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Syrian Army Uncovered Loads Of Weapons, Ammunition In Eastern Homs (Photos)

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Syrian Army Uncovered Loads Of Weapons, Ammunition In Eastern Homs (Photos)

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Syrian authorities have uncovered loads of weapons and ammunition in the eastern countryside of Homs, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on April 21.

The weapons and ammunition were uncovered by the Syrian military and security forces in the course of combing and search operations in the region.

The weapons included:

  • 264 assault rifles;
  • 3 mortar cannons;
  • 221 mortar shells along with 450 fuze;
  • 110 ammunition boxes of different calibers;
  • 115 hand grenades.

The weapons were likely hidden by Free Syrian Army factions, which were active in eastern Homs in the early years of the war, or by ISIS cells. The terrorist group maintain a large presence in the governorate’s eastern countryside.

The Syrian military and security forces are consistently working to secure areas liberated from militants in the last few years.

Weapons and ammunition hidden or left behind by the militants pose a threat. Sleeper cells may attempt to use these weapons and ammunition in attacks, or even to smuggle them to areas still under the control of the militants.


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  1. shylockracy says:

    Putin’s US/NATO/EU terrorist Ziocorporate globalist partners reserve the right to attack Syria based on false flag terrorism carried out in conjunction with ISIS/al-Qaeda:


    “As chemical weapons watchdog’s credibility crumbles, OPCW member states strip Syria’s voting rights”

  2. Assad must stay says:

    very nice find SAA!

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