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Syrian Democratic Forces Advance In Euphrates Valley Killing 49 ISIS Members


Syrian Democratic Forces Advance In Euphrates Valley Killing 49 ISIS Members

By: sdf-press.com

On September 30, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) imposed control of 19 new positions in the vicinity of the towns of Hajin and al-Susah, in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, following heavy clashes with ISIS terrorists, according to the SDF media center.

During the clashes, SDF fighters killed 49 terrorists and destroyed 4 vehicles of ISIS. Furthermore, US-led coalition warplanes carried out 17 airstrikes on the terrorist group’s position and vehicles in Hajin and al-Susah.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq announced that ISIS fighters shelled several positions of US-backed forces in the town of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani, south of al-Susah, with 20 mortar rounds and 8 rockets. The terrorist group also used IEDs to target a bulldozer and several fighters of the SDF around the town.

The SDF stepped up its operations in the ISIS-held pocket in the last few hours. US-backed forces are likely planning to storm al-Susah soon to increase the pressure on the remaining fighters of ISIS in Hajin.



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  • igybundy

    Why dont they just bribe ISIS like they have been doing instead of killing them? Some of the tribes have ethics and cant be bought?? or hate the thieving kurds more?


    Hopefully many of the ‘Democratic’ scum died too.

  • still not convinced america is trying to kill isis !!17 air strikes ?