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Syrian Army Uses Tactical Ballistic Missiles To Target Militants’ Weapon Depots, War Report

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Syrian Army Uses Tactical Ballistic Missiles To Target Militants' Weapon Depots, War Report

Late on November 20, the Syrian Army launched an OTR-21 Tochka missile at a weapon depot of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham near the town of Khan, located close to the Turkish border. As always, pro-militant sources immediately claimed that the strike caused civilian casualties only. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 16 civilians, mostly women and children, died when the missile hit the refugee camp. Pro-government sources said that the ammo depot, which was the main target of the strike was located near the camp.

Like most areas in northern Idlib, Khan is controlled by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-affilated groups. The terrorist group and its allies are known for storing weapons in civilian areas and near key infrastructure objects across entire Greater Idlib. Recently, the moved most of their weapon depots to the border with Turkey trying to rescue them from airstrikes and the advancing Syrian Army.

Mainstream media outlets prefer to ignore the systematic use of civilians in Idlib as human shields by militant groups.

On November 21, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham claimed that its forces had repelled an attack by the Syrian Army on Ard al-Zurzur. Militants claimed that many Syrian Army troops were killed. Pro-government sources deny any casualties.

The Russian Military Police expanded its patrol area in northeastern Syria and started works to turn the Sarin base abandoned by US forces into own control point. The Sarin airstrip is already used by Russian helicopters involved in patrol operations.

Israel’s ImageSat International released a group of satellite images showing the alleged impact of the November 20 Israeli strike on supposed Iranian targets in Syria. The released images show the damage caused at the Mezzeh airbase known for hosting the Syrian Army’s 4th Division and the so-called Glass House building at Damascus International Airport, which Israel claims hosts an Iranian intelligence HQ.

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About time.
One must keep an enemy off guard and what better way than not giving them any place they can feel secure.
A lesson learned by US military in Vietnam, the use of Helicopter and Airborne, Air Mobile forces caused one good effect, enemy could never form l weapons cache caused enemy to transport and store supplies outside borders or in smaller amounts, and the same applied to manpower.
Manpower then had to come from many distances to form and fully supply attack groups.
Bad results was that US superior air power by its usage caused enemy to go underground, was harder to get a victory over enough of enemy to stop conflicts overall.
No large hundreds or thousand enemy casualties in battles, ended up being series of what became known as “Fire Fights”, small outbreaks of combat, and caused US dumb as Rock WWII and Korea Generals to need huge numbers of troops and equipment in order to combat a relatively few numbers of enemy.
Note the very same tactics, tunnels and stashes of weaponry buried, not huge amounts, at each place by terrorist forces.
Also note how Israel bombs weapons depots and concentrations of Lebanons Hezbohla and Iranian forces in Syria, and has hit those Iranian volunteers in Iraq keeping any large formations under constant threat.
Mao’s little Red Book said there were three main elements of a successful Revolution, and the third one was political of which terrorist are at complete disadvantage, being foreigners they could not win hearts of people and they had no real political powers as their actions were derived by foreign powers, and so rely upon force of arms and head chopping to keep control, no real populace they could depend upon to aid in political control.
Keep hitting them wherever they are and stop them from having you to fight on their grounds directly in front of you.
To eradicate rats you need to not just kill the local ones but kill the distant rat packs ones before they can breed and then try to come back into your homes.
Keep em busy scurrying for cover.


a big chore indeed, many jews in many locations

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