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Syrian Command Issues Ultimatum to Terrorists Surrounded in Aleppo

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Syrian Air Force’s planes throw leaflets over Aleppo, calling on terrorist groups to surrender.

Syrian Command Issues Ultimatum to Terrorists Surrounded in Aleppo

Photo: Reuters / Rodi Said

The Command of the Syrian Armed Forces has presented an ultimatum to terrorists in the eastern districts of Aleppo. As the Libankol news agency reported, Syrian Air Force’s planes throw leaflets over the city, calling on terrorist groups, surrounded in the eastern part of the city, to capitulate.

Syrian military provided a humanitarian corridor, which can be used by “those, who raised arms against the state” for leaving the besieged areas.

On July 27, after a successful operation that cut off the northern passage to the city through the suburb of Castello, the Command of the Syrian Armed Forces offered terrorists “to lay down their arms and leave Aleppo.” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announced an amnesty for members of terrorist groups, who would surrender to the authorities within three months.

On July 28, a humanitarian operation was begun by the Russian centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic and the government of the country in Aleppo.

However, in August, terrorist groups suddenly began an offensive against the government forces in the south of Aleppo. The Syrian Army needed a month to reflect the enemy attacks. As of today, the southern suburb of Ramus is under Syrian soldiers’ control. This had again allowed to block completely the formation of armed opposition groups in the eastern part of the city.

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john mason

US and Russia have implemented a cease fire as of 12Sep16. Why would the terrorists surrender now? Assad should keep the pressure up and ignore the US/Russian agreement. Looks like the Syrians’ got sold out.

Gabriel Hollows

Today is 9th of September. What the fuck are you playing at?

john mason

10 Sep16 where I am, so what are you playing at? Town fool? Read the article.


My thoughts exactly as I was reading the above. Why would Al-Qaeda surrender when they know that Kerry has just managed to bail them out again? I’m all for diplomacy and reconciliation, but this is the Middle East and you win hearts and minds by being the strongest. Pathetic.

Michael Drysdale

Fully agree with what you wrote.i think war coming to an end now Russia turkey and Iran back to diplomatic relations

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