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Syrian Army’s Commandos Ambush Group Of ISIS Members East Of Palmyra

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Syrian Army's Commandos Ambush Group Of ISIS Members East Of Palmyra

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On June 20, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Commandos ambushed and killed a group of ISIS fighters in the al-Sukhnah desert, 70km east of the city of Palmyra, in the eastern Homs countryside, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). Following the successful ambush, SAA soldiers captured several light weapons and motorcycles of ISIS.

A day earlier, the SAA and its allies launched a limited military operation against ISIS in the eastern Homs countryside and secured 2,500km2 between the city of Palmyra and the town of Hamimah.

This month, ISIS has stepped up its military operations against the SAA and its allies in the eastern Homs countryside, especially east of Palmyra. The terrorist group even launched a large scale attack on the ancient city on June 11. However, the SAA, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, managed to repel it.

The upcoming days will likely witness more military operations of the SAA and its allies against the remaining cells of ISIS in the eastern Homs countryside, as the terrorist organization appears to be determined to expand in the area once again.

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This is good news and it will be even better if communications equipment with direct links to the US Coalition of Terror were seized , of even the icing on the cake of NATO ‘advisers ‘ :)


Cool, Florian, in the syrian video only appears four bodies and three or four motos


AMBUSH & KILL all U.S. & ZIONAZI-ISIS Terrorists… No One should get out of the Desert alive….

Icarus Tanović

Let’s give them good direct in boxing terms.


Amazing that they just keep coming and coming and coming! Their determination is staggering! I’m assuming that Daesh have an unlimited amount of soldiers?!


Elizabeth II Keeps sending these Motherfuckers….just Like the Empire did to Conquer the Americas…Sendin’ Vermin…Cockroaches and Psychopaths from All over the World, to get the Land & Resources… Exterminate & RAPE the Natives because they are only Usefull as SLAVES…DESTROY THE WORLD!!!

Brother Ma

Just lots of blackmail videos of them drinking alcohol and bum -fucking each other. True story! They can never go back to society get it ?…their handlers will release tapes and shame occurs in best case or hard -core jihadis then chop their heads off for homosexuality. They cannot escape. Either fight and live or die to escape! That is why they fight like that.This method was especially used to force muslim youth from the west to not return home.


And they just keep dying and dying, fighting for an yankee Mosquito Kingdom that will never exist. For each one of them, 70 devils of Satan are expecting in the other world.


Al Tanf can send endless supplies an reinforcements.


Unlimited supplies of US dollars will attract the poor from all over the world.
The Saudis buy poor Columbian Catholics to kill Yemenis with their US dollars.


Noooo! Their kind have been so completely hypnotized by their religious guides that any command saying they should not give up is never doubted, even an inch less. Also, they could be told that attacking the SDF and their sponsors the US is haram even though that last minute command contradicts the whole lot of their daily mantras.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US base at Al-Tanf is only 140km away from Palmyra. The 55km exclusion zone around the base cuts that distance to only 85km. That’s only a 90 minute ride in the desert at night, if you know the tracks and have good satellite intel, a 3 hour trip if you don’t.
Russian air support and a ring of steel around this US base, same thing the SAA and Russia did last year = no more Isis.

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