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Syrian Democratic Forces Arrest 20 People For Blocking U.S. Patrol

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Syrian Democratic Forces Arrest 20 People For Blocking U.S. Patrol

by: sdf-press.com

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) security body, Asayish, has arrested 20 civilians for blocking a U.S. military patrol in northern al-Hasakah, the Step News Agency reported on May 13.

A source with knowledge on the matter told the outlet that the detainees are government supporters from the towns of al-Dishisha and al-Qahira.

“The SDF took the detainees to interrogate them,” the Step News Agency quoted the source as saying.

The detained civilians blocked a patrol of U.S. forces near the town of Tell Tamr in the northern al-Hasakah countryside a day earlier. The civilians, who were chanting for the Damascus government, forced the patrol to retreat.

Several similar incidents took place in northern al-Hasakah in the last few months. U.S. forces’ movement in the region was largely restricted.

This may be the first time the SDF moves to arrest civilians for blocking a U.S. patrol. The step will likely provoke many locals, especially Arabs that consider the SDF to be a Kurdish-dominated group.


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Rhodium 10

Just send SAA/NDF troops to al Dishisha and al Qahira and end of the problem with US backed SDF Asayish

Jens Holm

And remember to put stamps on the envelopes.

klove and light

child fucker child killer

Jens Holm

LOve and no light again. Allah vreated the light but saw no reason to put any of it over ME.


Russia and US should unite to destroy Chinese(dog eaters ) and muslim terrorists.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The week after, the US and its vassals would attack Russia ffs.

The brave Yanks, always ready to fight to the last foreign troop.


Yes, sometimes one stand up with the left leg and full of stupidities in our head.


What kind of democracy is this?

Jens Holm

You dont understand we in Demorasy has constitutions, laws, courts, police and like that too.

Blocking the road has nothing to do with democrasy at all. Those most likely are Assads not liking the americans. and no oil to the private bathtubs of Assad.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

We don’t understand, what you post. lol

Freedumb and demockery brings out retards like you ffs.

Jens Holm

Contact Your parents and Grandparents and if that dont help, contacts Your Leaders keeping You more stupid then You are.

I think we are doing relative well. Can You give me a link for improvements?

rightiswrong rightiswrong
Jens Holm

Jellyfish has more substance then You. You not even understand how strong systems, You are fighting against.

You dont understand why democrasies are strong even I and many parts of the world has told You even in Lego, what its all about.

But OH NO, Muhammed was not told something like that could exist 2000 years ago or something, thats why it sont work and dont exist.

The big surpice here seemes to be muslims from ME go up 25% in IQ and brightness, when they come here and the female part 120%.

So they are kept, where Your low level are. KEPT tike sheep.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Legoland is in Denmark.

Plastic pieces suit you so well. Plastic soldiers, and your highness is an inbred. lol

Jens Holm
rightiswrong rightiswrong

I don’t play with kids, like you do.

You obviously have experience of luring kids with toys though.
Must be the royalty thing, you being allowed to play Lego with kids.

John Vishnevskaya

would love to give u a thumbs up but your english is like alphabet soup !

Traiano Welcome

You’re the one with less substance than a Jellyfish.

klove and light

LEARN spelling u idiot

“surpice” u sure are a tremendous idiot lol

just for you child fucker ……. ” SURPRISE”

Traiano Welcome

You should register the domain and dedicate it to Jens :-)

Traiano Welcome

You realise nobody is convinced by your lies, right?

Jens Holm

You are of the usual raised to be a illitarete kind stupidist. You are not born as such. You are4 raised. Your women are even kept more stupid then You and hardly produce anything.

When I in the most sober way tell You how things are here, I am told I lie because so Your world is reduces to Assad, Erdopedias, Jihadists, Zionist and of cpurse those awfull Kurds.

But more then 6 billion people in the world are NOT LIKE THAT.

So if You want to be strong You even deny to know anything about how the enemies are strong and become stroner Yourself to fight “someone like us”.

How stupid.

And Our countries are not at all as You are told in reduced and mismaneged pidgin or swaheli as well.

And its the same for Your Leaders. When Erdogan has a meeting with Russia as well as other fc in EU and I see it on Turkish TV the important things almost all are totaly gone¨and then added his own creations, so none here can see, it was the same meeting.

Because of that I tell You how things are here in my country, where fx Erdogan has blamed my Goverment for not controlling the press.

Lies about what I write here is about You are not told, how we are as well as You not even has language for it. A lot of You rhetorics are twisted upside down too.

You lie so much here about each other, that You by purpose are indoctrinated not even to trust each other. Cant You see thats not normal here.

You cant even see and understand, that free press also say that more then one oppion about thins fx in Denmark says, we can chooses and improve things – And we do.

The backside sometimes also is, we do the opposite, so we are flexibel and might get 5 good ideas but have to take 2 away because its bad. But we end up + 3.

You should learn to learn. You systematicly talk about Our freedom has and dont understand, that Our relative freedom also are added responsability for all living here. ALL – Even stupid misplaced immigrants and overcrimed Syrians.

The last line is only partly true, because we are so tired of people comming here making extra crime, not being able to take simple jobs – and we pay.

Last year we paid 3 billions dolllars extra to Our immigrants. We didnt ask them to come. You illiterate stupid did. Those are a result of exclusing people. We work hard to include those people, but its very hard to fit in people, where the women has no influence and are raised for sale only.

And Your perfect English here is only for simple things in DEnamrk as well. So even You might be clever as us, Your are raised to be a narrowminded stupidist, which never can fit into Our system and fx be jobleader and equal to us.

You seemes to know nothing about factfinding through internet. The most reliable sources are lies too, but they mainly are not and more reliable then the ones, You prefare.

So I dont read for some morons like You but readers here being able to see if they get right information and oppions by factfinding and not by equaloppinions created below bedblankets in dark by left or right hand.

Traiano Welcome

Are you a bot? You know I can write bots in python that can produce better grammar and semantics than this, right?

Jens Holm

You not even dare to comment, what I write about, because You will be condemmed or worse by You Governess and Old mens more then 100 years old Sharia.

Traiano Welcome

What is there to comment on? You write such incoherent garbage that nobody in his right mind could make sense of what you’re saying.
Only an imbecile, or someone from your hasbara troll team would be pretend that what you spout actually makes sense.

Jens Holm

There we go again.

klove and light

fuck yuo child fucker and child Killer…..fuck your whole fucking Zionist Family from Infant to grandpa…fuck you all up your Zionist ass

Jens Holm

People naming fuck ususally know a lot about it being fucked themselves in therir ga´famiies since they were born.

As here, they also expect its a good thing, that wish for anyone else.


Hmmm. Remind me again, about these uSA’s military being in a foreign country uninvited being under Syria’s “constitutions, laws, courts?”

Jens Holm

I never asked for it as well as I have been against it since Afghanistan.

I am for a wall west of Ankara and sober information to the dark by TV and Internet.

The ME should be oil out and food in only. For good reasons we have no friends there, so ity doesnt matter who kills who too.

We should go into their traditions in one thing. If we send 2 men back from here and get one war widow or something, it will be fine. Those and their small children most likely can intrgrate and assimilate better then men.


You always outdo your own level of pro-Zioterrorist mendacity and bullshit.

Jens Holm

No I dont. I have written many times, that my worst worries are the Jews there look more and more like the arabs

Traiano Welcome

I think you’ve exposed yourself after months of hanging around on these forums pretending to be stupid Dane. You’re actually a hasbara operative trying to swing the narrative in the interests of the Zionists.

Only an Israeli can lie like you do and continue to do so without shame while it is obvious you’re lying.

Jens Holm

Yerr, We Hashbaras landed at the backside of the moon, and there we digg green chese with poison to all muslims. They eat it and soon will be green too and by good science never will be able to reproduce themselves.

Well, Hashbarra and Hasbarras: Actually we have ISIS slaves up there. They already was exelelent runnel diggers.

We are delighted to make even Zionists happy. Then all should be happy about it. Thanks for liking us even more then the Zionist do.

When Our ISIS slaves retrun, they are more kaffirs and infidels then ever. They have given up to find the right direction for Mecca, when they pray from the rotating moon.

When the moon now and then is rather small it becomes rater crowded, but we have food.

klove and light

democrasy????? how old are you?? 3?4?6?8?

LEARN to spell first u war mongering child fucking son of a german Zionist whore

Jens Holm

Get Your toilet fixed. I hope You dont live in a town.


“Those most likely are Assads not liking the americans.”
Oh, they are truly evil and misguided, Jens… What’s not to like about American invasions and political vacuums everywhere?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

It’s called demockery.

For mocking the masses.

Jens Holm

Its a very good one. civilians should not blaock anything there and go home and wait.

There are troops from SDF, Assads, Turks and USA. Civilians in the midle like that is stupidisme.

It seemes like the Kurdish police is trying to be nice. They arrest and move.


They should go home and wait while they lose everything, very Smart, I didn’t think about it before

Jens Holm

The exact same Assad people has claimed exact the same for Years and has shown their point as if Americans and SDFs are 1000 times double retarded.

I already see Turks, SDF Kurds, Russian, ISIS and Assads as armed units there, so the best for civiles is low profile in that vortex.

Traiano Welcome

How can you lie so obviously? Are you being paid by the SDF?

Jens Holm

You should explain what my lies are. So far I see none.

klove and light

german jew Zionist bibi cock sucking whore

too bad wer cant meet…
i´d love to Show you Zionist nazi what a REAL pile Driver does to your german Zionist Body.

Jens Holm

Get a zipper to Your behind. If You are only 5 years old, U are doing fine :)

Concrete Mike

If it was a “good one” the civilians would be free to protest, such as the yellow vests in france, they were allowed to protest freely were they not??¿¿

Jens Holm

Those protests are not comparable at all.

Wayne Nicholson

“Its a very good one. civilians should not blaock anything there and go home and wait.”

Is this the Danish experience from Dec 1939? Be nice to the Nazi’s, make little swastika flags and wave them furiously …… bend over, spread em and think happy thoughts until they’re done with you?

Jens Holm

It was the best solution.

Before they took Norway and Denmark, they took Poland, France, Holland and Belgium(and Britts in France).

By free elections we had less then 5% nazis here, even when Hitler had his representatives here.

Number one was staying alive, which danes decided by Parlament and Goverment.

My father and mother was 9 years old. .

Wayne Nicholson

So you think Syrian Arabs should shut up and accept a foreign power who are in their country illegally depriving the Syrian people of oil to heat their houses in the winter in an effort to turn the population against the elected government and overthrow them?

Is that about right?

“Number one was staying alive, which danes decided by Parlament and Goverment.”

Apparently the Syrians in that particular village have decided that self determination and freedom are worth risking a deadly confrontation with the USA and their SDF toadies and I have to admire the Syrians for standing up to all comers who want to take their land for Lebensraum whether it be the Turks to the north, the Israeli’s to the west, terrorists from within or the Kurds in the east.

Jens Holm

You not even speak for most arabs as well as most syrians.

About the Danes and the German occupation a wast majority decided that and not all.

Even communist here were supporting it smiling, because Stalin until Barba

Wayne Nicholson

“You not even speak for most arabs as well as most syrians”

And neither do you. Syrians voted for Assad to be their leader in 2014 …. of course the USA and allies declared this election illegitimate however it doesn’t change the fact that a large majority of Syrians who voted voted for Assad.

Now if you have a candidate for Syrian leadership more popular or better suited to lead Syria speak up because no one else has put forth anyone who can pull the country together like Assad.

“Even communist here were supporting it smiling, because Stalin until Barbarossa was friends with Hitler.”

Are you really that naive that you believe Stalin and Hitler were allies?

First show me some evidence that Danish communists supported the nazi’s after the nazi’s threw German communists into concentration camps. I don’t believe that for a minute and I doubt you could find a single communist alive to back up your story after the nazi’s were done with them.

Second …. So all the history from the 1919 German revolution …. through the rise of the nazi’s …. the persecution of communists and trade unionists in nazi Germany …. Hitlers stated objective of Lebensraum and the extermination of “Jewish Bolsheviks” since 1923 …. means nothing?

How about the fact that Stalin tried to form an alliance with France and Great Britain in the days prior to signing the M-R pact in 1938 when it was obvious that Germany was gearing up for a major war but were rejected by them?

So Stalin rejected by the west at a time when the Red Army was rebuilding plays the only card he has in his hand and signs a non aggression treaty with Germany and that makes them military allies?

If they were military allies where was the mutual self defence treaty? Cooperation and an alliance are two different things.

Because china cooperates with the USA and signs trade deals with the USA does that make them US allies? Yet you claim a non aggression pact between Stalin and Hitler makes them allies without even considering how and why the pact was made. Does the same hold true for the USA and China today?


US Democracy, zionist style.

Pave Way IV

Asayish = Kurdish Stasi. While supposedly the temporary ‘police’ force, it has been the building block of the future US/Israeli crafted SDF or PYD state security and whatever kind of intelligence services they have planned. Same thing used in Iraq and Barzanistan. Create an oppressive but nominally democratic state, stuff it with easily-corruptible psychopaths ‘friendly to US/Israeli interests’ and then used well-armed state security thugs to protect that state from any dissent while keeping the military ineffective and dependent on the US.

Throw in a few ISIS when needed and you have an ideal US vassal in a state of permanent destabilization. The neocons get credit for this plan – they like to call it Weaponized Freedom, part of the US Full-spectrum Global Shithole-ization program.

Jens Holm

Most of Assyish is not like that but vlose to ordinary police. But You are correct parts are as You descriebe,

I cannot eat the rest. They are in war and therefore their territory also is a mirror of wartime.

klove and light

u idiot learn spelling

“descriebe” you fucking idiot

just for you child fucker……………. “DESCRIBE”

Traiano Welcome

Forget English, let him get the basics of Reason first.

Jens Holm

Thanks. People mainly understand, what I writing and if not, I usually try to rephrase.

cechas vodobenikov

the kurds can’t help themselves—-stupid self defeating idiots—-despised by all their neighbors, they ally w the CIA…some never learn

Traiano Welcome

The day the Americans get booted out of Syria (and they will be!), the Kurds are going to suffer hugely for their treason. Sad, but true.

It’s going to be a laugh seeing if they can escape over the Golan to their masters in Israel.

Jens Holm

Turks are there, bacuse they dont have enough Kurds in their own country:)

Traiano Welcome

So it’s clear then. This little terrorist output is neither “Syrian”, nor “Democratic”. They’re just a branch of the Imperial US Army.


SDF: Nobody must rise his hand to my master !


One more step in the right direction. Keep stoking the fire SDF. To me, this translates that US forces are having an ever increasingly difficult time over there and they have now called out the thugs. Always stepping into the bear trap. The SDF doesn’t even reside in some of these areas. My take.


Holm, kan inte du bara hålla käft , tack :)

Jens Holm

I You live in Sweden, You shold support me learning them how we improve things in Sweden, Denmark and other places in the world.

You probatly support Sweden news descriging Swedes as Pippi Langstrump and Baraba Papa too.

Nekoime Nekoprezime

Please remove this Jens Holms, fake profile.

Jens Holm

I just tell You about the world, You deny exist doing better then Yours and how we do it, so You at least can integrate or adapt our good parts.

You dont belive me, because You are forbidden to know by Your own kind of misguided rasing byLeaders making Your own chosen quagmire.

Ypu npot even has a language for how things work here. And if I tell – All is lie and being worse then poor and 50% in unimplyment is a good thing done by the nature in the name of fatalisme or some God names Engels or the Muslim one close related to Ball.

I could see it first time in Berlin 1968. Russian soldiers were in east and behaved worse then any american I ever has seen since.

My communist sister in Denmark even had a book, which said Russians had invented all good ínvensions in the whole world and won WW2 all by themselves and Euriope all the way to Berlin were not able to decide anthing themselves, why they needed to protedt and plunder i.

Here I read again and again Europe is puppets of USA. If so we prefare to have a GDP 3 times better then fx Iran even if the Zionists get some extra.

Jens Holm

There is no discusssion just a lot of silly flags and people using them to try to knock out others with other silly flags.


Those Quisling bastards are a disgrace.


SDF cannot allow Legal Syrians Legally Defending Their Land to oppose Illegal USA Military illegally trampling on Syrian land.

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