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Syrian Democratic Forces Captured Two Villages In Euphrates Valley From ISIS (Map Update)

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured the villages of Abu Badran and Aliyat in the Euphrates Valley in ISIS, according to pro-Kurdish sources. The SDF is currently advancing on the village of Susah.

Syrian Democratic Forces Captured Two Villages In Euphrates Valley From ISIS (Map Update)

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well at least we know one thing now, THERE WEREN’T ANY MORE THAN 1,500 ISIS FIGHTERS HERE, you couldn’t fit in any more than that in this tiny area that’s left. lucky the SDF already killed off 500 of them, there’d be no room left for the others if they hadn’t, there’d be nowhere left to hide.

You can call me Al

I covered this in a previous post. ISIS are standing on each others shoulders to fit into the remaining area.

I think the SDF are on a go slow, hoping the US withdrawal is defined in a more concise way. My view only.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Squashed in like sardines LOL.
Yes I agree about the slowdown.
From before Jan last year to about April last year the Kurdish SDF was on a strike until the Iraqis shoved a boot up their arses and got them fighting again.
Then from June until just a few months ago the Kurdish SDF were on their second strike, leaving Hajin to fester with just a mere 1,500 fighters in some isolated shithole out the back of nowhere unable to harm anyone, very convenient hey. But Trump brought in those 17,000 non Kurdish SDF to Hajin and broke their strike too, the only problem was, the replacements he brought in aren’t very good at it, and they too don’t want to needlessly die helping the US pull out quickly, I don’t blame them, and besides half the non Kurdish SDF would probably happier if the US did stay.
If you slow it down you can see the strikes taking place on this excellent map and the timeframes involved for the 2 separate strikes I say the Kurds had, and you can even see the Iraqis forcing the Kurds to fight back in April by hitting Isis themselves in Al Hasakah. That was the occasion the Iraqis didn’t ask for US permission or coordinate the Airstrike with the US, they told the media and all the rest of us it was only Assad they asked for permission from, that was a slap in the face for Trump.

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