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JUNE 2021

Syrian Coastal Guards Received Modern Patrol Boat From Russia (Photos)

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On May 20, Syrian pro-government activists revealed that the Syrian Coastal Guards had received at least one Project 03160 “Raptor” high speed patrol boat from the Russian Navy. The boat is currently carrying out patrols along the coast of the city of Tartus, according to the activists.

The news outlet Shephard Military News reported on July 8, 2017 that Russia is planning to supply the Syrian Coastal Guard with new patrol boats and other equipment. Back then, the source said that the delivery of boats will begin in 2017 and will be completed in 2019.

Russian Ro-Ro ship Alexandr Tkachenko was spotted carrying military equipment including at least one Raptor high speed patrol boat while crossing the Bosporus en route to the Syrian coastal city of Tartus on April 13.

The Project 03160 is one of the world’s most modern patrol boats with a range of 100 nautical miles and a speed of up to 90 km/h. Equipped with a 2,000-hp twin-waterjet power plant, it also has a modern marine radar and several modern electro-optical night-daytime systems. It’s armed with 14.5-mm Uprava-KORD remote-controlled fighting module and two 7.62mm machine guns. Such boats can be used for counter-terrorism and special operations or search and rescue operations (SAR).

These patrol boats are a huge boost for the limited capabilities of Syrian Coastal Guards. The delivery of these boasts also confirms that Russia is committed to assist the struggling Syrian Navy, which is one of the conditions of the Tartus naval base agreement.

The Syrian Arab Navy and Coast Guard (Military Analysis)

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Nice, if it has hidden torpedo tubes?

Mark Tyrone Chia
paul ( original )

China sells some of its weapons. Do you know of any reason why Syria could not buy some of these boats from the Chinese?

Real Anti-Racist Action

For some strange reason China seems to always stand by the ME defender with worlds and at UN seats. But only on rare occasions ever provides equipment and never personal. Funny for a nation with unlimited personal and manpower lol.

Mark Tyrone Chia

China has aided Syria but in a low profile basis. China stood solidly behind Syria in UNSC and uses their veto power to obstruct US attempts to get UN approval for war on Syria.
China has been supplying light infantry weapons and providing trainers to aid the Syrian Arab Army.
I’m not surprise if there’s a small contingent of PLA special op and PAP (armed police) to study and interrogate captured Uyghur terrorists of which there is a sizable number along with their families, infiltrated into Syria by Turkey and US.


Alexis Goldwasser

No no, mr putin. The s300s. Where are they?


The pantsirs are getting the job done for now need more of them, settler…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel will never run out of missiles. Pantsirs are not able to bring down the criminals launching them. S400 needed to bring down a few attacking flying terrorist. Then there will be peace between the two sides.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They hit 4 F-15 Jets downing one for sure damaging 3 others apparently but only 2 returned for sure, during the last attack when Israel launched 100 missiles.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Pantsirs are far more capable for fast moving objects and more accurate S-300’s are good for Radar tracking but fully integrated system with Russian system. Once they clear more of Syria of all unwanted and uninvited Pests they will establish a larger air defense system. Why do you think they will do this as they are waiting for more secured Territory, Russia will provide S200VM that should do as well as it has new upgrades.


Mr. Putin have secured only their two bases Tartus and Hamim in Syria by S-400, S-300 but have left the remaining Syria on God well.


KSA, US, UK, France, UN and Israel are every day emerging security threats to humanity.


Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China will trade in own currencies instead of US dollars. Many countries including EU will begin to trade in their own currencies instead of US dollars. This is a serious economic problem for America.


The East of the Euphrates, where Syria’s future reside.This is where sh$t’s gonna hit the fan.

Concrete Mike

I think your missing the boat here a little (pun). I think the first priority for the Syrian government is and always has been people. They dont think like us in the west, they choose in the past people over ressources, I think this trend will continue.

I dont think the syrians want to rush into old oil fields right now when there are more important battles closer to the population. Liberate Daraa and Idlib first, save the people they are the one worth saving, the oil is in the ground…leave it there for now. Better have your oil in the ground than a dead population aint it?


I’m not from the west and i never said that the Syrian leadership is gonna leave Daraa & Idlib to the Anglo-Zionist-Takfiri coalition.
I said the East of the Euphrates where the escalation btw Russia and the US is going to happen.
Because the Syrian government and the Syrian people will liberate every inch of Syria !

Concrete Mike

Nice to see russia implementing its part of an agreement with another nation.

Wich we could do the same.


The condition for Mr. Putin is favourable in Syria but for US, UK, France are not. They have not learned from Afghanistan that for the last 30 years they fighting there but have not achieved any victory.

Afghanistan is surrounded by anti US and anti NATO giants. They have no access to Afghanistan via land and sea. Afghanistan is like a swamp. Howmuch foreign forces move their asses there will go down in the swamp. Same for Syria. Howmuch foreign forces move their asses there will go down in the swamp.

Now US, UK, France and Israel can dream to occupy Afghnistan and Syria for long time but their this dream will never materilize. Their this dream will destry their countries.

paul ( original )

The US and UK might destroy themselves as you say but Syria will be also destroyed, and its destruction will tangible as can be seen in its devastated cities.
My point being that the USA and the UK may indeed harm themselves but this is nothing as compared to the harm they inflict.


Nice. Increase the fleet.

Real Anti-Racist Action

They got one patrol boat from Russia in 7 years and this article claims “this confirms that Russia is committed to assist the struggling Syrian Navy” lol
If Russia wanted, then the Syrian Navy would not be struggling.
Israel earlier in the war was even firing from a Dolphin sub off Syrian shore at the SAA.
Israeli boats pulled up to the Syria coast and assassinated a high ranking official.
Russia does not need to give a lot. But Russia should sell or provide Syria with 1 anti-sub helicopter as their old one is worn out. And Syria needs 3 boats with anti-sub capabilities. This is a very small order. Just barely enough to help safeguard the Russian and Syrian assets near the ocean.


Good news, I hope the training of Syria personal be good enough too.

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