Syrian Army’s Advance On Palmyra – Photo Report


The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), supported by the Russian and Syrian airpower, continue their push in the direction of the ancient city of Palmyra controlled by the ISIS terrorist group.

Main clashes are now ongoing in the areas of the Jihar and Jazal fields near the Hayan facility recently liberated by government forces. If these fields are liberated, the army and the NDF will be able to develop an advance further.

Reports say that a high number of Russian attack helicopters participate in the operation.

Colonelcassad collected a nice series of photos, showing the operation:

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  • Brad Isherwood

    Syrian Army,Hezbollah and IRGC,….destined to history on par with VC/NVA in defeating
    America/Empire aggression.

    These are the Heroes to raise a glass to,..

    Not the Glam and conspiracy of cheating superbowl…. Patriots.

  • Superfly

    I see a lot of Russians in the photos too with RATNIK 1 (warrior) gear. It is good to see Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah and SAA operating together. They will have a lot of good combined arms experience for future wars against US/Zionist terrorists.

    • E.A.A

      Not every one with blond hair or coloured eyes are Russian , most of those in the pictures are Syrians from my same brigade and no Russians on the Ground just in Air

    • Bob

      No. There is no RATNIK systems evident, in every photo above, combatants are in mostly basic woodland camo unifoms – the Syrian standard. All RATNIK variants are dark green digital camo uniforms, based around modular vest system with integrated body armor. These are just better equipped Syrian units than used to seeing – they have some Russian supplied aid – x2 BTR-82’s shown – and obviously Russians helo support.

      • Jacek Wolski

        5th picture from the top. Is that not a Russian soldiers in the middle?

        • Bob

          Perhaps you should there go and ask that individual his ethnicity, birthplace and current employer, given your apparent certainty of all those factors?

        • Bob

          Give you a maybe on that one. But more importantly, greetings to Albany, via South Front, from Perth.

          • Jacek Wolski

            Good to see I’m not the only Australian on South Front!!!

  • Paulo Romero

    Nice work by combined forces here. What I don’t see is the use of tanks modified as combat engineering vehicles to clear Isis booby traps. By now the Syrians should have modified some T55 and T62 hulls with mine plows and line charge propellers to tackle the IED issue. Another vehicle of great use would be something similar to the BMPT. With a surplus of automatic weapons the Syrians should mount ZU23’s and Quad KPV’s on T55 and T62 hulls. They would provide greater ammunition stowage,better crew protection and a better firing platform than the gun trucks currently in use. Granted that the Zu23/4 Shilka is being used , but it was designed to be an AA vehicle , not and urban combat platform. A quad KPV on a T55 hull would be a fantastic meat chopper , Isis heads and arms would fly!!