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Syrian Democratic Forces Continue Its Advance Towards Dashisha, Capture Key Position 2km Away

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Syrian Democratic Forces Continue Its Advance Towards Dashisha, Capture Key Position 2km Away

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On June 16, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued its advance towards the town of Dashisha near the Syrian-Iraqi border, in the southern al-Hasakah countryside, and captured the Ab Musab gas station, which is located only 2km away from the town, according to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

Earlier, the SDF captured the village of Tell al-Jabir, 4km to the west of Dashisha after heavy clashes with ISIS fighters, who then withdrew towards Dashisha.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has not released any report regarding the situation around Dashisha yet. This reflects the bad situation of the remaining fighters of ISIS in the southern al-Hasakah countryside.

The US-led coalition launched a military operation against ISIS fighters in Dashisha on June 3. Since then, the SDF, backed by special forces from France, Italy and the U.S., managed to captured a number of positions north and now west of the town.

The upcoming days will likely witness the SDF final attack on the ISIS-held border town, as the terrorist group’s fighters appear to be unable to stop the US-backed advance.

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Lets hope the casualties are high on both sides.
But it’s probably just theater, to make it look like the US doesn’t support ISIS.


I think ‘ theatre ‘ is far too High Brow for the US Military.
Would you consider that ‘pantomime’ is more fitting Sinbad :)

johnny de beer

Completely farcical. What are the uninvited, illegally present coalition forces doing there besides muddying the waters and smoke screening their terrorist supporting activity to overthrow the Syrian government. The Syrians and their allies are well capable of dealing with the situation without this “Western” interference in their sovereign affairs. Its high time the US and their criminal terrorist funding and arms supplies end and they depart Syria and take their moderate US trained ISIS & co along with them.


“Syria Democratic Forces” my a##Al-Qaeda, what f*king “Democratic” sh*t ?

Yes, …… and Putin wants to accept that g@arbage at the negotiations-table.
Something stinks there : Trump says Russia shall be taken back to G8, Trump says that Crimea is RUSSIAN..

Looks like__ so sorry I am that it’s so __ I was right with the PUTIN-list of demands to sell ASSAD and cut Syria in pieces “FOR A GOOD PRICE”-remember my comments?
Trump’s “leaks of intentions” came AFTER Bibi Netanyahu’s visit at MOSCOW on the 9th of May..

What’s missing is the NATO-withdrawal from the Baltic States, Ukraine fifty-fifty and NO SANCTIONS, normal business and Western Investments.
In this case, I presume that IRAN could be on the sell-out list, too.

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