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JUNE 2023

Syrian Democratic Forces Advance West Of Dashisha, Capture Two Villages (Video)

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resumed its advance west of the strategic town of Dashisha near the Syrian-Iraqi border, in the southern al-Hasakah countryside, and captured the villages of Shamas and Al-Hulwa, the Kurdish Hawr news agency (ANHA) reported on June 9.

Earlier, the SDF managed to capture captured the village of Abu Hamdah, which is located 4,5km north of Dashisha following heavy clashes with ISIS fighters, who appear to be unable to resist the fire power of the US-led coalition.

Meanwhile, the media wing of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) announced that the PMU artillery had targeted several positions of ISIS around Dashisha inside Syria. The PMU claimed that the shelling had targeted hostile movements of the terrorist group. However, according to local observers that the PMU was supporting the SDF operation there.

The US-led coalition and the SDF are likely planning to besiege the remaining fighters of ISIS inside Dashisha before storming the border town. A tactic that has been successfully implemented by the coalition during many previous battles.

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Bill Wilson

The SDF is engaged in a full court press against ISIS in that region. They got their strongholds separated along the wadi and ISIS rear guards fully engaged at their NE supply routes. ISIS is now withdrawing back out into tiny hamlets and villages in the southern desert that they had abandoned earlier for being too small with a meager water to support any number of fighters. Two were former refugee camps that the SDF evacuated once they took control of them. Hopefully the US will send over a few B-52’s to lay waste to those.

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