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Syrian Authorities Release Canadian Captive

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Syrian Authorities Release Canadian Captive

Kristian Lee Baxter. Source: gogetfunding.com

Syrian authorities have released Canadian citizen Kristian Lee Baxter, who was reportedly arrested more than a year ago for violating Syrian laws.

Lebanon’s security chief Gen. Abbas Ibrahim announced the release of Baxter in a press conference attended by the freed captive and Emmanuelle Lamoureux, Canada’s ambassador to Lebanon.

“I want to thank the Syrian state that responded to our demand for the release of Canadian citizen Kristian Lee Baxter,” Gen. Ibrahim said during the conference.

Baxter was arrested in December of last year, a week after arriving in the war-torn country. Gen. Ibrahim said that the 44-year old Canadian man was arrested as a result of “a serious violation of the Syrian law.”

Last month, Syria released U.S. citizen Sam Goodwin, who was arrested for illegally entering the northeastern part of the country. The release of Goodwin was also secured after Lebanese efforts, led by Gen. Ibrahim.

Both the U.S. and Canada didn’t thank Damascus for the release of their citizens, which indicates that there was no agreement behind the decision to free them.

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Toronto Tonto, is that you?
i was wondering, does anybody know the fate of the chicken?

Tommy Jensen

Still in prison. The Canadian Ambassador is trying to gather a lawyer team for animals rights.


Thank god the chicken has a Canadian passport….


How US and Canada would say thanks to Damascus because their all plan of terrorism fall down to Syria. LOL


So true
What Damascus ?
Thank u Assad
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fayez chergui

Very true


The teenager was question but not killed. So CIA proxies in Daraa took the chance and instigated the protests by clashesh with police and then with army.

Assad should have to deployed 1000 army soldiers to scared the protesters and save public properties but he could not suppressed the protests there. If just 1000 were murdered and the remaining were put in the presions from the protests then 50,000 Syrian civilians could be saved from slaughtering. American perverters have done this with Iran but Iranian intelligence are very smart. They quickly silent them.

To save more civilians so its better to eliminate some perverters. If there are 1000 protesters then government should deploy 1000 army force to not cause any damage.

Anyway thanks for sharing this video.


I agree!
The whole thing was orchestrated by the CIA and its regional allies!
It was a ploy to overthrow Assad and replace him with ISIS and Al-Qaeda puppets and to destroy Syria just as they did in Libya! America and its allies are pure EVIL and they would do anything to destroy peaceful countries!


This is true. The US and NATO states are perverters. They just destabilize countries and divide them.


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AM Hants

It could be worse for the chicken. At least ‘Pussy Riot’ never got to it first.

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