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JUNE 2021

Syria’s Government Seizes Turkish Truck Loaded with Weapons

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On Tuesday Syria’s Idlib Customs office seized a Turkish truck loaded with hand grenades and ammunition
Syria's Government Seizes Turkish Truck Loaded with Weapons

The truck was moving to the Hama province and carrying hand grenades, 7,250 rifle and machinegun bullets, FNA reported.

On Monday, the Syrian army targeted a long column of the trucks loaded with ammunition and military equipment forterrorists.

The column was destroyed on a supplie route from Turkey to the Idlib province in Northwestern Syria. This route is used by the al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups that operate under the umbrella of the Jaish al-Fateh military operations room.

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Frank Dean

Those are not hand grenades look like artillery reloads. Always have a picture of what your talking about or you look like CNN. Anyone know what weapon those actually go with looks like artillary or maybe tank rounds. Need the powder and shell casings.

First Lastname

No, they’re too big for a tank. They look like 150mm-200mm artillery rounds. I’m not privy to what sort of artillery is being used by the terrorists, other than small mortars. Even their “stolen” M1 tanks would be taking a 5″ round (the biggest tank round in the area along with the T-90s allegedly in action), and these look a bit bigger.

Jeremy Gates

Nice pair of watermelons..mmm yum yum like to get my mouth into those..

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