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Syrian Democratic Force Storming Al-Sfsafeh Town East Of Al-Tabqah

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Syrian Democratic Force Storming Al-Sfsafeh Town East Of Al-Tabqah


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition, have launched an attack on the town of Al Sfsafeh east of Al-Tabqah city.

Sources within the SDF say that heavy US airstrikes are targeting ISIS positions inside and around Al Sfsafeh.

In turn, ISIS continues strengthening its positions in Al Tabqah city, deploying more fighters and equipment ,to the area. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS fighters were able to destroy a truck carrying ammo for the “PKK” () in the area northwest of the town of Al Khramah in the eastern Raqqah countryside.

Meanwhile, the SDF announced that more than 4800 refugees fleeing ISIS had entered areas under the SDF control.

The SDF also announced over 220 new recruits had finished their training and joined the SDF operation against ISIS on front lines.

It’s worth to mention that SDF ceased its attack on Tabqah city from the north after the city dam had been seriously damaged as a resullt of US airstrikes. SDF sources said that US-backed forces will attack Al Tabqah from the eastern, western and southern directions after they capture Al Sfsafeh town.

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Bill Wilson

I suspect that Daesh wants to keep control of the dam so they can threaten to blow it up if the SDF attacks Raqqa and if the SAA starts heading south of Deir Azzor. Wouldn’t be surprised if the SDF just isolates Tabqah and keeps moving east and south until they have full control of the road network along the river and the northern part of the Syrian Desert. By then the SAA should’ve relieved Deir Azzor where the SDF will start pushing out Daesh from the river villages east of the city. Daesh should’ve started withdrawing fighters from SE Aleppo and eastern Homs/Hama right after the SDF crossed the river. If not, then the SDF and SAA probably will advance on them from both directions to eliminate those pockets before making the final move on Raqqa and Tabqah.

Jonathan Cohen

SDF needs the dam before Raqqa or ISIS can just blow the dam and flood SDF out of Raqqa, but they can surround both and drive on Dier Ezzor, then the dam, then Raqqa, either way HOORAY FOR THE ADVANCE OF ABORTION RIGHTS!

Most American’s would cheer if Russia bombed Saudi Arabia like Trump promised. Fewer, but still many Americans would cheer Iran for doing so.


No doubt that Daesh will defend the Al Tabka – As Sasafrah – Ibad line.
Actually I hope they send most of their Jihadist diehards to this front.
It will slow down SDF and help out SAA.

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