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JUNE 2020

Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City


Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City


On September 20, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMC) captured 12km of the highway to al-Suwar town in the northeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to Kurdish sources.

Thus, the SDF is shifting its offensive away from Deir Ezzor city towards the administrative border with al-Hasakah governorate. However, it’s very unlikely that SDF will stop its advance on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

Earlier on September 20, a commander of the DMC, Ahmed Abu Khawla, announced that the SDF launched a new operation to reach the border with Iraq.

Meanwhile in Raqqa city, US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon spokesman for the US-led collation announced that the SDF has captured 40 blocks in Raqqa city over the last 24 hours. Colonel Dillon also announced that 65-70% of the city is under the SDF control.

It’s interesting to note that in a separate statement the SDF has claimed that 80% of Raqqa is under its control.

Furthermore, Syrian opposition sources claimed that clashes are still ongoing between ISIS and SDF fighters around the al-Fardous mosque, the al-Saha housing complex and the national hospital in the center of the city.

Syrian opposition sources also claimed that US-led collation warplanes have conducted over 162 airstrikes on Raqqa city over the last 3 days.

Reports added that US B-52 bombers struck ISIS fortifications in the 17th Division supporting the SDF attack on it on September 19.

The intense US-led collation bombing on Raqqa city clearly shows that the US-led coalition is in hurry to end the Raqqa battle. The coalition is likely planning to redeploy SDF units from Raqqa city to Deir Ezzor governorate frontlines to block the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advance.

ISIS members are in Raqqa:

Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City Syrian Democratic Forces Advance Towards Al-Suwar Town, Away From Deir Ezzor City



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  • Nucu

    I was expecting this move to happen ever since they captured the crossroads..the US really don’t want to let go to Syria…

  • Gabriel Hollows

    They are waiting for the rest to finish the siege of Raqqa so they can deploy those forces against the SAA. I’m still not sure if the US really wants an escalation, because the kurds won’t stand a chance against the SAA, not even with their support. They must be betting on Russia refusing to use it’s air defenses against their airforce.

    • PZIVJ

      More than likely a line of demarcation has been agreed to by the coalition and Russia.
      A line in the sand. I am hoping the line goes straight east from the industrial zone. :)

  • G Jetson

    Looks like its a race to the Iraqi borders and a race to the oil and gas fields.

    • Rodger

      With one side fighting and the other side getting new fighters as fast as they can change uniforms….

  • WinstonSmith

    Well, “SDF” ran faster than a cheetah from Hasakah and Raqqah to the outskirts of DeZ city, looks like ISIS just “vanishes” on their path.

  • RamboDave

    With the SDF-Kurds heading Northeast on Hwy.7 toward al-Suwar, this means that they are conceding the Omar oil field to Syria. Yes …. the SDF will probably capture the small oil fields nearby the airdrop of US Coalition forces, but that is it.
    The airdrop of US Coalition forces just North of current SAA positions is meant to prevent the SAA from getting over to Hwy.7, the road to al-Suwar. They realize that now that the SAA has crossed the Euphrates, Syria can capture the Omar oil field, which is to the Southeast.

    • RamboDave

      Here is a map of the oil fields. SDF is the blue color. SAA is the red.

      • RamboDave
        • 55lanfag

          It’s pretty fucking obvious just looking at this how ISIS is just letting the SDF pass right through. The SAA’s spearhead is enormous, their flanks are secure. It has to be like that or else they would get flanked in less than a day.

          Now the SDF: look how thin their line is. That’s what? A 3 hour drive? Factor in logistics and the added weight of machine guns in trucks and you get a 5~6-hour drive to completely isolate SDF in a pocket. But no, that will never happen. The map should either be Red and Black or Red and Blue because that side is one continuous thing.

          • RamboDave

            I agree it looks very suspicious. I think lots of money is changing hands.

            Remember the “Sunni Awakening” back in 2007 in Iraq, where al-Qaeda just evaporated, allowing the US to withdraw from Iraq and save face? Well, billions of payoff $$$ were given to Sunni tribal leaders to hire the Sunnis to “protect” the US forces. Monthly payments were paid to each jihadi fighter, until 2011, when the US withdrew.
            The Saudis then took over the entire payment system and sent these same jihadis over to Syria, where they later became ISIS.
            Now the US is back again with lots more money and fresh SDF uniforms.

          • BMWA1

            Yes, something like this. If you had access to the CIA/KSA/etc. books, you would probably find a list of tribal chiefs getting kick-backs. Probably useless to regard ISIS as a monolithic entity anyway (and it was probably always that way, a conglomerate of local leaders on the payroll, with only the mercs of various origins acting for the entity as a whole. Just a scenario.

    • DJ Double D

      You must be too optimistic. The Al-Suwar is mostly desert. The Kurds can quickly go east towards the oil fields without any opposition whatsoever as the SAA will still be bogged down on south-east.

      • RamboDave

        Al-Suwar is a lush agricultural area located on the Khabur river, with 40 miles of irrigated land up and down the river.

        • DJ Double D

          Thanks for clarity.

        • DJ Double D
          • RamboDave

            That map is propaganda. Here is the latest positions. It is interesting that today’s map does not show any airdrop, whether by SAA or SDF.

          • DJ Double D

            If this Map is correct, then it means that the SDF is just continuing to move upwards the road. The bottom line is that SAA needs to cross that road infront of them and continue moving up north which is not happening yet. The fear I have is that nothing stops the Kurds from going east. As it stands now, the Kurds are taking the easy part expanding their territory because of the fear of getting bogged down with ISIS trying to go east, while SAA is just doing that – bogged down.

          • BMWA1

            IF by bogged down, fighting is meant, yes, SAA had to do that. SDF has the task of entering a pre-prepared vacuum.

    • John Brown

      Where is the info links on an Israeli coalition air drop in Deir Azur? I only know of the SAA air drop.

      • RamboDave

        The SF article from today originally reported it was SAA airdrop. But, latest reports say it was the US Coalition. I am assuming it is the US, but I hope I am wrong. Time will tell.
        The fact that SDF is heading Northeast on Hwy 7 probably means it was the US.

  • Daniel

    The SDF just drive to a place and then it’s captured. Their hardest task must be planting their flags.

  • Dennis R

    The Kurds are the only ones who want to go back home if they ever try to go back, but they are NOT doing that. I know for a fact that US Marine Special Operations (MARSOC) are with the YPG/SDF at the MERV (Middle Euphrates River Valley, on the Syrian side). HEZBOLLAH CROSSED THOSE AGREED UPON LINES FIRST. Hell, SOUTHFRONT had released the story two days ago!!!! what are you people????? RETARDED?
    The SDF doesn’t do anything without the US, and guess what? I doubt this article has a lot of ANY REAL credibility (Russia/Syrian owned site???) and even if so, Putin’s SOF aren’t “gonna be the bad guys” if there are “accidental clashes between Hez/KSO/SAA SOF/etc and the United States Coalitions”. LOOK AT ZARPAT!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s this huge thing for them…We only do it to show off our new jets and ships…they do it to show their big, manly biceps and how tough “they are convinced they are” LOL.

    • Tudor Miron

      What is this hysteric screaming about? :) Feeling ashamed because your country supports the very same al queda that killed thousands of your people? I understand that this is uncomfortable but you better stop looking outside to place your blames :)

    • 55lanfag

      If you want to be taken seriously you should stop writing like a 15 year old girl.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        dont attack girls

        • Ronald

          Now that was funny !

  • chris chuba

    I’m certain the the U.S. MSM will be all over Raqqa investigating civilian casualties. Indiscriminate bombing is a war crime you know but not if the most loving, generous, and beneficent nation on earth does it. Long live Pax Americana. God’s going to give us our comeuppance, one way or another.

  • DJ Double D

    US again deceived Russia. They called for talks and instead used it to finalize their plan for ‘Drop Down’. We still don’t know how successful it is, but let’s assume they succeeded. Russia is again left scratching their head in disbelief. For those who keep suggesting their was agreed upon demarcation line between the coalition and Russia, you will have to answer the question: if there is an agreement for sphere of influence, then why ‘air dropping’?

  • DJ Double D

    If this map is correct, then SAA is in difficult stituation.

    • RamboDave

      What is the source? It looks more like an SDF plan, perhaps wishful thinking, rather than actual battlefield situation.

      • DJ Double D

        The source of that map is questionable. Just few moment ago I got a confirmation that the author of the map is a Kurdish sympathizer.

        • gustavo

          So, just drop it to wastebasket.

  • RamboDave

    If in fact a US Coalition airdrop has occurred, the SAA needs to break out of their pocket now and get over to the oil fields just North of their position. These are very large fields. Neither side can grab all of them quickly. If fighting breaks out with the SDF, the SAA has a huge artillery advantage from over in Deir Ez Zor. Here is the latest map.


    • RamboDave

      This map shows the location of the oil fields just 2 miles to the North of SAA position.

    • BMWA1

      If a successful airdrop has occurred, wouldn’t be something about it in the pre-‘rebel’ media, Al J, etc. Have you seen anything (I have not)??? Big events of the day are in Central Syria, was this just dis-info?

    • John Mason

      Nothing for the SAA to grab since it belongs to Syria and if the SDF are going to fight over it then the SAA will destroy the SDF. Best for the Kurds to go back to where they originally came from and return property owned by the Arabs.

      • Wahid Algiers

        All said. Right and correct.

  • John

    The SDF can talk all it wants, can make any move it wants, it will all end up like things are ending in Al-Tanf. Time is on the government side now and there is nothing, long term, that the SDF and Co. can do about that, in my opinion. I wish well to all.