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JULY 2022

Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Al-Suwar Town And Launch New Operation In Al-Hasakah

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Syrian Democratic Forces Capture Al-Suwar Town And Launch New Operation In Al-Hasakah

FILE IMAGE: sdf-press.com

On Thursday, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that its fighters captured al-Suwar town in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside. The SDF said that its military engineers are now removing mines and IEDs planted by ISIS in the town.

Moreover, the SDF announced that it launched the 4th phase of its ongoing operation in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside and southern al-Hasakah countryside. According to the SDF, the aim of the 4th phase is to capture Markada town in the southern al-Hasakah countryside.

The SDF announced that its fighters already advanced 25km towards Markada town and captured Bir al-Nafakh village north of it. SDF fighters killed 5 ISIS fighters and captured an armored vehicle of ISIS during their advance.

Furthermore, the SDF said that its fighters repelled an attack of ISIS on its positions in al-Kubar village in the northwestern Deir Ezzor countryside. The SDF acknowledged that 5 of its fighters were killed during ISIS attack.

Meanwhile, the US-led collation supplied the SDF with another 200 trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition on September 28, according to Kurdish sources. The sources added that the trucks entered the SDF held areas in eastern Syria coming from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Many Kurdish sources claims that Markada town is the final goal of the SDF. However, the SDF will likely continue advancing to capture as much area as it can from ISIS before the SAA resumes its offensive in eastern Syria.

In a related development, the SDF announced that its fighters recaptured Raqqa Samra village east of Raqqa city on September 28. The SDF said that its fighters killed 16 ISIS fighters and captured 3 other while storming the village.

On September 25, a group of ISIS fighters managed to sneak into Raqqa Samra village and hold all civilians inside as hostages. Kurdish sources reported that ISIS fighters used SDF uniforms to foil the SDF checkpoint around the village.

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SDF does not have Markadeh as its final goal.

It has already taken Suhwar, more to the south, in the Khabur Valley.

Markadeh is reported as to be heavily fortified by IS, so is important to have for easy access towards Suhwar from the north,

Though not without smaller setbacks, SDF is making more progress in NE DeZ than SAA in SW DeZ and NE bridgehead.

IS is proving to be more resilient than thought to be in this stage.

Still, as long as both SAA and SDF keep their flanks guarded and their rear covered, they should be able to defeat IS in due time.

Daniel Castro

“Though not without smaller setbacks, SDF is making more progress in NE DeZ than SAA in SW DeZ and NE bridgehead.”

Of course, because USIS only really fights against SAA.


So we agree on the facts but disagree on the reasons for the facts. We are halfway to agreeing then.


SDF is just steeling SAA gains.

Wagner schmit

SAA lines are collapsing in homs/deir ezzor.


They are having a temporary setback, they are taking the main heat from ISIS and FSA, SDF is just marching with little resistance, SAA did the hard work SDF is just stealing the gains.


Well, then the SAA finally gets to know how that feels.


You’re not making any sense, SAA have been doing the most fighting for years, unlike SDF vultures that play in on situation, steeling someone’s hard work.

Jens Holm

Thats not correct at all. SDF started with almos 0 land at all and if You count with all in their possetion they are only 20% in population.

So You can expect from that 20% figtings/killings a.s.o.

And training and weapon. Most of them had none and no facilities but was helped up by PKK guerilla expertice and US light infantery training. I admit: Both og high quality.

I cant see SDF has stolen anything. Baathist probatly wasnt even in the country unless they were dead, if SDF wasnt there.

Assads started having a big army, armed intern security forces and policeforces.

SDF has covered so much comming in from Turkey, so You have no idea and have had Turks shelling in as they wish.So they have taken their part of the Turks as well.

And yes, of course play their part of the game as others. They are not sheep as the 8-10 mio refugees, where Assad insist most of them Syria before the uprise. Well do they.If they did, Assads easy should have several 100.000 more troops.

I cant see any reason to SDF in any matters should join Assads as spendables for a dictatorship they can live with but dont support. They want progess in their part pf Syria and good plans for the future of theirs.

Daniel Castro

That is what zionists do, they steal.

Jens Holm



The ISIS-SDF uniform change happened very fast, it was probably pre-prepared, with the ‘switch’ timed to the securing of D-E by SAA.

Jens Holm

Im sure ISIS prepare a lot well – or has. It seemes very coordinated right now if all is true.

Jens Holm

No, they didnt. Far out and against all facts.

Jens Holm

We dont know how much is really true or just very temporary. Im very defense in oppinions.

Most people at this site has the last days told, that Russians, hesbollah, irinians and little SAA has taken DEZ.

That optimism based one the usual inflation in orgastic rhetorics cobering, so Yuo cant see elementary things at all.


SAA has been making the same mistake they made earlier and for which both of us warned. They did not gueard their flanks and rear good enough, withdrawing Tiger force to Hama, using second rate troops to continue on the front and third rate troops to secure their flanks and backs, relying on airstrikes and Russians to be able to advance.

Effects are becoming clear. End of SAA advances, IS able to start counterattacking, both against SDF and SAA.

Counterattacks against SDF mainly ineffective, though still costly.

Counterattacks against SAA, often just NDF, much more successfull, costing them for the time being the most important supply line, might even cost saqr island or, more important, the bridgehead on the river. Were that to happen, that would be a strategic disaster.

Jens Holm

More like thieves think all other will steel, what they have stolen for the corrupt mafiosa in damaskus.

SDF just dont think ISIS should have Omar for ever. Im sure they will share or are You to greedy to know that word too?

Jens Holm

Those 2 figtings are hardly comparable. 1) SAA actually has taken much terrain and has opend up. Thats a big one. Dont forget that.

But they are exhausted and have too mauch bad leadership as well as lack of supply. You cant expect troops like that to just make a crossing as a walk in a park.

ISIS isnt gone at all. Did they expect that. No they closed their eyes for all facts playing being the superior one.

So thats why they have stopped. They are not thoses stroing forces but blown up in the propganda. And yes, yest – First they blamed SDF not hrelpeing them. And when they did, they were met by shouting as well as artillerystrikes. ………………………………………………………………………….

And SDF. Those are all fresh troops with enough supply fitting much better fighting ISIS. You come with the same propganda from Damaskus as always, where a lot of excuses and noise replace and blur, how Your troops are in Damaskus. ………………………………………………………………………….

Not a word about ISIS just have headchopped SDF`s at As Suwar. Thats probatly acting or propaganda made by CIA and Photoshop.

Just nice pics for necrophiles and cannibals.


I find it very strange that you seem to be ignoring the situation in Iraq. Do you only support the Kurds when they are trying to screw over Syria ??


This is a subsection about Syria, the reports are on syria.

I have made comments on Iraq/KRG, but except for the referendum, and some small actions, not much has happened there lately.

Imo much hypocrisy over the referendum. Much posturing but not much effort on giving the kurds a reason to want to stay within Iraq.

A country that only has force to convince its citizens not to seek independence, that country will not survive intact over time (unless they commit genocide of course).

Jens Holm

Its 2 very different things. Strange You dont know that.



Amazing luck!

What are ur thought on the Kurdish Genocide of the Armenian Christians? They admit to it that they were trying to steal their land!

What are ur thoughts on this?


They are 45mins drive away from Al-omar fields. I don’t see SDF having more objects then the Oil fields. After they capture that I see them building their fortifies and dig deep and sit there.

On the eastern side. I don’t see them giving a fly about what happens on the west of euphrates

Jens Holm

SDF dont make that small primitive plans at all.

First plan was to take the Deir El Zor suburbs incl. important facilities and many 1000 people from ISIS. When that was denied by russians even they 14 days were blamed for not helping Russians and SAA, they go for proíority 2.

Thats unite SDF`s again by taking all the Khabur river and close that triangle.

If they do that well and the resistance is low enough, they have supplines and again extra troops, so they can take more towards irak.

Of course SDF give a fucking fly. SAA hasnt even taken DEZ after octopussy in the desert even involving Al Tanf and SAA still hasnt take T2.

Some has to take the rest. to keep the SDF possitions safe. They have 350.000 refugees in them and about 2 mio. primary in Turkey. Those people cant come home and change to a new sekular world if they are filled with fear, where so much trust is needed.


You think they make their own plans?!

Rodney Loder

Yer well, if my Brother Baghdadi were still alive he’d be giving them SDF creeps some curry, they said yesterday he still is, all I can say is he hasn’t showed up in Heaven just yet, Allah might be holding him over to make his appearance with me, I hope so anyway, speaking of which what I detest is these dead fish smelling Christian jews, really Kurds in disguise telling everyone that is they that protects me, bold faced liars insane criminals, Allah protected me up till now hundreds of times these murderers tried to get me, hahaha I only laughed, the last time a few months back they snuck in and put a massive big redbelly black snake in my house, he became my best friend but I had to get him out because he fancied my peach face, let Allah decide get these creeps out of my life.


This is pure gold. Don’t ever stop, please! You are one of my few favourite commenters here.

Daniel Castro

Rodney’s posts are truly artistic…


His posts used to (and still do) make my day, way before I start to comment on SF. Frankly, I had (and still have) to read each one several times to know head from tail, but still… :))

Rodney Loder

Thanks men but I’m probably not what your thinking, I could be thought if Mimi The Syrian Partisan Girl is able to hook up with me, I have permissions to push into her audience from my people, my Salafist Brothers always knew that the Mahdi wasn’t going to make it, but hay it was worth a try, my friends call me the Sleeper, it’s really just plan B, the audience is optional at this junction, the Brotherhood or Mimi, that sounds like a joke but I live 276 Bugong Fire trail, they changed the name 2 months ago to Duffy’s Lane, I’m right in the middle my gate has got a wheel barrow attached for easy opening, feel free to visit any time, after all that’s why my Government did the work on the Fire trail, their wanting tourists to visit Kangaroo Valley.

Jens Holm

Dont be shy. A converter like You could be a perfect selfdetonator

Rodney Loder

I’m not shy, actually my favourite song is heroine by, Velvet Underground and Nico. Billy Walters, but lately I have been listening to Sade “Smooth Operator” but I wouldn’t want that information to get back to Mimi The Partisan Girl she’ll think it’s all about her.


You’re welcome. Perhaps you’re not what I think, but you have good knowledge on the subject, an exquisite sense of humor, courage to write and a deep boredom, this combination is rare. You are on the path to greatness, mark my word.

Rodney Loder

Greatness you say, and I was hoping for romance.


With greatness, comes forth the romance. Or bromance, whichever you prefer. Sometimes luck knocks on our door and we send it away. Why did you have to throw out the red belly snake? Oh, perhaps you’re not into bromance. Be patient, and you shall find.

Rodney Loder

All my Brothers in Religion are into bromance, they really love each other, it’s hard to understand that outside of homosexual context a good book is God’s Terrorists, The Wahhabi Cult and the hidden roots of Modern Jihad, by Charles Allen, probably the only really good work he ever did, and the best insight into bromance, I personally think it is an uncontrolled fetish same as foot binding was, same as my love for Rosa Luxemburg, people nowadays don’t realise that over a billion Chinese women willingly crippled themselves or crippled their daughters, whatever, for the sake of a popular aestheticism, but there again to put it in perspective our original pristine state was departed from because of what we conceived as beautiful or so some say only Allah knows for sure.


Rodney / Terry, stop trolling people BADLY dude! I know u don’t have much to do but seriously, go learn to play an instrument or something! Dude, if u are going to troll, do it in a way that is proactive and for a good cause!

Dont troll just to entertain urself! Choose a target and attack, otherwise its totally meaningless!

U don’t want to go down as a meaningless troll do u?

lets put it into context, a good hacker hacks something meaningful and disrupts powerful entities!

Its the same with Trolls!

Do ur job correctly and STOP doing it without purpose!

Take it as constructive criticism!

Rodney Loder

But I did learn to play an instrument Justin mate, you won’t believe this but it’s true, I was proficient on most reed instruments, especially good on the tenor sax and clarinet, Acker Bulk died not so long back but I followed his style and was in a Swing Band, Choo Choo Chaboogie stuff, what happened was, it was at the time of Revelation, I calls it Shock and Awe, 1977 when incidentally, Syrian Partisan was just being born, can you imagine her as a baby, I can, actually she’s been deleted from FB and is now on Patreon, I’m going to chip in 31 USD a month she might notice me as an odd amount, but that isn’t the reason the reason is I donate 30 to SF but she was the best baby by all accounts, I’ll tell you the saxophone story another time, I know you’re attention span is short.

Jens Holm

Gabrial care of Allah sended Bagdadi back to make nice things. he was promised he would have a slightly chance to get in, when he gets 150, but Allah made him stay alive until he is at least 200 becauese he dont Trust Bagdadi will be nice all the time.

Mr Bagdada has visited the pope in Rome and has got his CV checked up. Here he was given an axe and a ticket to Sibiria. he cant even be burned in hell before he collect some loads firewood there.

So their Deavil seems to say ok, if it can become some barbecue as well.

As reward the pope get the last oil from the Omar Field and has plans for selling it to the Deavil. He learned that in Syria. Yes You can.

Rodney Loder

Obama said on two occasions that I am aware of that quote “it will take at least 30 years to defeat ISIL” it’s on record that the PM of Turkey said that ISIL make good neighbours, we lost because we were stabbed in the back, but I said this would happen al-Noor went with me, Brother Zawahiri has recognised this fact, and Brother Baghdadi has gone into occultation, 3 weeks in Damascus and I am the Commander of the Faithful, if I live.



E N G L I S H !

Deo Cass

The US/Zionist/SDF/Kurdish/ISIS terror coalition are receiving supplies from the Kurdish invaded Iraqi border which they stole from the Iraqi government. Thatls why the Zionist Barzani is not phased by the so called blockake of his artificial illegally created Kurdistan in Norther Iraq. The Iraqi govenment needs to seal the border with Syria to reclaim its full sovereignty over its own land if need be with Turkey’s help. On the other hand the Syrian government forces need to control all the renaining border with Iraq especially the Al-Bukmal border crossing and all of its oil and gas fields on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river.

Wagner schmit



Another fresh defection and this comes after over 40-years old men were being arrested in Aleppo for military service by force earlier today due to shortage of military aged men.

SAA are defecting everywhere because they have found out this is not worth it and they don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Idlib was probably one of the main reasons this mass defections occured after Turkey themselves declined to enter. They know it’s over mined, fortified and to many tunnel systems allover the place plus it’s Urban cities.

It would be Aleppo 2.0 and many of these war-tired soldiers have no other option then to flee rather then facing arrest and forced into a frontline where death is certainity.

They are getting paid peanuts and dying for few elites who won’t even attend their funerals


Fake news, boy :)

Jens Holm

Could be true, but I think its total fake.

Kawa Asinger

Blah blah blah! A whole load of emotional bias and shot mixed in together. Tell me what land did the steal? And when did this Iraq was carved out on the consensus of the people that live in? Exactly you fascist scum! ?Iraq is and artificial state, Arabs are just war-monger islamo-fascist that want the whole world for themselves. Fucking scumbag sand dwelling barefooted assholes. ????

Jens Holm

You might check with a 7 armed candelabre below Your bed blanket again. It seemes to be very dark there or something with too big gloves.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

You need to cut your Ethernet cable. Internet is haram in the Emirate of Denmark.

Jens Holm

Halal, but some would like it was mucra like You smoking.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Another incomprehensible comment from you. Why are you making no attempt to re-learn English?


almost everything u say makes no sense! Do u translate your own comments? What is going on with u? I can’t work it out! You either have very poor English writing skills, you are uneducated or you need more lessons in English!

Ive read 2 of your comments and they make no sense at all!


Lmao this guy is getting funny..

Coalition commander tells AFP that #SDF’s next target is Deir Ezzor’s Mayadin city: “External attacks on our homelands are planned here.”



Sounds indeed a bit overenthousiastic. Not likely at all unless SAA really screws up like losing its bridgehead over the river.

Deo Cass

So now the Russians have constructed another bridge to the North of their positions instead of the South towards the oil and gas fields! The bridgehead should be laid at the South near the Syrian Iraqi border where the Euphrates river is at its narrowest not here! This will simply be a meager consolation price because the most priced rewards are the oil and gas fields and the Iraqi border. They will bombastically claim what a big victory they’ve achieved by liberating all of the city while the Zionist/US/SDF/Kurdish/ISIS terror coaition of thieves steal Syria’s natural resources and Syria’s land especially on the Iraqi border crossing. Whom are the Russians trying to deceive?

Ziønist šhill

The Kurds will be forced to give the oil fields back one way or another. Be patient

Jens Holm

More like hard times are comming because Damaskus might have to share the oil with the rest of the population.

SDF are taking these areas from ISIS.


At the moment it is SAA giving back to IS. I will be patient too.


I was Pro-Kurdistan once Fortunately I no longer support Kurdistan due to their despicable actions against Syrians, SAA, Assyrian Christians, Iraqis, etc.

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