Syrian Defense Ministry Releases Video Of Special Forces Training


The Syrian Defense Ministry has released a video showing training of its special forces ahead of the epxected military operations against terrorists in urban and desert areas across Syria.

On February 27, 2016, SouthFront released a video analysis describing the work of Russian military advisers with the Syrian Arab Army and its allies:



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  • Justin

    Wooo Hoooo, even more Tiger forces!
    Just in time for Idlib and other remaining pockets!
    I can’t wait for these areas to be at the mercy of all the SAA and allied forces!
    All the SyAf and RuAf will be able to make very short journeyed sorties and drop an enormous / concentrated amount of ordinance on these HTS rats!

    Wonder which pockets they will clean up first! hmmmmm, interesting to think about!
    Each pocket that is liberated will free up thousands of more SAA soldiers and their hardware! It’s also predictable that many surrenders / treaties will be made amongst the rebel / hts forces! I can also foresee much infighting between FSA groups and HTS or perhaps a ramping up of tensions between AASham and HTS again!
    We even have an ISIS pocket in Northern Hama waging war against HTS!
    I think that very soon we are going to see a very rapid advance on these areas which also makes me think that Israel will act sooner rather than later against Syria and Lebanon!

    Interesting times ahead!
    I also wonder if the sunni muslim Kurds will recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital!
    “things that make u go ‘hmmmmmm’.”

    • Linda

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