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JUNE 2021

Syrian Democratic Forces Captures Raqqa University. 1,500 ISIS Members Remain In City

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Syrian Democratic Forces Captures Raqqa University. 1,500 ISIS Members Remain In City


On Friday, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured the buildings of Raqqa University in the southern part of Raqqa city, according to Kurdish sources.

The SDF also announced that its fighters killed over 20 ISIS members who tried to sneak into al-Amin and an-Thaknah districts in the center of the city.

Furthermore, the SDF discovered a large ammo depot of ISIS in the liberated areas in the center of Raqqa.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition announced that its warplanes carried out more than 8 airstrikes against ISIS in Raqqa city in the last 24 hours.

US Army colonel Ryan Dillon Spokesman for the US-led coalition announced on Thursday that over 60% of Raqqa city is now under the SDF control. Colonel Dillon also said that around 1,500 ISIS fighters are still active inside Raqqa city.

Colonel Dillon added that there is more than 2,500 ISIS fighters in Deir Ezzor city now. Furthermore, there is now between 6,000 and 8,000 ISIS fighters in the Euphrates river valley between al-Mayadin and al-Bukamal cities south of Deir Ezzor, according to the US-led coalition.

If the US-led coalition numbers are accurate the fighting is Raqqa city will go on for another month at least. As ISIS loses more positions in Raqqa city, its resistance will only become more harmful to the SDF as ISIS fighters will be able to carry out attacks on multiple frontlines.

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Pave Way IV

I wonder if the SDF will ever show captured arms depots stuffed with cases of East European-manufactured arms and ammunition shipped by SilkWay Airlines? Or maybe some US weapons originally sold to Saudi Arabia/UAE? No, I don’t think they’ll ever let those pictures past the SDF censors.


What they did show was, apart from IS production, often turkish, the bills of lading were sometimes found too.

They also found US, Russian etc material, captured by IS or bought from corrupt FSA, SAA and Iraqi army.

In those areas most of all kinds of weapons can be bought on the black market. All none state actors buy there.


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IS fighters already can attack on multiple fronts through their tunnels and the fragmented fighting in close quarters.

They are being degraded though and as their numbers keep on declining, they will be overwhelmed slowly. Fighting will go on, that is correct. Imo fighting will continue until somewhere in october.

A complicating factor could be if the new offensive towards DeZ by SDF, that seems to have started today, takes away some of the SDF forces around Raqqah.

Still, it is positive for the SDF that they can handle two offensives at the same time.

Carol Davidek-Waller

The 1500 that the US couldn’t ship out and redeploy to Deir??

Moussa Saab

I have been thinking about SDF lately, and I still find it as a land-grabbing, U.S-backed, backstabbing, double-faced, terrorist group.

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