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Syrian Army To Storm Town On Separation Line With Israel – Reports

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Syrian Army To Storm Town On Separation Line With Israel – Reports

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is preparing to storm the town of Umm Batnah that is located in al-Quneitra countryside, near the separation of forces line with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Syrian sources reported on May 1.

The decision to launch an operation inside the town was taken following a fierce attack on a checkpoint of government forces.

The checkpoint, which is located near Umm Batnah, was attacked by unidentified gunmen late on April 30. A number of Syrian service members were reportedly killed or injured as a result of the attack.

Following the attack, the SAA shelled the town from its positions in the nearby al-Sha‘ār hill. The army also laid a siege on the town. Civilians were allowed to leave on May 1 morning.

Syrian Army To Storm Town On Separation Line With Israel – Reports

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

According to local sources, efforts to avoid a costly military confrontation are underway. Elderlies from Umm Batnah are holding talks with Syrian officers, who want to expel all militants to opposition-held areas in northern Syria.

In the last few weeks, a series of attacks targeted service members and civilians in the al-Quneitra countryside. Most of the attacks took place near the separation of forces line.

The serious measures being taken in Umm Batnah indicates that the SAA is determined to put an end to the chaos in al-Qantara countryside.


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Lone Ranger

Mossadisis is probably evacuating back to tel aviv right now…


Putin’s Zioterrorist business partners were already informed by the Kremlin of this. Putin won’t let any business and negotiation opportunity with the US/NATO/EU terrorist Ziocorporatists go to waste.

Fog of War

Is the commentating system hacked now ? Disqus is looking very strange from my side.


Looks like SF finally moved away from Disqus!!

Assad must stay

i really miss disqus and the upvoting and reply features

Ricky Miller

The reason these Southern flare ups continue to occur is because of American Agents circulating quietly among the population, bad mouthing the government and smuggling weapons and cash in yet another American effort to create quagmires “in order to get what (they) want.”

Fog of War

There’s got to be a better commenting system the this .

Captain Freedom

This comment section looks absolutely dreadful, WTF happened Southfront?? Theres no reason this has to look so disqusting, there are prettier alternatives to disqus. One upside is that Jens and the likes probably won’t figure out how to use this new interface


SF sucks!


Sounds like terrorists are sneaking (snaking?) in via Golan Heights to prod Syria whatever way they can. Either terrorists or Israeli SF’s.

jens holm

We will send You the new anti Nobel price right away. You win a bag og sand from Al Tanf and a bottle of water, so You can make Your own beach:(

opet ja

We all noticed Putin loves Israel more than Syria This new disqus really looks strange, but the worst for me is that it is admin forbidden on my job PC, so I can not comment or even see the comments.

jens holm

You are correct. Others seemes to do the same thing. The reaosns are too much crap fill out for morons not able to make any qualified comments.

So they move away Our influence and for good reasons, but good comments and fx pictures are moved away too.

Its difficult to find some beter way. Im so tired about the many hardly not somments at all in the hooligan style. Thats not comments for any debates but sttements and many of the completly false and unqualified. LInks from me has been ignored as western propaganda even produced by Russians and Middleeasters. Historybook are ignpored too. Hate is spread for false and even created reasons.

To thats how it seemes to be here and in many sites in the world. People are not grown up to be debaters and commenters in a qualified way. Too many write because none listen. I have done that writing too to make those people listen. But they dont.

In the Middle east, which I know very well now, its like Russia. People has not learned to debate and by that cant.

So the dilema is there. Where can they learn that needed change, which makes changes, where I live in the west by debating and debating is “parle” about things and hopefully mainly find bettervresults.

So many things right here are haram too and we are descriebed from a context totally far from, what we are and do accomplish. The language is a hard limit too. The Middle east languages are simple ones. By that there is not even language for descriebing things here well.

Im so sorry, bercause we also are mssing the 10% good stuff.

Arch Bungle

WTF, SouthFront? Have you disabled disqus?

Did twatz, Iron_zion and `Free` man screw the comment system up with the large volumes of Cr@p they spout?

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