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Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces Advancing on Armament College in Southwestern Aleppo


Syrian Army's Tiger Forces Advancing on Armament College in Southwestern Aleppo

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Last night, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces attacked Jaish al-Fatah’s positions at the Armament College in southwestern Aleppo. The attack was launched from the area of the recently captured Um Alqara Hill. Details of the ongoing clashes and casualties of the sides have to appear in coming hours.

Um Alqara Hill is one of a few of strategic hill tops in southern Aleppo that allows to oversee the road between Khan Touman and the Raouseh Neighborhood of Aleppo city.  Um Alqara Hill used to be a point of intense for the last few days before the pro-government forces seized it on August 22.

Now, when the Syrian government forces are in control of this strategic hill, they are able to increase fire pressure on the militants’ supply convoys heading to Ramouseh. This is why Jaish al-Fatah counter attacks in the area are expected today.



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  • Tom Johnson

    This will be a success as Hasakah was for the SAA. I hope a bucket full of Iranians die.

  • Tom Johnson

    The Syrian army with their Iranian terrorist allies are going to have their logistic lines cut south of Aleppo. The Syrian’s in Aleppo are about to be cutoff, this will be like the Hasakah fiasco.

  • Ronald

    The Tiger Forces backed by Iranian militias should do better than most in such a contested field. Just hope they are backed by armor and air support. A lot of armor would be good a this point in time.