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Syrian Army Withdrew Troops From Western Daraa Under New Agreement With Local Fighters – Report

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Syrian Army Withdrew Troops From Western Daraa Under New Agreement With Local Fighters - Report

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th Division had withdrawn some of its troops from western Daraa to the governorate’s city center, the Horan Free League revealed on September 16.

According to the Daraa-based news center, around 150 soldiers of the 4th Division, who were deployed in western Daraa last August, were pulled out from the region. The troops were deployed on Nab’a al-Fauar-Muzayrib road.

“Local groups from the region’s residents will remain at checkpoints to secure the road from Zizoun Camp to the city of Daraa,” the center said in its report.

The withdrawal of 4th Division troops was reportedly the result of a new agreement between the SAA and local fighters. The agreement was reached during the recent meeting between 4th Division commander Brig. Gen. Ghayath Dallah and a number of former rebel leaders.

Under the agreement, local fighters agreed to reopen police stations in the towns of Tafas and Muzayrib in cooperation with the 4th Division.

In the last few months, a series of attacks targeted Syrian service members and local fighters in Daraa. ISIS terrorists were behind some of the attacks.

The new agreement in Daraa will boost coordination between the army and local fighters. The lack of real cooperation between the two sides is one of the reasons leading to the state of lawlessness in the governorate.


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Jens Holm

Very optimistic.

Guy Metdrapedes

Say the police in whatever Danish city you live in decided to pack up and leave and hand over control to criminals. Would you be optimistic then?

Fog of War

What the hell are local fighters ? Isnt this Syrian territory ? Pathetic.

Toni Liu

Its because most of them surrender not by got blasted into the bits like in damascus area, aleppo, or other part which most of the rebels got bussed to idlib, when this place are mostly surrendered intact with very few action, no wonder its little bit different between another liberated area compare to daraa part where many rebels had a little freedom to keep their weapon compare to another part where they need to surrender all of their weapon completely

Fog of War

That doesn’t change the fact that its Syrian territory and if Syria wants its troops there its Syria’s decision to make. This only gives defacto ” autonomy ” to these areas and thugs.


Tell that to the guys who would have died during such an operation. Syria has lost enough of its sons without more unnecessary battles.


I wouldn’t trust ANY of those so called former rebels.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The 4th division are leaving at last thank God, so I wonder why Iran’s changed its mind, they replaced the Russian backed 5th army corps with their own 4th division troops and caused this mess in the first place, so now at the end of it all they’re back to dealing with the very same people they were dealing with before, but now those people are no longer members of the Russian backed 5th army corps, now they’re leaders of the opposition movement, You dumb fuck Iranians, YOU’VE MADE THINGS WORSE, NOT BETTER.

Last year the locals in Daraa and Quneitra began protesting against the heavy Iranian and Hezbollah forces in their areas which upset Iran, so Iran sent in members of the 4th division and other pro Iranian SAA forces to stop the protests, but that didn’t work it just made things worse, the protests then started to become anti Syrian Government protests and the escalation started. Then Russia sent in the 5th army corps to try and calm the situation down, and it did to a certain extent but not enough to satisfy Iran, so then the 5th army corps was told to use force to put down the protests, and sadly everything went to shit from there. Many of the 5th corps commanders actually come from the Daraa and Quneitra areas, so in effect they were being ordered to open fire on their own people, their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, relatives and friends, and as you all know that’s not an order many soldiers accept, and they didn’t, they instead defected back to the opposition forces. The irony is that Iran is now dealing with the very same people that Russia sent in to calm the situation down, and from my perspective that’s just utter madness, if they couldn’t deal with the protesters when they were members of the Russian backed 5th army corps, how the hell can they deal with them now. They’ve defected back to the opposition and the Iranians think they can get a better outcome than the Russians did when they were working with/for the Russians, PURE MADNESS.

A few months ago Iran opened up a recruitment centre in Daraa to attract opposition fighters to join both the Iranian backed 4th army corps and Syrian Government Intelligence agency, and that’s ok, Russia does the same thing to attract opposition fighters to the Russian backed 5th army corps, but Russia doesn’t put up checkpoints to stop the opposition fighters getting to the Iranian recruitment centre, but guess what, Iran does, it puts up checkpoints to stop opposition fighters getting to the 5th army corps recruitment centre. And there within lay’s the whole problem in a nutshell, so who’s killing who you ask, it’s obvious if you join all the dots together. I used to say the assassination in Darra/Quneitra are mostly attributable to the conflict between the Russian backed 5th army corps and the Iranian backed 4th division/ Intelligence agency, but I can’t say that anymore, because now that heaps of the 5th army corps have defected back to the opposition they’re no longer Russian backed and that comment is no longer completely accurate, but I used to say it and was often called a liar for my troubles, LOL. Many of the ex 5th corps soldiers colleagues are still members of the 5th army corps so I wonder what’s going to happen now, mmmm, nothing good I suspect.

James Adams

Syria is a dictatorship that must be overthrown !!!

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