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Syrian Democratic Forces Besiege Tabqa. US Troops Ambush ISIS Near Dir Ez Zor

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Syrian Democratic Forces Besiege Tabqa. US Troops Ambush ISIS Near Dir Ez Zor

Look at Tabqa

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) successfully layed siege on the ISIS stronghold of Tabqa in Raqqa’s western countryside following a successful operation in the nearby village of Safsafah and its surroundings. ISIS forces inside Tabqa are fully isolated from their counterparts in the Raqqah countryside.

The SDF also captured several points west and south of Tabqa deploying closer to the city. Pro-SDF media shared pictures of the city’s entrance (above).

Meanwhile, ISIS’s Amaq news agency reported that a water flow resumed through the Euphrates Dam partially after technicians managed to open 4 gates of the dam to decrease the water level. This have to allow to avoid a catastrophe in the area.

Syrian Democratic Forces Besiege Tabqa. US Troops Ambush ISIS Near Dir Ez Zor

Click to see the full-size map

According to several Kurdish sources, the SDF has begun reinforcing and fortifying its positions in southern and western Tabqa preluding the storm of the city. Meanwhile, the US-led coalition’s warplanes and the US Marine Corps artillery bombard  ISIS’s positions inside the city.

ISIS will face significant troubles in defending Tabqa because of the group’s large losses in the battles against the SDF in Tabqa’s Airport and Safsafah over the past few weeks.

Syrian Democratic Forces Besiege Tabqa. US Troops Ambush ISIS Near Dir Ez Zor

Click to see the full-size map

Pro-opposition sources are spreading reports that US Special Forces troops were airdropped near near Tabny in Deir Ezzor’s western countryside. The US Special forces destroyed a car killing a unknown number of ISIS members. Soon after the incident, ISIS mobilized fighters to the aforementioned area. However, no clashes with US military servicemen were reported yet.

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Bill Wilson

ISIS should quickly collaspe inside Tabqa if the SDF launches continuous probes from all directions. That’ll keep ISIS units being shuffled around and sleep deprived so will slow to react when they run into SDF patrols in their midst.
I was waiting to see the SDF cross the river by the army base at some point of time, Looks like they’ll do that soon, now that the USSF have seized the highway above it. It’s been reported that ISIS is woefully short on fighters in the Deir az-Zor region so perhaps this adventure is to force ISIS to withdraw fighters from the Palmyra region back to Deir az-Zor to defend their new capital south of it?


US forces more than half way between Raqqa and Dier Azzor ; how black and white does it need to get before , Russia and Iran back up the SAA in Dier Azzor . Can not believe they are just going to give the Yankies half of Syria .


I know you haven’t gotten it yet, but the wankees just pumped 50 Tomahawks into Syrian land, and damaged as the saying goes an entire airport used by the Syrian forces, plains and people, and there was Russians present.

So, we talked about back stabbing, huh, erDOGan, and now, Russians, what is this.
Peskov is out and drools something about this was Assad’s fault, we have nothing to do with Assad’s Gov. and so on, sounds like back stabbing to me, read what He states.
Lavrov is still running in circles in the totally corrupt UN witch nobody cares about anyway, other then by some weird reason Russians still is there to drool with the western MSMs propaganda, and in the mean time Wankees lead by what we all know by now is an ZioNazi Bitch the Trump.
Yup, just another war mongering wankee, just look at Him, that rat is the one whom does as He will, and Russians runned of with their tails behind their legs, like wiped dogs, huh, brave Russians.

But what really pisses me of is the sudden change in the rhetoric, even from Russian officials where they blame Assad for whats happening right now, and hides their coward souls behind the wankees insane bullshit, nice cove Putin, its about Israel and Oil, after all.
The Chines have shown me one thing, never ever trust them what so ever, they have show their true colors, dont give an rats ass about the world, and will never be an trust worthy people again, coward creeps, with an hideous face.

But by real deal is the Russians.
The back stabbed us all, incl Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and so on, rotten souls whom have no spine left, why do you think Putin, the “brilliant strategist” sat there with His thumbs firmly located as far up His own ass its possible to go, and now, running from Syria with their tails behind their legs, Russians.
And on top of it, dumb anuf to think you will get way from the Imperial banana republic, this narrative of delusion is obviously soaking the Chines Gov, lying coward scums.
In the end, they sacrifices humans for their own Greed, I will never forget that, Russia, trust isnt just an word, Russians, you have to show it an actions, witch you have failed totally in.

All my respect is gone, Russia, petty coward greedy politicians and corporate oligarchs, will be your doom, and dont for an second think they will stop, huh, only Putin or whatever sack of shit is babbling in the Duma, is dumb anuf to do so, and they crawl in-front of the wankees.

Yeah, we are f….. Jesus I will never ever trust anyone of this creeps again, they will never ever be able to save them self, because inevitably the war will come to your own home land Chines and Russians, and we tried to warn you, but your Gov. sold you out, by doing nothing.
Absolutely nothing, not even beating back on wankee corps, they did nothing, but still they crawl in-front of Knesset and the pirates in the Potomac.

Traitor’s of humanity and, eventually your own people,



My sweaty balls display more intelligence than you. So many words; so much b.s.. The beauty of the internet is you get to learn what the average pinhead thinks. Peace, pinhead.


yeah internet is great, except when some pinhead talking about his sweaty balls


I think you missed my point. Keep practicing your English. You’ll get there.

John Whitehot

fuck Erdogan.

John Marks

The Yanks are going for Deir-ez-Zor and its oil.
The Kurds surround Raqqa and the Turks will hold Idlib.
Syria is being Balkanized.

Bill Wilson

Syria only has a little over 2 billion barrels in reserve. Most of that is a low quality very heavy sour crude that can’t be pumped out unless there natural gas being injected into the fields to force the crude up the well bores. When refined, half of it is waste asphalt, a few gallons of gasoline, a few of lubricating oils and the rest is kerosene/mineral spirits. The Assads exported most of that crap and imported finished products since it was cheaper in the long run.

DJ Double D

Russia is loosing this Big Time, Period. I dare anybody tell me otherwise.

Bill Wilson

No, Russia isn’t losing. They don’t mind seeing the SDF run ISIS out of their shitty little caliphate and keep order in those regions. That allows them to concentrate on the extremists in the West.

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