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Syrian Army Used Tactical Ballistic Missiles In Recent Strikes On Jisr Al-Shughur (Photos)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) used OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles in the recent strikes on terrorists positions in the city of Jisr al-Shughur in northwest Idlib.

According to opposition sources, at least three Tochka missiles, two of them armed with cluster warheads, were used in the strikes on Jisr al-Shughur, a known hub for foreign terrorists and their families.

The sources released images claiming to show the boosters of two of the missiles, likely the ones which were armed with cluster warheads.

The OTR-21 Tochka, which was developed by the Soviet Union in the mid-70s, has the range between 70 – 185 km depending on the variant. The missile’s circular error probable (CEP) is less than 70m.

The strikes, which took place in the late hours of November 29, targeted the Nahr al-Abyad area in the outskirt of Jisr al-Shughur. Initially, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), claimed that six missiles were used.

A coalition of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) occupied Jisr al-Shughur in 2015. Most of the locals were expelled from the city and replaced with foreign terrorists, mainly from the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).

The SAA’s missile strike on the city’s outskirt reflects Damascus determination to counter the ever growing terrorism threat in Idlib.

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Gregory Casey

The pity is that the number of Tochka Missiles fired by SAA at these Terrorists in Jisr al-Shughur wasn’t three hundred or three thousand rather than simply three! Member of the Turkestan Islamic Party should expect a roasting in the near future before they go to meet their maker in the next life.


It would not be much fun for the US and NATO backed and trained terror gangs, but the use of the Russian thermobaric ‘Father of all Bombs’ against the terrorist mountain strongholds would be an excercise in REAL terrorist eradication :)

Human kind is doomed

What if… What if Ruskies are making some modification on Tochkas? There is no tactical significance for those system to be used, or i don’t see it? Three missiles with that CEP can not make difference unless there is modification on guidance system. What if CEP isn’t 100m at best but smaller?

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

lol 1 Iron Dome missile and say goodbye to this old rusty piece of soviet junk


Ahahah are you for real ? if you wanna troll, at least get your troll right, you dumb moron : Iron Dome is not even advertised by its makers as being able to shoot down a Tochka-like SRBM for Crhist sake. It’s not even *designed* to deal with such class of ballistic missile and its specific flight profile…

Gregory Cooley

lol that soviet junk wiped ISIS who was working for ISrael . Israel is to chicken shit to take on the russians . This civil war will come to a end . Assad will stay in power . Russia will help remove hamas.

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