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Syrian Authorities Warn Gunmen In Northern Daraa Town Against Refusing Reconciliation Agreement

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Syrian Authorities Warn Gunmen In Northern Daraa Town Against Refusing Reconciliation Agreement

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Syrian authorities are in talks with local leaders in the town of Jasim in the northern countryside of Daraa to reach a new reconciliation agreement, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on October 1.

During a meeting that was held on September 30, Syrian officials demanded that gunmen in the town hand over more than 200 weapons in their possession and join the reconciliation process.

The official warned Jasim’s local leaders that the Syrian Arab Army will launch a full-on operation against gunmen holding out in the town if they don’t accept the reconciliation offer. Earlier this week, the army deployed some 700 troops around the town.

In September, a new reconciliation process was launched in the western countryside of Daraa with support from Russia. The last town in the region to join the successful process was Nawa. Prior to that, the conflict in Daraa al-Balad, the southern part of Daraa city, was settled with a Russian-brokered reconciliation agreement.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 4,200 gunmen handed over their weapons and joined the reconciliation process in Dara al-Balad and the western countryside of Daraa.

Russia will also sponsor the reconciliation process in the northern Daraa countryside. Jasim will likely accept the agreement offered by Syrian authorities, thus the town will be will be the starting point for the reconciliation process in the region.


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Dennis Kovac

A large-scale deployment of Israeli police forces in the area connecting Israel and the Golan Heights>

– Five battalions of Israeli police were concentrated in the “Kfar Tavor” area linking Israel and the Golan Heights.

– These police units control a major mountain road leading to the Golan Heights, and have been thoroughly barring civilians from entering the country since yesterday.

– In particular, as Israel’s elite units begin to enter the Golan Heights, the possibility of armed conflict with Syria is increasing in the field.

– Therefore, we need to pay attention to the border situation between Syria and Israel within a week.

This is exclusive and major dear

Find out what the hell is going on and publish it in your name

I am right now following so many topics including Trump


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jens holm

That totally biased crap of the worst kind.

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