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Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Turkish, Afghan And Russian Members Of ISIS In Special Operation

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Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Turkish, Afghan And Russian Members Of ISIS In Special Operation

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that their security forces had captured four foreign terrorists during a special operation in northeastern Syria.

“The captured cell played a key role in planning and carrying out many terrorist attacks in al-Tabqah and al-Raqqa,” the US-backed group said in an official statement released by its press center on January 11.

The terrorists were identified as:

-Omro Ozon Oghlo, a Turkish citizen;
-Muhammad Jawad Khan, a Russian citizen;
-Osmat Atayef, a Russian citizen;
-Abdul- Raquf Torany, an Afghan citizen.

Three days ago, the SDF announced that its units captured eight foreign fighters of ISIS during the ongoing military operation against ISIS in the middle Euphrates River Valley. Prior to that, five terrorists fell in the hands of the US-backed group while they were trying to attack refugees in the same region.

A recent report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed that more than 600 ISIS fighters have fled from the Euphrates Valley since the beginning of the SDF operation there. Most of these terrorists are trying to hide in the safe areas in northeastern Syria in order to carry out terrorist attacks in the future.

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Too many captured and not enough killed, those jails must be overflowing by now, mabey not so many should be making it to the jails in the first place.


Can’t wait to see the Chinese getting involved in Syria and elsewhere in the world, preferbly somewhere very near the US West coat while the Russians build bases in Kouba and Venezuela…

The end of american policing of the world will bring the much needed equlibrium.


Jens Holm

Very optimistic

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I really dont hope that china is going to join the battles, Russia and Iran is enough, they have a long history of coop with Syria, china should stay out if the region.

Tommy Jensen

China finance Assad´s Syria.
Russia police it. Iran and Hezbollah help with local knowledge……………..LOL.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So because china have aided syria financially , china have the rights to deploy troops there and dictate its future?

If nabours cant help each other out with local knowledge, then what is the point of cooperation?

And why aint Syria allowed to get help from Russia?
Because its not the US?

US is not the only superpower in the world, and it havent been that for a very long time.

Never have i heard a more US way of thinking!

Tommy Jensen

My comment is a statement of facts, not an opinion ;-).

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It does not matter if china gave gave 1 bill to Syria, that does not justify a chinese military present in Syria.
We are playing by international rules here, not US.

Show me the facts showing the problems for Syria and Syrians that they get help from their nabours and Russia sells weapons to them.


Hey guys, we are really expecting is that all the nazis will come, we are all waiting for you. piece of…


…but never any mista’arvim. Although they wouldn’t talk easily if captured, and might just pass themselves off as…well, turkish, afghan or russian

Eskandar Black

ISIS fighters should be tried and gutted in the streets.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

And that would just fuel ISIS propaganda machine.
It would be better if they converted to SAA and actually encourage Other ISIS dudes to join them

Eskandar Black

ISIS should not be converted to the SAA, if anything, they are turkish criminals. outrageous comment, go f yourself.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Mature comments there, so if someone have a certain interpretation of a religous text, they should be slaughtered?

Aint “Because you are not like me and dont do what i do i can kill you” the reason behind enough sufferin in the world?
Havent money, love for power and religion taken enough life?

Once said that “only when the power of love growth bigger than love of power, there will be peace in the world.”

And aint religion and money just another way to perform that love of power?

Eskandar Black

This has nothing to do with interpretation of religious text, you psycho. The people involved with this organization committed horrible crimes, on par with the nazis, and arguably in many cases worse. They can not be integrated into any force with nay moral legitimacy. They have to be slaughtered in the most graphic way, to discourage any other person from ever considering joining such a gang of criminals, no matter their religious affiliation. I hope the russians take the hammer to every bearded criminal, rapist, murderer they find.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

And who do you want to commit those slaughters?
And do you think that any normal working human being is capable of slaughtering them?
Are you gonna do it?

So what you are putting on the table is that:
“You have done some disgusting crimes against humanity, therefore we are allowed to do the exact same thing against you, but now we just call it justice.”

That is pretty much caveman logic there; you killed two of ours, we kill two of yours.

And remember that we/west burned wounded, men, women and children alive several times during airraids in pretty much every war fought since and including WW2.

The crimes are the same, its just what side perform them,
“History is written by the victors”

You can call me Al

Go hug a tree.

Eskandar Black

its not cave man logic, it very simple logic, evil people can not be allowed to roam the free world, not after committing the crimes they have committed like rape, murder, and grave moral depravity like attempts at genocide, enslaving folk.

Killing people like this should be the work of any legitimate entity that finds them. Their lifeless savage faces should serve as a reminder for a thousand years for any coward that tries to do anything similar.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I follow you there, some people should not be allowed to be alive.
But performing their crime on them, would make you as low as them, and take the morally correct thing out of the equation.

There are other more “correct” ways to remove them, so you avoid sinking down to their level.

Philippe Bracq

Blablabla. Look at the reality.
US is a savage dino and the worst.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I know the reality about war kid and what it takes to kill someone.

Why are you talking about the US gov, yes they are trash, we all know that.

You can call me Al

Kill them. Your PC methods do not work and even if they did, they will survive. Kill them.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

PC methods?
I have been deployed, i have experienced war on a 1-1 basis, have you?

I do not have a problem with IS being bombed to pieces, but justifying acting like them is just sad.

You can call me Al

They do not change, imprison them and they become more fanatic, put them in the SAA and they turn and you have blue on blue.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

That is a fair point.
Then we are lucky that they are willing to fight til the last guy, that just makes the situation simpler and more straight forward for SAA and Russia.

You can call me Al


Philippe Bracq

Nobody act like them you are lying or delusional.
Your country is the only guilty parti on this sad affair.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

You want to kill them like both sides are animals, that makes you look like them, apparently its to difficult for you to see that.

And what country am i from, do you even know?
And if you know me you would also know that i hate my goverment, but i love my flag, the difference is huge kid.

Philippe Bracq

Hang them first.

Bill Wilson

Nah. Just torture the shit out of them for information then put a bullet thru their brains.


American backed… not anymore but well… the Russian backed SF must needs work on its transcription skills.


Why not shoot them on the stand, attacking refugees. That is a crime against humanity by a bunch of cowards, shoot them.

Tommy Jensen

They look like, walk like ugly bugly criminals. I still dont get wtf they choose to travel to Syria and blow themselves up on a market place.

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