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Syrian Army’s 11th Armored Division Replaces Hezbollah At Border With Lebanon


Syrian Army's 11th Armored Division Replaces Hezbollah At Border With Lebanon

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Units of the Syrian Army’s 11th Armoured Division have been delpoyed in the northern part of the Syrian-Lebanese border where they are set to replace Hezbollah fighters.

On June 5, the Hezbollah-linked al-Mayadeen TV channel also confirmed the deployment of the 11th Armoured Division in the area adding that Russian military police is withdrawing from there.

According to pro-government sources, Russian military police were deployed there earlier to monitor withdrawal of Hezbollah members and to prevent escalation between Israel and Syrian-Lebanese forces.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Hezbollah is reducing its presence in western Qalamoun area. Some experts link this development with the recent reports on negotiations over the situation in southern Syria.

Under a preliminary deal which was allegedly reached by the sides invovled in the conflict, Iranian and Iranian-backed forces are set to withdraw from the province of Daraa and nearby areas. In turn, the Syrian government will re-establish control of the borer with Jordan and contact line with Israel. The US-led coalition would also dismantle its base in At Tanf under the same deal.

However, the implementation of such a wide agreement still remains in question because all the sides – the US, Israel, Iran and Syria – would have to soften their public [not formal] attitude to employ this scenario.



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  • Rob

    Any prime minister or president by supporting the child butchers Netanyahu and Israel is in fact declaring himself the child butcher and thief….

  • John Mason

    Other sources contradict this article where they state that no deal has been made unless the US leaves the area.

    • Sinbad2

      It is possible that the US will break the deal, but Israel wants Hasbara gone, and when Israel says jump, the US says how high sir.
      But the Americans will create a BS pie to feed to the American people.

  • Rob

    Why Netanyahu keep their lips erect all the time, why he has any gum dieases or he use lipstick?

    • Siegfried

      His lips took the form of Eveline de Rothschild’s butt0cks.
      Trump’s lips present Bibi’s a## ..
      Alex Jones lips ..Trump’s a##.
      And so on :))))))

    • FlorianGeyer

      He may have a nasty sexual related disease :)
      I hope so anyway .

  • Free man

    good news. Syria should be controlled only by Syrians, with Russia’s support, as it did in the decades preceding the civil war.

    • Siegfried

      WTF was this? The Hezbollah is there because ASSAD asked for HELP. They are under the command of the Syrian National Army’s HQs

      • HardHawk

        Since when Iran needed russian help, to defend Iran? Are you on drugs, or just a mouth piece?

        • FlorianGeyer

          He is both I suspect .

          • HardHawk

            I have a suspision, that they either drop him on his head at birth few times, or it is a paid troll from the embassies, of the morons.

      • Free man

        If the Syrian army is strong enough to replace the foreign militias that helped . It means that anyone who helped Assad succeeded and his army wins. Is not that the purpose of the help? Or are there other goals?

      • Brad Isherwood

        Russia/Putin have control of Syria offshore Nat/Gas…which is way more volume than Nat/Gas in Syria.
        Syria has heavy crude which is not cost effective to refine at present.
        Israhell was looking for foreign investors (others pay)…for a Israel/Leviathan field pipeline.
        For now….Putin is keeping competition Nat/Gas Off the market.
        The Syrian war has been a MIC winfall. ..allong with Organized Crime which moved decades worth of Soviet era weapons to Syria…..while Erdogan, Platform shoe midget King ofJordan , US …handed them out to Takfiri kooks.

        Iran’s the outcome loser now in Syria as there is No Shia Crescent. ..
        That’s a fantasy /Fiction.
        Iran got some military tech R&D from the conflict.
        Netanyahu has Putin serve him breakfast…..Israhell gets Russia to kick IRGC/Hezbollah to the curb.
        If either never Forgive after this……I’m not surprised.
        It’s the high water moment for Israhell now…..now that Putin/Trump serve the Crime Jews.

        Israhell will @ up!…… and bring the doom on themselves.
        As they have repeatedly in History past : )

  • Siegfried

    ” Syrian Army’s 11th Armored Division Replaces Hezbollah At Border With Lebanon ”

    … while Hezbollah will take out the US-garbage in and around Deir-Ezor, I presume :))
    Yeah, Israel, you got a fair DEAL :)) And that tanks, for sure (sic!) will stop the supplies-lines for Hezbollah thru the Lebanon-borders :)))) A few PANTSIR- units there, would do good, too ;)
    Game-changing in Syria: USrael’s “Stalingrad” was the Damascus-Suburbia…..

    • FlorianGeyer

      I would also say that the epic Battle for Deir Ezzor City was another Stalingrad type situation where the besieged SAA was victorious.

  • russ

    This is a kick the can ploy by Israel to postpone the fact that the time to pay the piper is coming. Hezbollah will be there after the US/UK/Israel ISIS invasion is ended.

    • Starlight

      As the jewish Hitler tours jew infested W Europe to ensure readiness for September’s Iran War, we still have a nest of idiots here licking the backside of zionist appeaser Putin- claiming his craven betrayal of Humanity in Syria is somehow a ‘masterplan’.

      This jewish Hitler is going to apply the long planned jewish FINAL SOLUTION to the ‘sub-Human’ non-jews of surrounding nations. While Iran is seeing the greatest number of innocent Humans slaughtered in Human History, the jewish hitler is going to murder ONE MILLION+ people in Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, and other areas.

      The Iran War will unleash a period of Total Chaos- and news reporting across the globe will be under unprecedented levels of censorship. Putin’s jewish cronies in Russia are preparing for a total lock-down of the internet (main story on RT). Under the need to have the people of Earth limited in their initial awareness of just how many people are dying in Iran, the Deep State will create the perfect condition for every other murderous regime to ‘settle scores’- and top of these will be Israel.

      After the blood-letting, it will be the usual “boo-hoo, how terrible- we must ensure such a thing never happens again”, like the pathetic demonic lies we got after WW1, even as the demons were planning for WW2.

      Anyway, THIS is why Putin has sold out Iran, Hezbollah and others in Syria at this time.

      • Feudalism Victory

        Been predictions of an iran war many many times since 9/11. I bet your wrong.

  • Attrition47

    “Unconfirmed reports”? Please go back to calling them what they are, “rumours”. Thanks

  • Xanatos

    Notice the deal doesnt say a word about the “rebels” in deraa, or Israeli backed Isis, east of golan agreeing to anything.

    Just proves that foreign governments are in full command of these proxy forces, and that there was never a civil war. Only foreign intervention.

  • Manofjustice

    The israhelli news outlets/ public opinion are freaking out and scared sh*tless…Saying that the SAA can just make HEZBOLLAH units wear Syrian uniforms and that President Bashar Alassad is laughing at the government officials inside israhell which is true, they have no way of saying who’s who in the upcoming southern offensive.
    GO TIGERS ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7260e7c1c1b45d837596e5cd810b6e44e0329d9d00eb5198386aadf2a15f012d.gif

  • Joe Dirt

    Hezbollah given SAA uniforms..lol

  • Sinbad2

    Given that Hezbollah is the true army of Lebanon, I don’t see the problem with them being stationed on the border?
    Of course Israel would prefer the Lebanese army, because they control it, and have spent a lot of American money to make sure the officers are loyal to Israel, not Lebanon.
    But they didn’t waste their money, it was Americas money, but they whinge anyway.

  • Icarus Tanović

    What are these bullshit news, talk to talk for already a month?
    You guys thinking about freeing Daraa or what?