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Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems

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New images published on social media revealed that the Syrian T-55MV tank was upgraded with a thermal sight and a Fire Control System. The Syrian Scientific Research Center (SSRC) upgraded the Belarusian 1K13 sight from BELOMO Company by adding a thermal camera with the range of 8 km and a high resolution.

It seems that the camera and the sight 1K13 were connected to each other and into an LCD instead of the traditional sight. The sight is also connected to a ballistic computer with the possibility of inserting other information such as wind speed and direction making it a Syrian made semi-automatic fire control system. It is not clear if the tank is also equipped with other sensors to support the ballistic computer and increase accuracy. Moreover, it seems that the tank is equipped with the Syrian-made active protection system Sarab-1.

It is not known whether Belarus has assisted the Syrian Scientific Research Center to develop this system. However, the center has already implemented many similar projects.

This system seems to be the upgraded one of the Viper-55 sight which had been installed to some Syrian T-55mv before the war.

It’s worth mentioning that the Syrian Arab Army has been working with the Syrian Scientific Research Center since 2014 to develop various systems to upgrade its tanks locally.

Photos (source):

Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems Syrian Army Upgrates T-55 Battle Tanks With Thermal Sights And Fire Control Systems

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Len Zegelink

nice ,fuck .the shetan

Miguel Redondo

That is an awsome job , my god. Normally the electronic equipment is developed at the same time when the tank itself is under construction. Once the holes for the original sights and periscopes are made it is very complicated to adapt an old chassis and turret to another equipment which was not designed specifically for that vehicle. I saw this job being done in Spain at ENOSA in Aranjuez near Madrid for the T72 im the 90ies. ENOSA adapted Nato-IR sights from Leopard 1 for the driver , gunner and commander.


Reminds me of the time when I switched the polarity on the 67 MGB.


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These tanks (Post WW2 era) are mostly destroyed by day with TOWs. I do not know how it is useful…


You go to war with what you have, not with what you wish to have.


You’re quoting the devil my friend haha, better use the devil quotes against him.


You are right, it is a quote (more or less) from Rumsfeld.


All armies have a front line and second line tanks corps. For example, Israelis have their Merkava’s out front and their M-60’s behind, likewise, Turks field Leopard M1’s at sharp end and yet more of those same M-60’s for secondary ops behind. This is standard – it extends life and value of older chassis tanks, and their logistics lines, that are already previously sunk investment and is an effective training structure too. This why Russians have handed T-90’s to SAA and Tiger forces as these can handle the TOW-1’s out on front contact lines – but the T-55’s and T-62’s are perfectly good armor for clearing out and mopping up ops behind on secondary lines.

Justin Ryan

Well said!


While I do not disagree with what you have written it is not all armies. Germany only employs one type of tank. The united States employs only one type. France and many others. It is simple economics. The older models while very effective weapons exist because they can not afford to field all new. If Russia had the money the would field only Armata. That being said A t55 or M60 would be far more capable in many aspects then any IFV. I would simply say they use the tanks because they are still effective weapons.


A note of clarification, the Germans and US employ only one tank type because they have discarded all their older models. Not even the US needs more then its 7000 strong M1 tank fleet, so all its M60’s have been shipped off to client states. And the Bundeswehr was cut down so heavily, it could not only discard its older Leo 1 fleet, but most of its Leo 2 fleet as well. You could barely call it an army still. Most of Europe is now driving 2nd hand Bunderswehr Leo 2’s. Germany’s international power is mostly economic, as militarily its a midget.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The C2A6-8 is the upgraded versions and all are far more effective than the M1A2 Abrams with an C2 turret upgrade , the C2A4M seems to be the good reliable version for mechanized forces and keeping costs down . Like the F series jets all are generally upgraded versions of the latter . Smaller Armies don’t spend 600 billion plus on bases to maintain ,like the US .

Justin Ryan

TOW’s destroy maybe 1 tank per 3 days! The SAA have thousands of tanks! They also repair their tanks and also the ones they capture! They also have 12+ tanks delivered every 2 weeks by the Russian “Syrian express”! These tanks are so cheap and Russia has so many that they would practically give them away.


Not sure about your numbers, main question is how many tanks in good operating condition and have a decent crew. But good to see the tank shops making upgrades for sure !

Justin Ryan

Well I feel I can back up 2 of the 3 comments I made!

The first comment was a guess “1 tank per 3 days”. I got that just from reading daily news from south front and AMN.

second comment about Syrian tanks is that I looked it up on Wikipedia! :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equipment_of_the_Syrian_Army


it seems they have 2000 to 3000 tanks! :)

I read about the “Syrian express” and how much it delivers and how often!

So I feel that I got 2 out of 3 pretty much correct. The amount of tanks they lose per day is a guess!

Maybe u could inform me of different numbers?


The South African man has good details on this, this is T-72 but T=55 and T-62 in links, Im not sure if it was here or not but there was speculation there was a warehouse somewhere of green painted T-72s still held in reserve. http://spioenkop.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/syrias-steel-beasts-t-72.html



One of the first things the Russians apparently did when they intervened was to reorganize and reconstitute the SAA’s tank recovery workshops just for that purpose. And in WWII whoever was able to maintain control of the battlefield was paramount, because it allowed the victor to recover and repair many of the damaged vehicles. As long as the Germans were winning they could maintain their tank strength that way and even employ captured enemy tanks. When they were losing the war it became next to impossible to maintain even their best elite divisions at nominal strength, as all the battlefields were now behind Allied lines.


Sorry, but this is nonsense. A TOW is always cheaper than a tank, even an old tank. But the loss of the tank is not the problem. The experienced crews are not so easy to replace. As a result, the SAA makes very poor use of their tanks. This increases again the losses. And so on. Regarding “repair facilities”, there was none before the Russians came. The tanks were used until they would break apart.

Jens Holm

Your definitions of tanks is far out. Most are armed vehicles having a kind of canon or not. Very good some or many are repaired.Thats the normal procedure in normal counties keeping stuff work and optimized.

The big lack is not “tanks” but being abke to use them correct. I see few improvments there. You still see tanks as the ultimate wepons but i also se uneducated stupidities being not corrected because of the most bad command systems I have ever seen.

Its build in the Assad system. Loylty count more then military education, skills and hard work. In that matter its an Syrian trend allover from the little father kings edutating there little daughters as cows and pigs for sale into the tóp in damaskus hardly knowing whats going on.

My best example commented before was when ISIS took Palmyra back and got 30 armed vehicles.

Days before an sandstorm was anoounved it was big smile from SAA fans, because those defending Palmyra had new infrared.

When the storm came they were of no úse and they didnt put out extra guards even the sight was very low.

The armed vehicles – tansk were placed by themselves and the supporting secónd class milisias too. In normal warfare those pro´tect each other.

And it was worse. Even it was well known, that especially the milisias wasnt expirienzed figh´ters, none upodated the destriye defence line(walls an ´d like that).

None gave the command. In a modern army all soldiers do that pr reflex and by themselves only asking the leaders for any tactical changes.

Aftyer that vital defeat it was announced the fkleeing SAA and ,militias was attacked by 1000`s of ISIS, but they wasnt. it was a few well organized from ISIS using the sandstorm for cover.

So I winder how those troops or/and their supporters think they migt tke even Golan.

Miguel Redondo

I agree with you . Infrared equipment in a sandstorm is useless , same as normal optics. As Germanium is a much softer material than mineral glass , it is much more prone to scratches , so in a sandstorm you cover up your optics and nightvision devices.

Justin Ryan

Interesting comment u make here!

I would agree with a lot u say! The experience of the tank drivers would be very low but what I do know is that these older soviet tanks are easy to master. But the tactics they use may be inferior!

What confuses me is the amazing knowledge u have of this sand storm u speak of and the information u have regarding ISIS having attacked the SAA with not thousands of troops nor even 1000 troops but just “a few well organized from ISIS using the sandstorm for cover”!

Tell me, how is it that u know this information about the attack on Palmyra and the amount of troops used by ISIS in this attack against the SAA?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They weren’t a few well organized but 600 with follow up ISIS troops in the behind the storm easy to come with a storm than have it in your eyes . These “few” were 200 on one flank and another 150 and 250 in the center , they ,lost many troops and tanks to 16 Russian special forces allowing the SAA to regroup back to Palmyra .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israelis fight not much different in those regards , problem with Syria their commanders are up front with the soldiers as tradition has it . They would benefit from a better command structure and keep their Commanders longer to pass on beneficial advice .

Pat Guilfoyle

Don’t think tank to tank engagement, more likely night bombardment with HE and Frag, though against ISIS T55 one eyed man is king in land of blind. Desert Storm darkness range British tanks >1500m, Iraqi tanks <200m


Very nice :))

Jonathan Cohen

I knew the old stuff was good for something as long as it could still go. Adding electronics to old mechanics makes all the sense in the world.


I had a close encounter with a possible creature or creatures from outer space last week during a mountain recon op looking for someplace to develop interaction and working relationships with ETs who could be suitable integration partners for us and who foreign ministers and heads of state could eventually work with on the safe and peaceful transition of our planet into the interstellar community of civilizations. I’d like to screen the contacts so that people don’t get injured as I’ve been in the past.

I’m not sure if these were positive ETs. From the sounds of it they’re physically strong and potentially aggressive. I wasn’t harmed or attacked, which has happened in the past. So that’s a plus. Some of these areas that I’m looking at bringing a ship or liaisons in for meetings to are so remote and difficult to get to. That if I have to go in on foot, weight of gear is a big consideration.

The location where the close encounter occurred was at the top of about a 3,000 foot head wall where there is a basin dry lake bed that a ravine comes down from. But there’s an old overgrown logging road that is passable with a high ground clearance 4×4 that ends at the ravine about 2,300 feet up the head wall. So that there’s “only” a 700 foot vertical climb up to the break in the basin wall where the plateau that the lake bed is on can be reached.

Once I reached the edge of the Plateau I stopped to rest for about 45 minutes from the exertion of the climb. When a low mechanical humming noise started that shouldn’t have been there at 2:15 am in the morning, that I was concerned indicated the presence of a probe or ship of the types that I’ve encountered before. So I prepared to resume my hike in the forest through the 800 foot high opening in the basin walls to the lake bed.

That’s when the creature or creatures started calling out, evidently in response to the activity of my getting up, checking my sat link gps position on my phone, putting my pack on and turning on my head lamp. It was clearly a sound from a biological life form that was different from any wildlife that I’m familiar with and that would be indigenous to the area. I wasn’t able to get optical confirmation or establish reciprocal communication with the creature or creatures. So I don’t know at this stage without going back up there again and interacting with them if they return what they look like.

I had a compact lightweight 200 meter beam flashlight in my coat hand pocket. And I’m planning to buy a 2,000 foot beam flashlight that can be used as a hand held or weapons light. My head lamp has about a 100 foot beam and the creature or creatures, it sounded like there may have been more than one of them, were just beyond the range of the head lamp beam. I decided to deescalate and disengage because of the volume and strength of the creature’s voice or voices. And the potentially aggressive tonality.


This does sound like a very scary trek, perhaps someone put a hit of acid in your trail mix ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7f123fa55214504b373f34f6415022ed20822ea88bc7d95309e0f8a1a805d11.jpg


I’m in a drug tested occupation that prohibits any use of psychiatric medication or illegal drug use and I’ve never failed one. I look at the beam weapon scarring under my left eye in the mirror every day.

Yes it was scary and I don’t scare easily. Which is why under the circumstances I decided to deescalate and disengage, rather than attempt to take the contact to a higher level. Though that may change on a future operation. Bringing additional people is an issue, because it could impair interaction, or they could be a liability if psychotronics are employed and they’re armed and turned. Which can be very dangerous.


Screw the drugs. JUST GIVE US THE GRID COORDINATES OF THE ENCOUNTER ! Not to much to ask for, many on this site are quite smart.


That could compromise the operation. And would serve no useful purpose.


Devil’s Tower, Wyoming :DDDDD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6559da0373fcf114818ac1cc3a6c8811734763b57f97db44168acebc66a8c21a.jpg


I try to find remote locations where the risk of others being around is minimal. If people see things that are out of the ordinary they may call the police or investigate it themselves. Remote mountain wilderness areas work because it’s difficult for others to reach them. And they’re distant from populations, so if heavier anti material weapons, like .223 green tip, 30-06 black tip. .50 cal or 20 mm are used and they clear the ridge lines. There’s at least a 3 mile radius buffer zone, which minimizes the risk of collateral damage, or people being alarmed by weapons use.

Even the flat tip .40 S&W penetration rounds that I’m running have door, wall, glass and sheet metal anti material capability. If a probe or ships gravity shields, if it even has them, are down. Even .40 S&W could be a problem depending on hull construction. Not that I want a reputation for shooting at things ET if it isn’t necessary.

And if weapons are used defensively, but there’s no life form, probe or ship taken down, there’s no need for a clean up crew. No harm, no foul. This isn’t a sport. I have a life to lead and I don’t want problems anymore than anyone else does. If there is hazmat or non conventional material that needs to be cleaned up, the government has resources to do that. And if it’s ET, it probably isn’t going to make the papers or result in court action. And off planet recovered material can have beneficial research potential.

Leon Auguste


Leon Auguste

How effective are cameras and thermal imaging equipment in dusty environments ?

Miguel Redondo

Image quality and sharpness depends alpha=lambda/diameter from the used wavelength (lambda). You see that thermal images are normally much more blurred in comparison to images in the visual range. Thats because of the abovementioned relation. IR (Infrared)has a longer wavelength than visible light. The influence of dust in the air depends on the relation between particel size and used wavelength. Small particels and big wavelength translate in almost no influence. So a thermal image is not as influenced by dust in the atmosphere than a visual image.

alpha (minimum divisible visual angle between two points in radians) lambda(wavelength of the used electromagnetic spectrum) diameter(diameter of the used optical system , aka lens)

Leon Auguste

Many thanks… Should have taken my physics lessons more serious :-)


More to the point in a hot desert, human body temp is around 37 “C Syria a lot of the year is hotter than that.


South Front: So now you put up with endless rants about alien abductions from RichardD? Your site is being attacked !!!


What’s your problem? You’re spewing disinformation and negativity trying to poison the site with your lies.


Awesome stuff, upgrading good reliable, easy to use machines like the T-55 make them an excellent force multiplier when used for infantry support, bit of bar armour and a dozer blade would top it off.




The electronics are great when they work. If you’re dealing with ET military, intel or security liaisons or elements on our planet’s surface and the electronics go down partially or completely. Then what remains is chemical and kinetic energy. Which is why I have a Heckler and Koch P2A1 26.5 mm flare gun and a box of parachute illumination flares. And a fiber optic front night sight on my Sub 2000.

If you’re in dense forest like I was during the possible close encounter with a creature or creatures from outer space on the 800 foot deep mountain top basin plateau entrance to the dry lake bed space ship LZ. It’s questionable how much use a flare gun would be. Even if the flare or flares penetrated the tree canopy and deployed properly, much of the light would be blocked. So in that environment some type of ground illumination flare would be necessary. I don’t have any other than road flares at this time. Though I’m sure that there are products like that available.

There is also .40 S&W tracer ammunition available with a minimum range of 450 yards. I’ll probably buy some and load some of the mags partially or fully with it.

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