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Syrian Authorities Arrest British Intelligence Spy In Palmyra (Video)


Syrian authorities announced on June 10 that it had arrested a spy of the British intelligence in the ancient city of Palmyra in eastern Homs.

The spy was identified as Muhammad Hussein Saud, a street cleaner who worked for ISIS after it captured Palmyra in 2015. During his time with the terrorists group, Saud collected dead bodies of Syrian soldiers and civilians and threw them in the desert.

After spending a while with ISIS, Saud fled Palmyra to take refuge in the U.S.-occupied 55 km zone around al-Tanaf.

In al-Tanaf, Saud joined a British-backed armed group for a while. Once Palmyra was secured by the Syrian Arab Army he took the decision to return. At that moment he was approached by the British intelligence which asked him to work as a spy from there.

“The British learned, through brokers, and they said: You will work as a spy. We will help you. Go to Palmyra, they will give you money and phones and provide you with everything you need. The task is to photograph important sites for the Syrian intelligence and the Russian and Syrian armies there. I had to send these pictures over the Internet,” RT quoted Saud as saying.

Saudi added that the British intelligence was interested in information about the protection of Russian sites in Syria so they could later plan terrorist attacks on them.

According to RT, Saud was a part of a British intelligence cell led by a former tour guide. It remains unclear if any other members of the cell were apprehended.

The information provided by Saud indicates that the al-Tanaf base is being used by the US and the UK for forward intelligence operations. A number of U.S.-backed fighters, who defected from the base earlier this year, also revealed information about the hostile actions of the base.




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