calls. Kurds though seem to care about “Kurdistan”, they have no reason to go to Ukraine.


You do pop up in the oddest of places

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