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Syrian Authorities Uncovered More Than 30 TOW Guided Missiles In Southern Region (Video, Photos)


Syrian authorities have uncovered a large weapons cache during the recent search operation in the country’s southern region, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported on November 8.

“Through security follow-up and in cooperation with the honorable people of the southern region, large quantities of various weapons, some are Western-made, were seized,” a Syrian security source told the news agency.

The seized weapons included more than 30 U.S.-made TOW anti-tank guided missiles. The missiles of this type have a range of over 4 km and can penetrate up to 900 mm of rolled homogeneous armor behind explosive reactive armor.

The weapons also included assault rifles, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and loads of ammunition of different calibers and types.

Hundreds of TOW missiles were supplied, along with other weapons, by the U.S. as a part of a covert operation to train and equip anti-government groups in Syria. The operation, condemned “Timber Sycamore,” was authorized by the President Barack Obama in 2013. Three years later, it was halted by President Donald Trump.




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