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Syrian Defense Ministry Calls On SDF Fighters To Join Army Ranks

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Syrian Defense Ministry Calls On SDF Fighters To Join Army Ranks

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The Syrian Defense Ministry released on October 30 an official statement, calling on fighters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to join its ranks in order to counter the ongoing Turkish attack on northeast Syria.

The ministry promised that it will welcome all SDF fighters and units into its ranks and settle their legal situation, even those wanted for security reasons.

“We are in Syria facing the same enemy, we and the sons of unified Syria of Arabs and Kurds should sacrifice our blood to restore every inch of the lands of beloved Syria,” the ministry’s statement reads.

The Syrian Interior Ministry released a similar statement, welcoming personnel of the SDF’s security forces, commonly known as Asayish, into its ranks.

Furthermore, the ministry stressed that it is ready to provide civil affairs services to all civilians in northeast Syria, who were not able to obtain official documents and papers in the last few years due to the situation in the region.

These statements were criticized by the SDF, which released a statement stressing that it will not accept any deal that would not “recognize and preserve” its “privacy and structure.”

“The Syrian Democratic Forces with all its components and members, and in front of the world, have been the best Syrian fighters for years who have fought ISIS and destroyed its so-called caliphate defending Syria and the world. Therefore, they are heroes who deserve praise and honor and not settle the status and do not need pardons or forgiveness like those issued against criminals and terrorists,” a statement released by the group’s media center reads.

Mazloum Abdi, commander-in-chief of the SDF, also criticized the Syrian statements on Twitter. The Kurdish leader said that the offers are “unwelcomed,” calling on Damascus to preserve the special status of the SDF.

Earlier this month, the Damascus government and the SDF reached a breakthrough agreement allowing the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to enter northeast Syria. The two sides are expected to engage in talks soon to reach a wider agreement, covering the cultural and administrative issues in the region.

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You can call me Al

I do not think the SDF know what is good for them, so be it.

Jens Holm

That should be none o Your business. They as the rest of peoplein the world has to decide by themselves as much as possible – And it shoud be made possible to have and follow that possibilty as well.

I allow me to go back to Trump for internal USA reasons retreated. It wasnt bad.

Sasan Jamshidi

Just recognise kurdish identity and rights and leave arabic fascist chuvinism and everything will be allright.

Concrete Mike

Not kurdish land its syrian land.

The syrian nation encompasses all faiths, arabs christians druze assyrians jews and kurds.

Join mother syria, stop acting like a fucking pawn, your in the way of peace, and helping the jihadi turk scum to boot!

Reconcile before its too late!

Jens Holm

Syria is a very new land and should be reorganized. and AGAIN Kurds dont claime it a Kurdish land.

You seemes not even able to have a vocabulary for, what those people and SDFs has wanted. Thats the stupidimer of Yours knowing nothing and referrig to a lot, which is only old tribe phrases.

Its no wonder those people wish to be more themselves, but they not as YOUR WHINERS SAY . ask for a country.

They should do like You and fx let 40% Kurds run 60% non kurds. Thats whatYou write. ‘ But of course they also steal oil even they cant take it up as well as send it to anybody else.

Those krds also has patents in childsoldiers. None others do that. Never.

Their miliatry forces of coure are nothing as well. I amsure Assads wasnt in Syria at all, if they were not heavy supported fro the outside.

Sasan Jamshidi

Yea that was why assadis massacred innocent civilians and children in 80s & 2000s?! And thats why its ialled ARAB republic ARAB army?? Open your eyes!


The kurds are eternal losers, they should have been wiped out centuries ago by their neighbors.

Jens Holm

Most of their neighbors are the emmigrants and not Kurds. The newest emmigrants are the Shammars east of Raqqa and up in the Khabour valley.

They were Saudi emmigrant and the first wave was in 1820. Those mainly first has been the main suport and nest for ISIS. Hip hip.

Turkmen groips are same thing. They are imported by Ottomans and therefore are named after them.

I also think its a kind of funny strange, You even insist in neocolonialistic borders made by France, Briitain and also Italy and USA.

Welll arrrh arrh I forgot You fight for oil and even the dirty sulphur infected. Syria even block for oil from Kirkuk arrrh arrrh …

Daniel Vogel

SDF have been the “best Syrian fighters”. That is easy to say when you are finansed and supported by the creators of ISIS who can order them to leave certain areas and attack others.

Otto Heinrich Wehmann

Syrian fighters = Fighting Syrians! Got it? :)

Joseph Scott

They are Syrians, and aside from skirmishing from some local NDF, they have not.

Joseph Scott

Actually, it’s understandable because of their decentralised command structure, that allows greater initiative and flexibility.

Jens Holm

I agree. Being few in small well coordinated groups being clever themselves and opportunists makes upgrades theor strength.

Many names it guerilla infantery.

Joseph Scott

Decentralised command structures, where subordinates can exercise their own creativity to solve a problem, instead of being an automaton is also the secret to Germany’s tactical and operation successes in the World Wars.

Jens Holm

Yes von Clausewith made the base for it in around 1800 and fx Molkthe(the senior) improved it with many inventers.

We saw it at WW2 as well. They also was not punished, if things went wrong. It opportunisme.

And if You cant do anything right now, You retreat, regroup and and can fight later. Hitler forgot that part several times.

The nazis also were good as mobile defenders with counterattacks. It was same thing. Models in Russia and Kesselring in Italy was very good examles.

Jens Holm

Its just as easy again and again to blame them for being supported from the outside.

In contrast to Assads supported by Iran, Hesbollah and Russia, those miulitias started from nothing. How can any fight if they have no weapons and no training.

SDFs and mainly YPG+J are the most advanced troops You can find there, because they are in militia mode having many small Leaders. Their limits are there too, because they for good reasons are armed as Turks has allowed it. No heavy infantery weapons. Another limit might be their low education level for handling advanced weapons well.

True they also has to be coordinated some. Assads often hardly has any coordinance. Thats better ??? We see the result. Assads just has withdrawn parts south of it and as too often, because there is no logistic backup and they are like blind elephants getting slaughtered as if they like to be spendable victories to psycopates. .

Concrete Mike

Best fighters against isis my ass, sure helps that isis was a cia asset, dont have to go very far for intel.

The real kicker is the terrain, compare north east syria to central homs province, flat versus mountains. And the sdf morrons claim they are so good, when the bulk of isis was eliminated in central homs and deir ez zor city.

How stupid do you think we are. This SDF leader shall be shot on the spot!

Jens Holm

“CIA” – does it.

Same argumetaíon for SDFs taking Raqqa. They never could, they only took deserts and hamlets, ISIs there have the City to Kursm becuse Asasads was more important to fight against.

Yesterday You or somebody else even gave the totally fakef rapport, where 3.500 hard armed soldiers should have left Raqqa. No ISIS army of 3.000 would have left Raqqa but had kept it.

So Muhammed should go to the Mountain or the Montain has to coe to Muhammed – And Kurds should import mountains and import people from ISIS and FSA to show.

Thats not even the point. The point is, that whatever they do, You as a very bad cook will serve rotten, infame evilness of the worst kind about them and as very visible learn nothing and resist in no change still blaming everybody else for it.


its interesting to read the whole statement. they demand SDF to be a seperate force from SAA, which is understandable up to a point but also demand that the SAA helps them but the areas occupied by them to remain at their control. they are so stupid they still make demands after running like rabbits, crying to mother Syria for protection. their only goal (for their corrupt political wing) is to maintain the occupation of the rich oil fields and thats it. After US stated that it will not leave Syria’s oil fields they are happy again and believe their profits are guaranteed.


as for the best fighters….they had the same master thats how they won the battles, firing shots in the air. remember the oil fields?they raced SAA to capture them. ISIS resisted to the last man while sdf on the other side of the river were having coctail parties

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect. They were kept away taking the industrial zone, train station, powert plant and pumping stations for oil and gas at the Hasaka side by ASSAD ARTILLY even asked hard to come to help.

The plan was to split up ISIS in a classic clever way. You take the center, and then they collapse, because they cant regroup.

By that SDFs in stead took the defences of 2 important oilfields and partly by negosiations with some semi-ISIS ones.

The next Assad stupidity was crossing Eufrat, where the tired too few and bit wupported troops now met the fast digged trenched in stead of SDFs already has defeated orkilled many of them.

Next of course was, that after deperate heavy russian bombarments, Assads were able to keep the low terrain, but for good reasons could not take the high terrain defende by SDFs helped well by USA.

I see no coctail party. SDFs mainky by YPG lost a lot of soldiers and the many prisoners of war from the last stand by ISIS certanily shows the result very well.

Our pigs are more clean on bpdoes and in mind and more clever then any of Your kind.

Niormal people would let those 2 armies take each borderside and reach Abu Kamal and clean the deserts behind them.

Next after that would be some sensible dividing or fightings between Assads and SDFs.

Next from SDF made sense too. They took all the way bv Hajin´to the bridge to Aby Kaml and more to it.

And Assads? Well first they continued totally spread out to take DEZ. Next they are not able to take all the way from DEZ to Abu Kamal wasting and wasting troops and equipment as if they were Sausis and Assad was commander of the Russian army


i will start from the last part of your comment. isnt it true that in DEZ case SDF was running like hell to take the oil fields with little resistance or none, wereas the SAA was sustaining heavy losses on the other side of the river?isnt it true that in Raqqa it was like a walk in the park?minor fights since almost all of the ISIS scum has already left the city from a corridor that was left wide open for days?

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect. SDFs were consolidating from Raqqa to the railway bridge between Raqqa and DEZ.

They also was consolidating Hasaka – Shadady abd east and south of them having big counterattacks by ISIS.

Because that went on with at least some progress, the few DEZ arabs in SDF suddenly was supoorted by the majority of arabs in SDFs, which especially Kurds and other norther militias didnt support, because it was to far away from the planned counsils and very difficult because of very long transport lines – as well as the big lack of any transportation.

At the same time Assads has done a lot of very strange asvances for DEZ, where the strangest one was around Tabqa planning to go soit of Raqqa.

You might not remind it ot even make it smaller, but SDFs actually made space and losses, so Assads with much less trouble could pass south of the Capitol of the dirty Khalifts along Eufrat and partly in the inland behind it.

WE also saw the slow advance with great losses from Palmyra, Sukna and T2 as well as the Iraqians partly by Iranian Hesbollas has progress by advancing towards Qaim and the center there, where next was to make pressure at Al Qaim.

So it was in that combination the few DEZ arabs being a part of SDFs kind of got wind too take the DEZ province or at least the one, north and east of the besieged City of DEZ.

That was how it was and in maps and facts. SDFs hardly had troops and supply for any advance, so it took time to find anough troops and supply for adavance even the SDF/DEZ grew a little. Those local SDFs joining were not well equipped, well structured sodiers but only amaters a part from a few leaders.

Assads advancd and had big trouble for any advance to take take back DEZ and therefore we again heard them and someone like You blame SDFs(and of course only named as Kurds) to come and help right away.

SDFs hesitated. They had some build up and good plans but the build was too small yet. Finally they had and did. As I recall it, it was 14 days after that being a long time waiting for help to Assads. In the other hand the asking and even demanding was not possible.

SDFs are known for mnainly very good plans and at that time americans was in their maincenter for advicers in the top as well. SDFs here got in lodistics, where transportation was the most improtant part, where people like You and Turks blamed america for giving those footsoldiers of SDF ride. ………………………………………….

So thats the background You ignore. Consilidation of SDFs being strethed out to the limit having no extra troops. We also saw Turks meke several treats along the Turkish border, so SDFs has to move YPG+J from there and back, from there and back.

Much like ISIS support and very anti SDFs once again and once again. ——————————————

But then the rapid attack came. It was a well planned knife attack taking the center down to Eufrat curring ISIS into 2 at that side of the river. CUT and fill in more troops, so the enemy cant regroup being split up and in chaos, where You very classic fill in more and more troops and make a space, which You then can make bigger by defeating the split up troops od ISIS .

SDFs here took vital parts of DEZ. The insgustrial area, the powerplant for DEZ, the railway center area, the oil pipeline and pumping center(much was destroyed but good buiding to defence in a completly flat terain).

That was were things changed. Heavy artillery by Assads denied SDFs to reach the Eufrat border and cut ISIS and ISIS remained there as well they could regroup.

Ypu might have forgotten as well, that ISIS had the majority of DEZ and the heavy fortified islands in it.

Under that, the SDFs after a few days were choked. If they should help Assads much and make the local DEZ arabs happy, where was that allowed by Assads ??? Kill some ISIS as spendable and then go home ???

By that those ISIS troops manged to regroup instead of being defeated. That was the troops of ISIS, which Assads met, when they crossed Eufrat and had to be helped by Russian airplanes. Assads had no good fresh troops for that and the rivercrossers actually was some kind of flee´market incl russians generals.

The reaction by SDFs by that was to take upstairs,where the oilfields were. They should go home ?

And here they again got blamed for being friends to ISIS and semi ISIS. There was no resistenace accoreding Assads and Turks.

Its onlytrue some semi ISISes after hard negosiations gave up promissing not to fight anymore, by that the resistance there lowered. The bad and clever ISIS maintroops were below at the riverbanks and parts of them still desperate and with some succes defended DEZ city.

So SDFs took, what they were able to and made a´defence line upstairs and consolæidated that. It wasnt because of taking oil. That was impossible. I still dont see any Assads and Turks tell me, where the stolen oil go.

You with every right can say, that those 2 mainfields and a few saller ones was blocked, but stolen – oh no.

And You fiorget next, where SDFs again was blamed fór taking the Hajin pocket hardly with no resistance in stead of knocking out the ISIS from them DEZ suburbs, so Assads much easier could thake the rest of DEZ as well as march with the needed tropps towards Abu Kamal.

Tha main plan for SDFs was detruction of ISIS at that side of the river – all the way.

And who took that last territory of ISIS. SDFs did and NOT Assads.

SDFS took their Capitol and their last territory and oil not for own purpose. Kurds nont need oil for own use. They have fields in Jazira up in north east in the desert land. Theu cant export apart from to Aasads and vehicles to Turkey in small amounts. Thelast part hardly is stealing, because the oil belongs to all Syrians and is not private corrupted private propert of Assads.

Right now I fell fine oil from the 2 mainfields there are blocked by USA. Assads already has many fields, which are out of order and can be repaired.

Its forgotten that those fields actually has been taken from the ISIS thieves, which took it from the Bathist thieves and SDFs according to my oppinion are much more representatives for the population then Assads are. Assads never shared oilwith the 20 mio. inhabitants, but sold it to all licing there and all benefits for it was drowned in own benefits by corruption.

I also still doubt Assads even today had reached DEZ and inviroments if SDFs had not taken many 1000 ISIS troopsand their supply land having a heavy enemy shooting at their bony behinds.

This is my version of the offiical facts for the rest of the world about it.

About 13.000 kurds are killed for it even most of them never was the official soldiers in the Micky Mouse forces of Asads.

They made that part of Syria clean, which Assads left bevause it – again – was of no importance – apart from oil and gas.

Before the war 50% of all men not even had a job even so much was needed. The benefit wa used for privates being Baathist. I have no numbers for womens unimplyment, but it must be ´close to 100%.

Thats where the Syrian main problems are. Men having no jobs too often prefare to join some army being paid, having food, clothe and sometimes even can send money home to their family. It hardly matters who pay them.

And You forget why at least 5 milions of the more peacefull normal kind is not even in Syria.

Thats what You support blaming others only. The main responsibles are the ones running the country – isnt it.


well you seem to know these in much detail but you are biased. Assad is bad, SDF is good everyone else is evil. Let me say something i think is important. you say that SDF didnt fight for money-oil and just wanted to get rid of ISIS. ok lets take that as true. noone denies the huge effort sdf-ypg has made to get rid of those radicals hoping that US will make its promise true, a Kurdish state. well thats now in the past, not even the slightest chance for that. They sold the Kurds bigtime. no what? without US support you cannot survive there. enemy forces North, Iraq is on Syrias side. still believe the US fairytale about Assad being the bad guy?isnt SYria the motherland of all people there?look at Iraq. they have their autonomy there. they dont depend on anyone. if ou dont support Assad who do yu support?FSA the Turkish puppets?they will have you for breakfast. US simply doesnt care about the Kurds ,they were an instrument for their goals to divide Syria. in SYria they have lost big time. Russia now is the gamemaster. the future of Kurds there isnt very bright. the Kurdish politicians still think they have influence on the region but US only cares for its last hope of destroying Syria. keeping vital oil fields under ‘friendly forces’ control meaning SDF. no hope for that, as you said oil cant travel by plane.


WOW, the stupidity of Kurds (genocide of Armenians together with Turkish) is incredible.

Jens Holm

Blaming people for, what their Grandmothers did makes the bad habits of Yours continue. I never see any pnas for the future from You. Are they in Your head at all. I dont think so.

All is about You like others here all are the comming winners even facts instead say, You all are lousy loosers and dont care about the socalled victories by Your insanities.

Much like some own kind of kind of cnotraseption. You feed the abortions and then let them be killed.


Pathetic Kurds! If Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Turkey can’t curve their own country what made you Syrian Kurds to think you can??

Jens Holm

They dont. They has ot asked for that aprt from some few.

You seemes not even allowed to read their program and wishes for it, where You are.

Derek Johnson

Time to stop sniffing Baghdadi’s underwear Mazloum Abdi as it results in brain damage.

King Cliff

The Kurds are just dumb,I can see they be hunt like dogs soon

Jens Holm

I dont see that. i see there is a risk bút a lot of other things can ghappen too.

Jens Holm

I hardly believe a single word from Dam it cus cus.

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