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Syrian Democratic Forces Announce Complete Defeat Of ISIS In Syria

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Syrian Democratic Forces Announce Complete Defeat Of ISIS In Syria

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the complete defeat of ISIS in Syria on March 23 after capturing the last terrorist group’s territory in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

“Syrian Democratic Forces declare total elimination of so-called caliphate and %100 territorial defeat of ISIS. On this unique day, we commemorate thousands of martyrs whose efforts made the victory possible,” Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the SDF, wrote on Twitter.

The SDF’s final battle against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley lasted for more than six months. In the course of the battle, thousands of ISIS fighters were killed or surrendered to US-backed forces.

A day earlier, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan briefed President Donald Trump and told him that ISIS no longer holds any territory in Syria. Sanders’ remarks were seen as the first official announcement of ISIS’ defeat.

While the U.S. and its proxies in Syria are claiming that ISIS no longer has any territory in Syria, local sources insist that the terrorist group is holding more than 4,000km2 in the Homs desert. The US-led coalition can’t reach the area, which is besieged by Damascus government forces.

The upcoming few months will likely be marked a large-scale operation against the last ISIS stronghold in the Homs desert led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Russian and Iranian forces. Only after reclaiming that territory, the terrorist group can be declared defeated across entire Syria.

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  1. Xoli Xoli says:

    Now hands off Syria and fokof to Washington .

  2. Ed says:

    Don’t believe it, sorry! There are still thousands hiding in the desert ready to strike. Unless the SDF and SAA carry out major sweeps over the entire areas to make sure they are definatley secured and have no more traces of Daesh militants in them, then this victory is going to be very short-lived!

  3. alejandro casalegno says:

    Congratulations!!!……..is a big victory!!!………now , talk with the SAA for the future of a UNITED Syria.

    The USA time in Syria is runnining out………..

  4. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    defeated isis………. first trumpet now his cronies. How exactly they defeated them, by recruiting them to change uniforms?

    1. 1691 says:

      No, just by saying so.

      1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

        good one :-)

        1. 1691 says:

          :) How’s your dog?

          1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            I have 6 of them, which one ?

          2. 1691 says:

            Ha ha ha. I am sure they are all well. Awhile ago you spoke about a puppy.

          3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            yes is when they bring me a Dogo Argentino, now she is a 50kg a little over a year and still growing. and my Doberman Pinscher given birth to 3 nice puppies. So the dog family I have, grown out of proportion.

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